Jennifer Garner Picks Up Violet From School With Seraphina In Tow


Jennifer, 36, was snapped picking up Violet, 3, from school in Santa Monica with little 3-month-old Seraphina in tow. Jennifer has her hands full these days as Ben has been in Boston filming a new movie.

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  1. ELIE TAYLOR says

    I am telling you now that Jen and Vi and Ben will not be
    shown that much for now..!! There publicist announced it already.. !! So a lot of people on this comment page will
    be happy to see the stroller and Vi and Jen as the last
    photos ..for awhile be happy now o.k

  2. has says

    The girl’s name Serafina \s(e)-rafi-na, ser(a)-fina\ is a variant of Seraphina (Hebrew), and the meaning of Serafina is “burning ones”.

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  3. jmee says

    It’s refreshing to see that 3 months later Jennifer doesn’t look anorexic(not sure on the spelling). Yes it is a little boring to see the same people over and over. They seem to be trying to live a “normal life”.

  4. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Oh please this is a special photo actually get photo of
    Seraphina… So what we see 2000 photos of Katie
    Holmes by herself give me a break please..

    Katie is boring… this is not.. there is something about
    the new guy in Jen’s life a little young but helpful..
    That makes a big difference..!

  5. emma says

    Saying that Jennifer has her hands full is not true really. Yes Ben is away but she has nannies and her mom and most likely ben’s parents to look after Violet and Seraphina.

  6. jen says

    I totally agree… I love the celebrity gossip as much as the next person, but really, leave this family alone for awhile!

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