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Jools Oliver takes her three daughters to Primrose Hill.

The Brangelina bunch at Stop and Shop!

Excellent article by Jim Carrey about vaccines.

Suri’s trampoline birthday party!


  1. Pencils says

    That isn’t an “excellent” article by Jim Carrey. It’s yet another screed trying to link vaccines to autism, when it’s been proved over and over that there is no link. None. I have no problem with more testing of vaccines, but he doesn’t seem to understand how these things work–most of the vaccines currently being used have been safely used on millions of children over decades. If there were any major issues, we would likely know by now. Look at Vioxx–it’s true that the drug company covered up evidence that Vioxx caused heart problems, but once Vioxx was out in the general population, it became impossible to cover up the fact that Vioxx damaged hearts. Considering how many vaccines have been used over such a long time, we would know if there were any terrible consequences. What I don’t understand is why people like Jim Carrey and his girlfriend don’t want to find out the REAL causes of autism–why do they keep going on and on about vaccines when any reasonable person would have moved on? I’m very sorry for anyone who is dealing with autism in their family, but their suffering doesn’t make the facts change.

  2. Cocoa says

    Absolutely more testing is needed and I too agree that parents have a responsibility to questions the studies and scientists. However everything I have ever read has only said that there is nothing to prove or indicate that vaccines and autism are connected, which to me would mean anyone not vaccinating their children are irresponsible.

    As far as the vaccine that is not needed unless the mother is a whoring around…please! Ever think that perhaps the fathers could be whoring around like so many do with their wives being the last to know and possibly unintentionally putting the baby at risk. What is wrong with prevention?

  3. Sandra says

    Oh and with all that I would like to say that I am for giving vaccines. I am just with Jim Carrey and wanting more testing done on the safety of having all of these shots given at such a young age. Not to forget the amount added since we were young.

  4. Sandra says

    I think a parent is far more irresponsible if they DO NOT question the safety of vaccines. Sure they may be scientists but like hell I am not going to question where the studies are coming from and whom they are paid for by.

    Where in the article did Jim say that he would rather have his children have the measles than Autism? He is saying there should be MORE testing on the safety of vaccines at such a young age. You do realize the shot that babies get at 1 to 2 days old are NOT truly needed unless the mother is whoring around and is unaware if she is carrying an STD.

    Sophia may the lord bless you with an autistic child as then you might actually grow up and take a stand to help find a cure for your LO with Autism. I wouldn’t speak how a parent who has a child with Autism doesn’t know the causes or that vaccines could be a link. If you were a responsible caring parent you would DO ANYTHING to find a cure, even if it is questioning the little things “scientists” consider safe as vaccines.

    What I think should be done is all the “scientists” that have said vaccines are safe, I would like to know how many of them actually believe that and follow through with the recommended 36 vaccines for our little ones.

  5. Cocoa says

    It is unwise to not vaccinate your child on the off and unfounded chance that it causes autism and your child will develop it. In my opinion it’s down right irresponsible.

  6. sophia says

    You don’t have to have a child with autism to know that there is NO scientific link between vaccines and autism. NONE. And having a child with autism does not make you an expert on its causes. Please leave that to the actual scientists who know what they are talking about.

  7. Melissa R. says

    Ronnie, You shouldn’t be to harsh to judge especially if you are not living the nightmare of autism. I am.

  8. Ronnie says

    Okay so Jim Carrey would rather his child died of measeles or mumps or rubella than be autistic?
    these are VERY serious diseases and they can and often DO result in death!

    since the original study linking the vaacine to autism was fabricated by a doctor who got paid off for writing the report, i hardly believe that there was ANY truth in the report.

    ABSOULUTLEY agree with Amanda Peet, parents who dont vaccinate children are disgusting, especially when their children could be passing on these diseases to children whos’ parents have the sense to vaccinate their children!!!!

  9. CandyPharm says

    Jim, I appreciate your message and the points you raise about not enough testing on vaccines, but until science can help us answer the cause or causes for autism, you can not simply target vaccines as the cause.

    Please stick to acting.

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