Josh Holloway & Wife Welcome A Daughter


Josh Holloway and wife, Yessica, welcomed a daughter, Java Kumala, on April 9th.

Josh plays the incredibly handsome Sawyer on Lost.

Josh, 39, was expected to attend the Royal Hawaiian/Louis Vuitton fundraiser for the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation Sunday afternoon, but canceled after Yessica went into labor.

The couple — who wed in 2004 — initially said they didn’t want children.

“We have changed our minds…only recently,” Josh told USA Today last March. “Basically, nature happened.

“If you’re in a loving relationship with someone, [having] children becomes a part of it,” he continued. “I don’t know exactly when or how, but we’re very open to either having our own children or adopting.”


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  1. Alex says

    AWW i am truley happy for the couple they will make a gorgeous couplem and shes gorgeous and so he is he!!

  2. Rainne says

    He is so Yummy.I love the NAme Java its original.But still the trend goes on everyone wants their bay to have the craziest name.Sigh* you poor poor people!!!

  3. Blondie says

    His wife must be lucky to have such a hansome guy,how come he married her,he could have had everyone….me too 🙂

  4. Sofia says

    The name reminds me too much of “Guava”. I wonder if the name is pronounced with the J sound or a Y sound. I bet the baby is stunning.

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