Tori Spelling & Family At Book Launch


Tori Spelling, 35, was snapped with husband, Dean, son, Liam, 2, and daughter, Stella, 10-months-old, at her book launch in Beverly Hills. Her new book is titled “Mommywood.”

Tori NEEDS to stop losing weight or she is going to pass out. Poor girl looks very depleted.

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  1. Amy in Oregon says

    Unfortunately we are stuck with the looks we are born with. I think it’s sad we all dog on Tori for her facial features, she didn’t choose them, and I think she has an amazing personality that more than makes up for her looks, it makes her beautiful 🙂 I also love Dean, he is very devoted to Tori and the kids, I think they are a beautiful family!!! The dress, however is something she DOES have control over!!! I think that style looks hideous and does nothing for her thin frame. Our bodies go through a lot of changes after pregnancy and especially considering Tori was pregnant virtually “back-to-back” with her babies! I imagine her body is a little vitamin deficient as well as running around after two tiny ones, hope they continue to thrive as a family and possibly expand their brood!!! Much love, Amy

  2. Anne says

    Re Oriana
    If you go to search and type in Ukrainian recipes you will find some many wonderful recipes. Perogies are dough filled with cheddar cheese and potatoes, fried onions and bacon broken up and some with other ingredients. Ck it out and maybe you might want to try some out. Dean hails from Canada so he is familiar with out food.

  3. says

    Tori needs to stop starving herself! It’s one thing to eat healthy, but it’s a completely different ballgame to not eat at all! What is she going to do when Stella and Liam grow up? Starve them? Instead, Tori should practice a regular exercise routine and eat healthy things like salad and sandwiches. I don’t see how people think Dean look pained. He looks perfectly fine to me. I love Liam’s outfit! If I had a little boy that’s definitely something I’d pick out for him to wear! Stella is gorgeous too. She looks like a good combination of Tori and Dean. She has Dean’s face and Tori’s hair. Liam looks like his mommy.

  4. Jules says

    RubyJackson said :

    “No matter how much weight she gains or loses, the boobs stay the same size. That’s weird!”

    It’s called implants. See above post.

  5. Anne says

    Love this family but I wish Tori would smile with her teeth showing and lighten up on the lipstick colour. She needs some good Ukrainian food to fill out her bones.

  6. Cocoa says

    Your welcome, Oriana. I just can’t believe the webmaster doesn’t do something about these volatile comments…it’s quite a problem here it seems.

  7. oriana says

    Thank you Cocoa, I definitely think nena is someone else on here with a different name. If “fat cow'” is the best she can come up with then doesn’t have a quick wit or good imagination.

  8. Cocoa says

    #25 nena, what is wrong with you? Oriana was just saying her opinion and you call her a “fat cow”?

    PS. Oriana, I totally agree with you on your #16 comment.

  9. nena says

    by the way . Liam is a very handsome little boy and stella is a beautiful baby .. oriana fat cow ..

  10. nena says

    oriana .. and you and your kids ( if you have any ) are the most beautiful ppl in the world .. shut up mujer

  11. Dnice says

    Tori has the worst boob job in hollywood. She needs to remove them an take on an athletic look. I see pics of myself and if something looks off I try to improve it. She can’t think she looks good.

  12. Carol says

    HE is a wuss, does he ever work. Seems like she is the one bringing in the money. He is the baby sitter. Although he brought in some good looks to the gene pool

  13. Carol says

    Thank goodness these two kids have round faces. Poor Tori, she didn’t stand a chance in the looks dept with her dad and Candy for parents.

  14. oriana says

    She should have left the kids at home, the lights going off in their eyes, too young to be subjected to that just for photo opportunity!

  15. Wow! says

    That’s hollywood I guess… so many women are turning into only bones and they think they are totally cool…

  16. bethy says

    Cocoa, your post cracked me up! I agree, Tori has always been such a horse face. And she looks even more horrible now that she weighs 74.3 pounds….especially with the fake boobs. Ugh

  17. oriana says

    She does look very undernourished, I have never thought Liam was cute, and he isn’t, looks just like Tori. The baby looks like her Dad, who is a major Wuss to me!

  18. onatear says

    Uniboob with a dress like that? I do like this family, though. I think Tori and Dean are loving parents.

  19. RubyJackson says

    No matter how much weight she gains or loses, the boobs stay the same size. That’s weird!

  20. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Liam and Stella are such cuties! Dean looks like he’s in pain, and Tori… well, yeah.

  21. Just Me says

    The kids are too cute, although Stella looks EXACTLY like her father, who just bugs me.
    Sorry, I have to agree with RubyJackson, someone that skinny would not have boobs that big.

  22. Cocoa says

    The kids are so cute. Tori wasn’t much to look at in the first place and she isn’t helping by turning herself into skelator!

  23. Joloda says

    This emaciated look is becoming the norm in my “mommy group.” I think it is scary, not sexy. The best part of having become a mother are my naturally enhanced assets. What’s the point of starving them away? To look like Tori or some other skinny starlet? I don’t think so. Cute kids though..

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