Katie Holmes Visits California Fertility Partners


(In the above pic Katie was snapped coming out of a dance studio in Hollywood yesterday)

Rumors have been swirling that Katie is either pregnant or hoping to be pregnant and today Katie was spotted going into the California Fertility Partners building in Los Angeles. She visited the Reproductive Technology Laboratories section.


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  1. Karen Browning says

    You know who she reminds me of? Anyone ever seen Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain? She looks like Anna Chlumsky did in that movie.

  2. miapocca says

    I actually knew and was impressed by Nicole kidmans acting skills before days of thunder..the problem with Americans is that when you dont know someone in YOUR MEDIA , you assume she is not famous.

    She was in a movie called dead calm with all of 3 people and the acting was supberb. She is famous because she had some talent and hardworking to boot. Tom did not make her famous,. she become famous and got recognized for her work AFTER the divorce.

    Tom does not make any woman famous, he is too busy making a step ford wife out of them to care about their carrier…didn’t Penelope leave him right after her next acting gig with Mathew Mc…she was also a little more experienced and older than both Nicole and Katie when they met…she seems to remain friends with him, like an ex with a gay friends..ahhahah

  3. ???? says

    #37almalm,I totally agree with you.just popped into my head,yes nicole kidman was pregnant right after they got married,but she had miscarry the pregnancy due to it was tubal pregnancy which is very dangerous,and yes Nicole said it herself that she was again pregnant with Tom’s child whe he divorced her and had another miscarry.It wasn’t him that has a problem at all like everyone thinks of him.
    now,the way how she is wearing,I think it ok because it is more than rugged casual,and she seemed very comfy wearing it.besides,Tom is not complaining about it.maybe it is better to wear this way and be critisized like a bag lady or tuning to be very sloppy,than when she wears nice clothes,then everyone thinks she is spending all his money,or better yet,everybody will speculate why she dress like going to a party.no matter what everybody is not satisfied to how lifestyleshe is in to,just leave her alone,if you can not stand how she lives her life with her husband and how she dresses,then by your complaing self,confront her about it.you know it is really ashamed,because people can be so rude and more caring and noticeable to others but yet will have no guts to confront this person who they are critisizing.Just confront her and be done with it.
    lastly.chris kline is way not even in Katie’s life anymore when she and Tom met.why do people have to involve someother exibits just to ruin someone else’s.?gosh..let them be.you are just giving her negativity all the time,because she is not nicole kidman who happens to be a very well-unknown ctress until she met Tom.yeah…when did she became popular actress anyway in this country.please let me know.

  4. Karen says

    i personally think the comfy clothes look like a nice change! she looks less like a primped up barbie doll. she looks relaxed for once, not like toms little pet

  5. Anne says

    Katie is very close to her parents and as a mother, why doesn’t her mother have a serious chat with her about the way she looks in public and that Suri should interact with other children. Surely this can’t be the Scientology way!!!

  6. almalm says

    Remember how happy and pretty Katie looked when she first met Tom. She was glowing with her long hair, clean clothes, and smiles. Now she looks homeless, never smiles, doesn’t look healthy (pale with dirty hair) and doesn’t seem to be taking care of Suri very well (for God’s sake/ or your Scientology UFO’s sake, buy the kid some hair clips!!!!!!)

  7. almalm says

    #30- It was Nicole who had the fertility problem, not Tom. Nicole had a tubal miscarriage/abortion after they got married. She couldn’t get pregnant so they adopted. Then she had another miscarriage AFTER Tom filed for divorce. She probably had other miscarriages during the marriage that weren’t made public. Tom got Katie pregnant less than 3 months after meeting her. Fertility clinics have much better technology now than they did 15 years ago when Tom and Nicole first married.

  8. almalm says

    #14- totally agree. What happened to her stylish, Armani couture clothes from 2 years ago? She looks like a homeless, angry, unhealty, lesbian. I am totally convinced she is going in to have twins.
    Absolutely HIDEOUS!
    Grow your hair long, buy Suri hair clips, use Tom’s MILLIONS $$$ to buy some decent, clean, clothes, take a bath!

  9. Analise says

    Of course she needs treatment. Reason #1. The problem HAS to be with her. TOM IS TOP
    SCIENTOLOGIST. He CAN’T been seen as inferior.
    Reason #2. Tom is sterile. Which leads to…
    Reason #3. Suri isn’t Tom’s. So, get “IVF” treaments for “Katie’s problem”, but really get sperm donor. Tom is safe all the way around. :):)

  10. Anne says

    Suri is Tom’s child. I saw pictures of his sisters when they were little and Suri resembles them to a T. Unfortunately, when the girls grew up, they weren’t so attractive anymore.

  11. oriana says

    I have always thought Suri looked like Tom, she resembles his cousin also to me, I would love for Katie to have another child, she is at least now not trying to copycat Victoria Beckham all the time like she used too. I am all for dressing casual and she could do it with good taste. She looks so tired all the time to me.

