Katie Holmes Shares That Suri "Loves Being A Princess"


Suri loves being a princess!

After a trip to Disney World earlier this year, she celebrated her third birthday with a princess-themed birthday party on April 18th.

“We had a great time [at Disney] — she loved it,” Katie  told Us magazine at the Independent Filmmaker Project party in NYC Sunday.

“It was her first time, and she loves the princesses,” continued Katie. “Actually, she loves being a princess.”

Suri is “so smart,” Katie added.

On whether Suri is more of a mommy or daddy’s girl, Katie said, “She’s both, Tom and I are great teammates as parents.”

In addition to dressing up like a princess, Suri loves to watch her favorite princesses on the big screen!

“She loves Sleeping Beauty and all the Disney movies, and that’s great because I get to revisit them all again,” said Katie.

When not watching cartoons with her daughter, what are Katie’s favorite movies?

“That’s a good question — there’s so many! I love Spielberg movies, I love my husband’s movies, Ang Lee’s movies,” she shared. “I actually just saw State of Play, and I thought that was a really great movie, a great Russell Crowe movie. I love dramas. I love musicals. So it’s hard. I couldn’t even pick a top five!”

And Katie and Tom have an easy time picking movies to watch together!

“Luckily, we have similar tastes,” Katie told Us magazine.



  1. Ashley says

    That is such a beautiful photograph!

    Poor Suri, enough with the critisisim- she’s 3 years old.

  2. Tia :) says

    Oriana, I think about you often too! Alyssa is becoming quite the little lady! I think she`ll be tall like her daddy. She`s already quite long. You`ll have to let me know how the greek festival is!!

  3. oriana says

    Tia, 6 months old!! Lordy, how time has flown! I have thought of you so often, and Lia also. I bet Alyssa is really getting tall now. I was talking to hubby about the Greek Festival will be back again soon and thought about you! I have missed you!

  4. miapocca says

    You all suck

    Why don’t you realize that you cannot prevent anyone from offering an opinion whether good or bad

    What is there to be jealous of, a mind imprisoned family in a cult? See what the cult did to JETT TRAVOLTA

    Celebs hire PR firms to generate an IMAGE in order to sell their movies,. not all of us are sheep to swallow the nonsense. Some us are goats with our minds.


  5. YOU All SUCK says

    I think half of you are pathetic, why do you click the comment section if you clearly have nothing nice to say, and sorry but Shiloh is not cuter then Suri I think Shiloh is a very homely looking child and her parents dress her aweful. Both Katie and Tom have time to spend with Suri and take pride in her because they don’t have a zoo of other kids.
    Get with the program and get out of the comment section for Suri if your that jealous of their life and their happy family. Drama drama drama. Bet you wish your life could be like theirs and your child could be as cute as Suri.

  6. Cocoa says

    The perfect world. A little staged looking. Poor little princess who can’t have a normal life no matter how hard they try…

  7. Tia :) says

    Oriana! How are you dear? im doing well! The kids are getting bigger every day! Can you believe that Luca is almost 6 months old? !?

  8. Blondie says

    Everything is so perfect,
    Everyone is so great,
    I love Tom,
    Suri is so smart,
    Suri is a great woman!!

  9. oriana says

    If they have put hair extensions in her hair then they are both pitiful! Katie the worst of all, a Mother should have the guts to speak up and act like she has some common sense!

  10. miapocca says

    Okay, someone commented that Suri has hair 2x the length shown in less than half a month.

    Look at this pic and hair and then compare to the one online with tom chasing hair.

    natural or extensions to go with her nial polish..


  11. oriana says

    I think she is very cute and looks more like Tom the older she gets. I think every little girl should enjoy being a Princess.

    Hello to you Tia, glad to see you on here, it has been a long time, hope all is well with you and the family!

  12. Ronnie says

    My mum a was a femin-mum in her own right
    There was no disney for us as kids, apart from Mulan who is the only one who isnt totally pathetic and dependent on a male :o, my mum made it clear that our role models would not be women who were hopeless without a ‘prince charming’ and i’m really glad she did!

  13. says

    oh my god people what do you expect katie to do with suri lock her in a closet if you dont like seeing pictures of this family than dont comment them katie tom and suri has the right to step out of there house its the paparazzis fault for taking a picture everymove they make.im tired of this crap where suri is out in the spoghtlight she has no choice suri cant stay inside for the rest of her life GROW UP

  14. Tia :) says

    What little girl doesnt love being a princess? I know my daughter thinks she’s Princess Alyssa around here…and she is..haha!

  15. sara says

    ….MOST 3 year olds do! She acts like she is the only one with a daughter that age and been to Disney…ugh!

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