An Expectant Nicole Richie & Harlow


An expectant Nicole Richie, 27, and her adorable daughter Harlow, 1, were spotted leaving Cafe Med on Sunset Blvd after having a late lunch on Tuesday.

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  1. says

    I think Harlow is so freakin’ adorable! Nicole was my celebrity preggy buddy with my daughter Kajanae, so it’s been neat to see Harlow grow and change as my daughter has.

  2. edible dildo says

    the kid’s gorgeous. i mean cmon she got something special because she is so many ppl’s fave celeb baby. great personality too. hopefully the webmistress will learn that we want to hear about harlow cuz there are so many hits on this post. and not suri, i’m sick of suri

  3. bambamswife7 says

    What a beautiful child. All the children are beautiful. Anyone who says anything about children should have their heads examined. Not very nice people, that’s for sure.

  4. Celeste says

    Wow!!! I really just need to stop reading the comments on here and just look at the adorable pictures!!! For the record Harlow is such a cute little girl, I love her curly hair.

  5. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Harlow is one of the most gorgeous babies and by far one of my favorites to see on this site! So adorable!! As for the “bubble under the eye” thing- they are natural… many people, including me, have them and they are most prominent when one smiles. Okay? I’m sick and tired of reading rude comments, please just keep it to yourself and move on.

  6. Accalia says

    I think she is simply adorable!! Cant wait to see their new baby. Love this family. Nicole always looks so cute.

  7. ? says

    #22 Cocoa – thanks for having some common sense. KAT- how does giving an opinion about someone’s kid that you don’t know and will never know offend you? How old are you? You must be young because mature adults wouldn’t act the way you’re acting. You’re the one who started with the name calling first. Why don’t you try growing up?

  8. oriana says

    To me, she is the cutest celeb baby. She is just adorable. Nicole must like purple, I see Harlow in a lot of clothes that color.

  9. MiracleMileMom says

    That little girl is absolutely adorable!! I don’t see how anyone can not think so. She looks so much like her daddy and always looks SO happy!!

  10. momof2 says

    she looks that way, because that is what her dad looks like…

    She is absolutely adorable…she looks like a fun spirited little one.

  11. Cocoa says

    Kat – This is a site full of photos. Naturally people are going to say their opinions on what people (and babies) look like – and it won’t all be positive. If you find that offensive you need to stop coming here. Instead you become offensive yourself, interesting way of handling things.

  12. Kat says

    I don’t call people idiots for giving their opinion. I call them idiots when they offend me. And yes, people critisizing babies’ looks does offend me. You might find that weird but if ANYBODY critisizes anybody elses looks I find that offensive. It’s not a nice thing to do. Now that you know I find it offensive, please stop?

  13. Kat says

    Ummm everyone’s features are different. I am just assuming they are there because her features are being pushed together. She’s a baby, they have extra fat. So yes, you are the idiot. Not me. I don’t critisize the looks of innocent, gorgeous babies. How do you sleep at night? You’re a nasty piece of work!

  14. Cocoa says

    #16 ? – Exactly! I don’t agree with you but I would certainly not call you an idiot because of it! Some people!

  15. ? says

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I happen to think that she’s not cute at all. That’s my opinion. I think Kingston Rossdale is a gorgeous kid, again that’s my opinion – others may think differently. This is a site where everyone can discuss and comment on the pictures and that’s exactly what I did. If some of you don’t like the opinions and comments of others, don’t read them.

  16. Cocoa says

    Aww, I think she is just adorable! Some people just have those natural bags under their eyes, I think Nicole has them too which would mean Harlow comes by it naturally. You can tell the difference between born with bags, and not enough sleep bags. These are natural ones, not the most attractive feature, I agree, but she is still a cutie!

    I will never understand why people have to get so mean here and call eachother names. My goodness, you would think it’s their own baby that is getting commented upon. Come on people, everyone is entitles to their own opinion!

  17. Tia :) says

    “not too attractive kids” file?!? Come on people..get a life.
    She is adorable, and if you dont have anything nice to say keep it to yourselves! unbelievable….

  18. Breezy says

    I agree, she’s not that cute. You can file her under the “not too attractive kids” with Honor, Valentina, Ryder, Ruby, James Wilkie etc. And bubbles under your eyes from smiling? LOL That’s stupid. I don’t have that either.

  19. ? says

    Kat, if anyone is an idiot, it’s you. I don’t have bubbles under my eyes when I smile nor does anyone I know. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  20. bec says

    so cute, i love her hair clip and the headbands she’s been wearing lately. i wonder what brand they are, anyone know??

  21. Amanda says

    You can tell she is such a happy little girl! Nicole and Joe are awesome parents and a great couple!

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