Isla Fisher Has Her Hands Full!


Isla Fisher, 33, was snapped comforting a tantrum stricken Olive, 1, while out shopping along Montana Avenue in Santa Monica following a visit to the pediatrician.

Maybe little Olive had just had some shots at the doctor appointment and was grouchy. 🙁 She looks so desperately sad and frustrated with her doll and doll stroller situation!

We’ve all been there!

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  1. Pink Lady says

    You don’t solve everything with a spanking,people are getting on my nerves saying that people need to spankTHEIR kids.Yeah and when we do spank ,what is the first thing that someone will holla , CPS.

  2. Pencils says

    Oriana–she’s not old enough to be having a tantrum. Even if she were older, she just came from the doctor’s office, where she easily could have gotten shots, and now her doll has fallen while photographers are snapping away–I’d probably be crying too! Just because a child is crying it doesn’t mean she’s necessarily having a tantrum. She could be overtired or overwhelmed or a long list of other reasons. Why do you assume she’s having a tantrum? You may not remember as it’s been a long time since you were a young parent, but children cry. The point is that they are not adults and cannot control their emotions. Spanking a child for such an instance is just cruel, and in the end it’s counterproductive because you end up with a child who is afraid of his or her own parents. I’m not saying that children don’t need discipline, they do. (And a lot of parents these days are useless at raising their kids.) But that has nothing to do with this instance. Get a grip. Olive is just a baby and needs to be comforted. Spanking her would just be cruel. If you do that sort of thing, I hope you’re never in charge of a baby like Olive.

  3. CJK says

    #25 Oriana
    I just respect the way Julia Roberts will confront the papparazzi if they get too close or if they are really hounding her. Also, she usually makes sure her kids are out of ear shot when she does it. She’s a real mama bear when it comes to her cubs!

  4. oriana says

    I guess I have it in my mind that a baby is a baby, someone that doesn’t walk yet, she doesn’t look like a little baby to me, so maybe she is younger than has been written. I don’t know why she is having a tantrum, I just got that impression from reading some of the comments posted on here.

  5. Accalia says

    Oriana, you do not know that the reason Olive is even crying is because her doll fell on the floor. Besides even if it was, I dont think you might cry , but Olive is a baby , not a 62 year old woman.

  6. hmmm says

    Just feel bad for Ilsa having to deal with a baby meltdown while someone is snapping photo after photo of her. I’d spank the photographer.

  7. oriana says

    She is a big girl to be only one year old. I thought she was older than that, wasn’t she born in Oct. or Nov. in 2007?

    And ladies, Please, a swat on the fanny when throwing a fit is a lot different than beating with a whip and a chain! And I certainly don’t see her doll laying on the ground a reason to throw such a screaming fit.

  8. Cocoa says

    Oh wow, oriana! If my son did that I may resort to spanking…lol. Well, I wouldn’t but he would be under my arm and out the door in two seconds with no ice cream, no fun and a good long time in his room! Parents these days!

  9. oriana says

    Cocoa, you are definitely right about my generation being as screwed up as the one now! No doubt about it!

    And it sounds like your son is a sweet little boy. Was in McDonald’s the other day and saw a 3 year old throw his fries at his mother because he was having a fit. She just acted like it was normal and wiped the catsup off her face, just pitiful! She finally ended up giving him the ice cream he wanted, that is how most kids learn nowadays, bad behavior gets them what they want!

  10. Cocoa says

    Oh and I keep forgetting to say what an adorable outfit Olive has on, she is so cute!!! Poor little thing is so upset and she is even cute when she cries.

  11. Ronnie says

    also cant have helped having the paps snapping away in this situation!

    olive is just adorable though

  12. Ronnie says

    I find that horrifying Oriana!!!
    First of all; SPANKING IS WRONG
    second; there is nothing to deserve a spanking here, she is upset her ‘baby’ fell over, all children cry! she’s not throwing a tantrum, she is simply upset. i hope you didnt hit your children everytime they were upset!
    how can you even tell from a picture if shes throwing a tantrum?! for gods sake, people like that shouldnt be allowed children!!

  13. Cocoa says

    Oriana – I totally agree with you about kids ruling their parents. I see that all the time too and I think that’s is what’s gross in this world. Where we disagree is that physical punishment is the way to go. I strongly believe it is totally unecessary, my son and I prove that. My son has never and would never in a million years tell me to shut up and believe me when I said “no” he listened. On the rare occassion where he challenged me he would use his calm, reasoning words but would accept my final answer without a tantrum. I taught him respect and proper behaviour – all without hitting, My son was a lot better behaved than other kids I knew who were spanked on a regular basis. I think your generation is as screwed up as this one and in a lot of ways more…but hey, it’s your opinion and I am sure you can see how unpopular it is – there is a reason for that.

  14. Renee says

    I do not post here very often but I couldn’t pass this one up. I am very glad that Isla did’nt spank her little girl. I would have thought very differently of her if she did. We do not know why Olive is crying, we only know that she is through pictures that don’t actually talk and people who write things that may or may not be true. For example, what if she tripped and fell dropped her dolly all before the paps realized who they were and they only got the after shot. And spanking a 1 year old, who is in distress, holding her arms up to her mom, you have got to be kidding me.

  15. oriana says

    Cocoa, I like you very much, I really do, but I think if a child is old enough to throw a major tantrum then a swat on the fanny isn’t going to kill her. I know the norm in this day and age is no spankings and very little admonishments in the way of even saying No to the children, I have seen evidence of this many times in public, gro. stores, doctor’s offices, etc. The children control the parents and the household.

