Nadya Suleman Trying To Trademark Her "Octomom" Moniker


Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman is seeking to trademark her media nickname, “Octomom,” for a line of baby goods.

On Friday, Nadya, 33, filed two applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to officially – and exclusively – own the moniker.

According to The Smoking Gun, she wants to use the nickname on a line of “disposable diapers, dresses, pants, shirts and textile diapers.”

She also wants to use it for a reality show (she is close to signing a TV reality show deal.)

The single, unemployed mother — who is considering applying for food stamps (again) to feed her eight newborns — paid $825 for the application.

Ridiculous! Who would buy Octomom branded merchandise…seriously!?

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  1. Christi Lynn says

    Hi! God is Justice. As a mother, you -all out there- might do everything for your childrens sake. This person is not breaking the Laws, is she? We do not need to be so intolerant or envious. Nadya did not ask for our agreement. Are we acting just like jealous husbands? When somebody in the States wants a kid, such a process requires a lot of expeculations in the name of the comfort and an easy life for their parents. A kid is like a burden in America. Let us stop discriminating her. Let us live her alone. If you have enough time to disrespect without watching your vocabulary and manners, please go away. There is too much hatred, wars and hunger all over the world…do not add horryfing speeches against a human being.You all may or may not accept reality, but…we are all children of God, especially MUMS.

  2. onatear says

    Someone in California, should bring a law suit against the doctor, for child support of the kids. All 14 of them, now.

  3. oriana says

    I sincerely hope the doctor isn’t making any money off of this circus! He had to know her financial circumstances but didn’t care. He should be investigated by the Medical Board and I hope he loses some of his patients.

  4. Christy says

    Just remember ladies, these babies were all conceived so she could hold and love more children, because she loved children-never about making money or getting fame. Right. It just proves that what we do speaks greater volumes than what we say. She is, was and always will be all about her and her kids will suffer because of it. Pathetic…

  5. Cocoa says

    Very good points, Analise. The doctor, I forgot about that aspect. He should really be held accountable.

  6. Analise says

    It’s obvious she has mental issues and due to that her doctor should be held accountable. What responsible doctor would implant her with SIX eggs, KNOWING she had six children already at home, 3 with health/developmental problems, AND she’s unemployed??

    BUT, it happened and she had these innocent babies and who suffers? ALL of the children because not only is her head screwy she’s only in this for herself. It’s just a bad situation all around. Oh and she’s an idiot.

  7. TwinMom says

    Anyone who sides with her makes me sick. I will bet you she has never payed a bill in her life. If you read the oiginal articles about her when the babies were first born, she worked in the past, and hourded all of her money and disability checks for the invitro procedures. She lived at home with mommy and daddy (step-dad?) and popped out a bunch of babies. Parents took care of the kids, while she just saved more and more to spit out more kids. When you already have 6 kids, and get invitro AGAIN to have more because you dont want to lose the sperm.. i’m sorry but no matter if you were expecting one more, or 8 more, i cannot agree with that totally STUPID decision. I really hope this lady learns responsibility, and doesnt get things handed to her. I have twins, and we struggle with that. We dont have mom and dad around on either side supporting us, and maybe that has taught me responsibility a little more. I resell my kids clothes, and make handmade crafts to make a little extra money to feed and clothe my kids. Even as a SAHM, i’m still working to make a few extra dollars the best i can to provide for my kids. And i feel thats what a mother should do. Not run around town buying yourself new clothes, manicures, and whatever else. Its called saving for a rainy day. While im sure many of these places gave her free stuff for advertising, i dont think its right. One day when my kids are grown, it will be about me again, and i can do stuff like that. But I teach my kids priorities, and the value of a dollar. They know things dont come free, and they are only 3!

  8. Cocoa says

    When you already have six kids, no job, and no husband you do not have any business getting pregnant with even one more child, much less two, six, seven or whatever the heck she meant to do. Sure, I think she may as well make her own money out of it now instead of bleeding the system, but it should never have happened in the first place. This attention, mindless twit makes me sick.

  9. b says

    She’s doing all this to focus yet more attention on herself. Maybe she could spend the $825 on food for the kids instead or how about manicures (what mother of 14 would find time to waste getting manicures??), since she’s so obsessed about her appearance. What a fug. Those collagen inflated lips are g ross.

    I feel sorry for those poor little preemies, how selfish of her to have the procedure when she already had 6 children, and risk a pregnancy with multiples. Preemies face the possibility of certain health challenges and her selfishness put them in that position to begin with. What she needs is psychiatric therapy, not more babies.

  10. oriana says

    She is disgusting, I would not watch it for one second! All of her kids will suffer and will have emotional problems, already acting out behavior! I feel sorry for these kids.

