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Isla Fisher and Olive out for coffee.

An expectant Nicole Richie and Joel Madden out for some Starbucks.

Excellent article on what the vaccine-mafia don’t want you to know!


  1. Luxe says

    I do not have a problem with whte babies, I love Shiloh! It is just quite blah and boring to only have one dimmension. Maybe show up and coming celeb babies aswell, add a little something interesting to this site.

  2. aubrey madeline says

    Luxe Jessica Alba is half white half Mexican Halle Berry is also half white half black she posted many picture of black babies i.e. David (Madonna son) Zahara Will Smith kids Jaden willow and when the wm posted picture of Shiloh and Zahara its equal not Shiloh getting more picture because she’s a “white child”

  3. Luxe says

    Also this site doesn’t post black kids unless they have atleast one white parent. Examples: Heidi and Seal Halle and Gabe. LOL, good, old hollywood racism at it’s best. LOL, Even when they show pics of Shiloh and Zahara, Zahara only gets like one or two pics, while Shiloh is posted numerous times. This site should be renamed and Jessica Alba is Hispanic, not white, so you all know. Cash Warren is half black so honor is in essence a black baby! Adios.

  4. Luxe says

    Jennifer Hudson is also expecting! I know this site doesn’t post black people’s kids, but just wanted to let everyone know!!!

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