  12. ? says

    I always questioned whether Tom was the father. He was married twice before and no kids. I don’t agree with the other posts that say Suri “looks exactly” like Tom. To me she looks like Katie with blue eyes. As far as trying to have twins, I think that’s ridiculous. Whatever happened to – you take what God gives you. These people are so shallow.

  13. TwinMom says

    1. Why is it that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman could never have kids, and decided to adopt, and now that they are apart, they both reproduce. Hmm…

    2. Yes, even celebrities dress down sometimes, but this is a hollywood power couple, their religion if anything keeps them richer than rich, and the clothes she has been wearing are REALLY worn, torn, and hideous looking. I could find better stuff at Salvation Army in better condition, trust me she can afford to look better. Do we ever see Tom dress so scummy? Nope!

    3. Ok, i agree about visiting a fertility clinic to get twins because it seems like everyone is having them, its the “in thing to do” right now (BTW mine were natural)…. but i really doubt that Scientology allows sperm donations….. of course who really understands the messed up so-called religion anyways??

  14. Gbaby says

    whoa katie puhleez get a tan on them chicken legs! what is she wearing did she just finish painting her home?

  15. jen says

    I don’t understand why these celebrities got to these places that are so private, and allow all the gossip mags to guess what is going on. Don’t they have enough money to have the doctors come to them, or sneak themselves in in the dead of night. If I was going through infertility I sure as hell would not want the whole world to know about it, why does Katie? Career move????

  16. Amanda says

    WOW!!! What happened to katie??? She use to dress so nice. Now I look better dressed than her on a daily basis……

  17. Cocoa says

    OMG, why do people get so friggen mean and insulting here just because someone has a different opinion…I dress down too but in my opinion that looks slobby. If you don’t like other people opinons you shouldn’t be here and can’t disagree in a respectable manner you shouldn’t be here.

  18. Cherisse says

    Oh please, you know some of you people go outside dressed like that too. I do. So what the hell is wrong with being comfortable or dressing down sometimes. What you people think celebs are suppose to always wear fashionable clothes and exspensive stuff. No!!! She is human she is normal human being. She might have lots of money and be on tv. So what. Get a life.

  19. Cocoa says

    Kay – So have I but still, you would think she’d have even just a little more class…but I totally agree with you about Suri looking exactly like Tom, as if he’s not the father!

  20. Kay says

    #7 – Where did you hear that? It’s only obvious that Suri is Tom’s baby, she looks exactly like him. As for her attire, no body dresses up 24/7. I’ve seen people going to the malls looking alot more dumpier than that!

  21. Bella says


  22. scarlet says

    Now this is a shocker? Not considering I have been saying from day one. Suri is not Tom Cruise baby to start with. It is Katie ex boyfriend Chris Klein. Cruise has been married two before and NO CHILDREN. This is no suprise to me. I am sure she will have someone else sperm injected into her to set the record straight that her dear hubby is not gay…

  23. Cocoa says

    #8, she is not “dressed down” she is dressed like a slob. There is a difference. No, I certainly don’t look glam sitting here on my computer but I am at home and not out in the public. I am just a nobody and would never leave the house dressed that way! Slob, I say!

  24. ELIE TAYLOR says

    She is not getting pregnant again.. No One Is.. O.K..
    What makes you think that she is at a dance studio
    show us the Dance Studio sign shall we ever see
    it or is it part of her P.R.. Nice black Jockey underpants
    she is wearing..!! No make and dressed like a bum
    so that is why we don’t see Victoria or her own daughter
    or god forbid Tom with her..

  25. babyrazzi junkie says

    of course, if she is truly needing fertility help getting pregnant, maybe we could all give her a break. speaking from experience, it’s nothing to LOL about ! give the woman a break, i’m sure none of us look much better when we’re out and about just running errands.

  26. Amy says

    Wow. You guys are completely disgusting. Why are you bashing on her? Do you know her personally? Im sure half of you look really glam right now typing on the computer. She’s dressed down, because A–shes human, B-she just got done at the dance studio..more then what you guys seem to do. I guess do whatever though. If bashing someone makes you feel better..go for it. If your 12

  27. LOLA says

    she needs fertility treatments cause Tom is infertile, i heard Suri isn’t his. She’s probably getting a “sperm donor” LOL

  28. carleigh says

    I know it’s a bit customary for a woman to become more relaxed in their appearance when they become a mother. Gone are the days of spending hours and hours observing beauty rituals and pouring over designer clothes, but DAYUM!!

    Each and every time I see Katie in pictures she looks more and more sh***y… she is either glaring, looks like she needs a bath or has a sour look on her face.

    She appears to be in the throws of a serious depression and it’s effecting every single part of her life. She needs to get some professional help and how!

  29. Mary says

    Boy does she look angry. Can’t remember the last time she smiled. Not those fake ones that she does for the paparazzi. A smile that the paparazzi gets once in a while. Why not show those instead of the ones where she looks washed out, worn out, tired. She looked good once. Maybe one day, way down the road she’ll start caring aboout how she looks, and fire her stylist, and get one that is more up to date with todays fashion. She’s not looking like any type of an A-list start, or B-list, or C-list. Not sure what letter to actually give her.

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