Gwen & Gavin Out Shopping At Whole Foods With Kingston & Zuma


Gwen Stefani, 39, and husband Gavin Rossdale were snapped at their local Whole Foods shopping with sons, Kingston, 2, and Zuma, 7-months-old.

Zuma is a cutie!

Splash News Online


  1. Georgia says

    I love this family. So nice how they are always doing things together. Zuma looks so much like Gav but has Gwen’s fair coloring. Kingston looks like Gwen but with Gav’s tan coloring.

  2. SbK says

    I think Zuma is gorgeous, although he does remind me of the little baby from the rugrats (I think he was called Tommy)

  3. Sharrie says

    I think they are both cute kids…and they look alot like their daddy. Its funny though, Kingston had so much hair when he was a baby…but Zuma has little/none. They are a lovely family though.

  4. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Aw it’s one of my favorite families! It’s always so nice to see this fabulously beautiful family out and about!

  5. ? says

    Zuma (It doesn’t matter what his name is) is very cute. I love this family. They’re a beautiful family and are always doing things together.

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