Kate Hudson & Ryder In Malibu On Easter


Kate Hudson, 29, was snapped out with her son, Ryder, 5, and another child in Malibu for Easter celebrations. Ryder’s suit is quite dapper and Kate looks gorgeous! 

Splash News Online


  1. Lila says

    Goldie’s mother was Jewish.Her father was of English descent. Kate’s father,Bill Hudson is of Italian descent.(They changed the name to Hudson for show biz)

    So Kate is technically 1/4 Jewish,1/4 English and 1/2 Italian.

  2. Cocoa says

    Poor Ryder looks like his dad. It seems to me that Ryder always looks unhappy, a little pale and malnourished. I don’t think Kate is a good mother, but I really shouldn’t judge. I suppose she is just trying to get away from the paps but does she have to drag him like that? Poor kid.

  3. janie says

    That boy looks just like his father and that is NOT a good thing!

    Cut his hair. He looks like a girl!

  4. onatear says

    They might have been going to a Passover Seder…meal celebrating Passover. Same weekend as Easter this year.

  5. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    That’s awfully rude, starting a debate about the length of a child’s hair. If it was in his eyes and, thus, preventing him from seeing clearly that would be one thing. It is his own personal style and I don’t think that is anything to be shunned. Let him be.

  6. Anne says

    I believe Goldie Hawn is Jewish but not Kate’s father. I”m sure if Ryder’s hair is cut, he would look more like a boy and not like his homely father.

  7. Just Me says

    Ryder’s suit looks like something his dad would wear. It looks cute on him!
    I thought Kate was Jewish (wasn’t that the reason she initially didn’t cut his hair)?

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