An Expectant Nicole Richie & Harlow At The Park


An expectant Nicole Richie, 27, went to Sharkys in Taluca Lake before picking up Harlow, 1, and going to Greystone Park in Beverly Hills.

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  1. Angeline says

    Nicole is mexican, black, creole, and white. You can tell that they are both multiracial. The drummer Sheila E. is her biological aunt. Look her up!

  2. Ronnie says

    number 8, nicole ritchie was adopted by lionel ritchie, she isnt his daughter and not part african so i have no idea what you are ‘seeing’

  3. Breezy says

    This kid is not cute at all. What’s up with the huge bags under her eyes? She looks like she hasn’t slept in days.

  4. Morvicaud says

    Cute, not cute, who cares! I think she’s adorable … maybe not beautiful but yet adorable … babies change faces all the time and she can still grow the most beautiful thing … not like some Willis, Hilton, Sheen or Andre kids who were blessed my mother nature with nothing else than money …

  5. Sofia says

    I kinda think she was cuter as an infant than she is as a toddler. Not to say she isn’t cute, but she was a little cuter before…. to me anyways. Go ahead….cal me mean and heartless picking on a baby. I’m not though. She’s cute, but has been cuter, that’s all.

  6. Maybe says

    In the first picture, you can see her mother’s part African features starting to come out in her the older she gets.

  7. Anne says

    Nicole looks so happy and content with motherhood. Both parents are hands on parents and Harlow is a sweetheart.

  8. Cocoa says

    Oh my gosh, Harlow is the cutest little thing! Nicole is so pretty, she looks wonderful pregnant. She surprised me with what a good mother she seems to be. I just love this family!

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