  11. Kristy K says

    “how could she have thought or even imagined that 2 could turn into 8”
    She didn’t just implant 2….I believe she implanted 6!!! NO doctor had the right to do such a thing!!!! She has 6 (SIX!!!) other kids already….it’s not like this was her only chance to be a mother, and she was desperate. She is a publicity whore alright….she just did this with the ulterior motive to become famous.
    I absolutely don’t think that she should have aborted them….she shouldn’t have done IVF in the first place….and since she did she should do the honourable thing and give them to loving, respectable parents, and dedicate the rest of her life to her first 6 kids.
    It’s disgusting that she wants to trademark “octomom!” The only reason the name was initially given to her is because she had octuplets. Now that her kids are home she needs to stop seeing/treating them as a separate entity from her other 6….she’s not an octomom – she’s the mother of FOURTEEN children. Disgusting that she’s totally ignoring the other 6 in her rediculous proposed line of clothing etc. (And what the heck???!?!?! ….what does she know about fashion design????)
    Man does she ever get my “knickers in a knot!”

  12. says

    Everyone should know by now she CAN afford to feed her kids since all of this publicity. Heck, she got into her own home. All since the babies were born… who cares, this is America. As long as she is not spending our tax dollars anymore (which I don’t think she is anymore). She’s got all kinds of gigs going on I’m sure.

    Give her more credit than you think she deserves. I think people should be harping more on that Dr. whom did the procedure than her – he’s the one that is educated and STILL went through with it! Those are the kind of people we need to worry about…

  13. Cindy says

    I say, good for her. Look people, she did not SET OUT to have 8 babies….. I mean come on! She could have never known that would happen…. even doctors who have weighed in have said the same, that it’s amazing it even happened. She probably only wanted one or two…. she only ever had 2 at a time, so how could she have thought or even imagined that 2 could turn into 8?!
    Good for her for dealing with the cards she has been dealt. No one has the right to judge her for not aborting those babies when she thought it was 7, because no one has walked in her shoes. I’m not saying I agree with her decision to have this many kids…. I think it was incredibly selfish. But she needs to make money — and lots of it if she’s going to support her 14 children. Why shouldn’t she explore her options? Why is it ok for other families like Jon & Kate, Little People ect. to “exploit” their families, but not her?
    All you people who complain about her going on government assistance — make up your f**ing minds already? Either she goes on assistance and doesn’t “exploit” her kids, or she figures out a way to make money…. you should be glad she’s figuring things out.

    It must be nice to be so perfect that you feel the right to judge someone who’s shoes you have never walked it…. way to go.

  14. Sarah says

    I would never buy anything w/ that name on it…. and I will definitely be boycotting any show that comes out w/ her as the feature.

  15. LilNick says

    I think she see what the TV shows, Jon & Kate and Little People…etc., have done and what they have been able to get since airing and wants that too!!!!She needs to get her responsibilities in order!!!!She’s a “piece of work!!!”

  16. Kristeena Maria says

    I so agree with you, TwinMom. She is abusing the system for her own gain. She is seller her children in order to supposedly “create” a better life for them. I think that other parents, even single parents, are doing the best they can, but somehow she is better than all of us. What about the HARDWORKING Americans that pay taxes and put food on their family’s table……what do they get?? but, she gets so much stuff. We have a skewed system. Welfare is for people that make a mistake, are working, and are doing as much as they can and it just isn’t working. What the H*** is she doing above and beyond loving her children?? She is single, so she has to be both the provider and caregiver, not just one. She is a complete idiot and not teaching this generation anything about parenting. At least Jon and Kate show that family traditions, parties, etc. are important, and they aren’t on welfare. Such is life, but it does not back me happy one bit.

  17. TwinMom says

    With 3 year old twins, my life is busy taking my kids places and teaching them things. When they were newborns, I barely got any sleep between feeding them and interacting. Of course, I didn’t have free nannies supplied to me. If she wants to be a good mom, and let the public know it, she needs to stop smiling for the cameras, and do it for her children. How in the heck do have the money to be applying for things like this, and time to spend equally with 14 children, while still providing for your family? Maybe if she has all this time on her hands, she could afford to GET A JOB! Wait, i forgot, thats what we have government assistance for. I think someone in California, or Washington DC, needs to step up and crack down on people like her. She will NEVER learn, as wont most, if we keep giving to them. Complete wasted tax payer money. And we wonder why we are all hurting right now.

  18. Kelsie says

    Okay, at first i was all like, leave her alone, she’s an idiot, yes, but we all make mistakes, and now i am like she can spend 825 freaking dollars on an application that could be rejected, but can’t afford to feed her children?!?!?! I mean seriously, what the heck. I am still a teenager and I know that there is something screwed up about this! This pisses me off!


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