    In my generation, we didn’t play those games. I am 62, it was the norm then to say No, and we meant No, none of this nonsense that I see today. I see a lot of abuse toward elderly parents, kids 2 and 3 telling their parents to “shut up” and doing whatever they want too. It isn’t cute to me at all. I believe in setting limits at an early age, sorry about that but in my opinion, the kids today are out of control and no one to blame but the parents.

    And #19, I would advise you to think twice before you ever had the urge to walk up and hit me!

    Everyone can call me gross and all kinds of names, go ahead, but I stand by what I said.

  16. Cocoa says

    #24 CJK – What did Julia Roberts do? Sounds funny!

    Personally I do not believe in spanking or hitting a child of any age but if you are going to #21 Fourleafclover’s method would be the way to go. I NEVER hit or spanked my child (who is now 19 yrs old) and he has never been to juvenile court or in any serious trouble. He’s not a nerd either and has always been popular. I disciplined using “time outs” when he was younger and “grounding” when he was older, of course along with all the discussions of what’s right and wrong. Way more effective I think than the humiliation and degradation they can only feel when you “spank” them. Not my idea of good parenting.

    Oriana, please tell me you don’t believe in “spanking” a one year old! I was so surprised to read your comments, you seem like such a nice person…

  17. CJK says

    I’d be grumpy too if there was someone taking my picture while I was walking down the street. Not to mention the fact that there were probably at least fifteen people taking her picture and at close range. I’d have to go all Julia Roberts on them!

  18. denise says

    aww, what a cute series of pictures. love them.

    i do not miss that time of my girls life, but i do remember it well.

    oriana – you have some serious problems.

  19. M says

    Oriana- so next time your angry or upset and feeling cross, I hope someone gives u a good beating. You being a bit sick in the head would probably enjoy it though!!!

  20. Fourleafclover says

    I have no problems with spankings or setting limits to young children.

    However –

    I do have problems with spanking a child who cannot possibily understand why she is getting spanked. Spanking a one year old for a simple tantrum is not cool. I have a boy – he’s 3. He gets spanked when the situation warrents it. However – we always talk about it afterwards and I ask him “Now why did you get a spanking?” and he’ll answer (all sullen like) “Because I hit my sister in the face” (Or fill in the blank here)

    If your child cannot know why she is being spanked or answer the question “Now, what did you do that was bad?” then spanking is 100% out of the question. IMO, of course… everyone parents differently.

    I’m okay with simple spankings when the offense warrents it. I’m not okay with spanking a child who cannot put 2 and 2 together. It doesn’t teach her anything. It teaches her that Mommy is angry and will flip on her for reasons she cannot possibly understand yet.

    Whew… sorry. Just my two cents.

  21. oriana says

    I do believe in saying No, setting limits at an early age and I do believe in spankings. I didn’t say a beating, I said a spanking, and I am not ashamed of it one bit.

  22. SAHM says

    Oriana: you are gross.
    If I saw you or anyone spanking a one year old I would have to restrain myself from walking up and spanking you!!!!
    Let me hit my child whom can barely walk and talk.

  23. Accalia says

    #12, that is the stupidest thing i have ever read. Shame on you. If you know anything about child psychology, u would understand that a child who is as old as olive, is much to young to understand anything about being punished. Children who are spanked at a very young age develop a sense of fear and distrust . If every time they are hurt or scared or something happens that they dont like , they are punished, what kind of relationship are they going to have with their parents? Parents are supposed to make their children feel secure, loved and safe. Olive is only a baby, obviously she will cry if her doll falls over or she goes to the doctor. She would look for her mother to comfort her and make her alright because that’s how it supposed to be!!A child that age is way too young to be crying for attention. Jeez people.

    Anyway, these two are the cutest mother ?daughter pair! love them 🙂

  24. Cyberkitten40 says

    omg people! this child is still a baby..she’s 1 yr old! how the hell else is she supposed to show how she’s feeling? it’s not like she can use words! good grief! the poor thing is havin a rough time of things! ever hear of EMPATHY? gawd!

  25. Adele (UK) says

    “Spanking” is banned in the UK & a terrible form of punishment, esp to a toddler who is probably grouchy from having immunisations!!

  26. Jenn says

    I studied child psychology and have six children of my own…a child this age would not understand being spanked. They would not understand why they were being hit. It would not help this situation at all. They are so small and afraid of everything. They don’t understand the world and all that is in it. Why on earth would anyone hit a one year old child for being upset????

  27. Neda says

    Oriana…that makes no sense at all. Who said that there should be no consequences? Saying that I don’t believe in spanking does not mean that I believe “they can throw their fits, temper tantrums”. But unless you are so incredibly narrow minded as you seem to be, there are MANY MANY MANY other consequences which you could implement and several other ways to set limitations for innapropriate behaviors.

  28. oriana says

    That is what is wrong with kids today, they can throw their fits, temper tantrums, no consequences or limitations set, and then parents wonder why when become teenagers, they are out of control and end up in juvenile court.

  29. Neda says

    what would a “fanny spanking” teach her in this situation. Probably nothing, and doing so would most probably invoke more anger in her, intensifying her reaction and the overall situation.

  30. Cyberkitten40 says

    Awww God love her..what a sweetheart! Probably beyond devastated that her *baby* is on the ground. That’s too cute for words lol :)))))

  31. Lila says

    Well,doctor visits are never fun…and babies that age are so trusting. The doctor says ‘Let me see your finger” and the child presents it with a smile..only to have it stabbed for a blood sample. I still remember the shock of betrayal in my daughter’s eyes.

    Olive is still mad at Dr. Stabby. We understand,dear. .Buy her an ice cream,Isla.

  32. Adele (UK) says

    LOL @ those photos, they are so “real”, everyone can say they have had moments likethat with their toddler.

    #4 – I don’t see anyone with “podge” in that photo?? Both Isla & Olive are average builds for their ages.

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