Michelle Williams & Matilda At The Park


Michelle Williams, 28, and Matilda, 3, were snapped at a Brooklyn playground over the weekend.

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  1. jai HO says

    honestly she’s not so cute … but unlike other celeb babies she’s more normal and healthy, i like the way Michelle takes care of her, i may not know her but i think she’s a good woman!


  2. says

    I just love that liitle girl she is so full of life. Her daddys looks make me feel like crying everytime I see her.

  3. Sj says

    #9 – what the hell? Michelle can do whatever she wants with Matilda’s hair. And heres some genetic advice for you: growing her hair out won’t alter her face in any way.

    Honestly, what an immature comment. Who cares if a child has it in the “looks department” – they don’t look that way forever.

  4. me says

    Matilda doesn’t have it in the looks department. She looks like a boy. Like Heath. Her mom should grow her daughter’s hair out to make her look more like a girl.

  5. Cocoa says

    My goodness, Matilda looks like her father! She’s a sweet little thing. I wonder if they call her Matty – I think that would be cute. I agree Karen, Michelle is thin but as long as she doesn’t get thinner I think she’s ok

  6. Karen says

    Wow What a gorgeous child Matilda is growing up to be! Michelle looks very thin though, a little too thin i’d say but maybe she has a fortunate metabolism.

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