1. Niloofar says

    Well Mary, you are entitled to your opinion and it’s your RIGHT, we have different ideas, some of them are right and some of them can be wrong, the point is we are free to tell our opinions 🙂 ( but we CAN disagree with eachother too)

  2. Mary says



  3. almalm says

    Katie- please spend $2 of Tom’s millions to buy Suri some hair clips!

    And while you’re at it, I hope you start dressing better. What happened to your nice couture clothes? Did Victoria Beckham take them back?

  4. almalm says

    Looking at Katie’s hair, Oh- she must be pregnant. EVERY WEEK the tabloids say she and Jennifer Aniston are pregnant. It’s trash

  5. ELIE TAYLOR says

    The great thing is is that Katie isn’t taking dance lessons
    it is a dance troupe..Every time she opens the door we
    see the live performance photos on the wall as they
    enter the building.. Katie wants her to grow out her that her hair is one length..

    So next on her agenda is a memorial veteran’s day
    reading with her co star from All My Sons …Academy
    Award Winner Diane Wiest …

  6. oriana says

    She is growing taller and hair getting longer. I think she is very cute.

    I do agree, most boring pictures of Violet picked picked up from school! Surely there are some better somewhere!

  7. says

    omg mary you need to calm down if you dont like suri or katie then dont comment the pictures..suri is so cute people need to stop bashing on suri she is not your daughter people niether is violet katie could grow out suris hair if she wants i seen photols of suris hair in clips she dosent like them it bothers her she pulls them out so leave her alone shes only 3..

  8. Nullah says

    Mary … there is no pictures of Suri anywhere before she was one year old … not one except for the ones that her parents sold … back then everyone was begging for a picture, so Jen and Ben are no better parents … you are bored, it’s all right but try to find something more constructiv to pass your energy on … Katie looks like she’s a great mum and Suri’s a cuty even if she needs a hair cut …

  9. Gypsy7 says

    Why can’t people leave her alone about criticizing her doing her daughter’s hair – aren’t there better things we should be worrying about?

  10. Sarita says

    Suri looks fine, children are not bothered by bangs in their eyes, they are bothered by tight hair clips.

    I like the dresses too, she always looks cute.

  11. Mary says

    Since Violets sister was born, there has been some pictures of her every once in a while. But since the birth of Suri 3 years ago(april 18th), that child is on here way more than any child. It’s all PR. At least Ben & Jennifer have enough common sense to keep their newborn hidden from the paparazzi. People are tired of the whole Cruise/Holmes clan. Start showing more pictures of other families.

  12. emma says

    17. nicole | April 10th, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    she looks pregnant

    if you think that is what a pregnant women looks like you must be a stick insect then.

  13. Catsue says

    #10-stupid advertisement
    And stupid comment! Babe? The child is 3- and neither Katie or Suri are cute with that long dog hair

  14. Catsue says

    I grew my daughter’s bangs out at 3. I used very cute hair clips so she wouldn’t look like a slob like Suri does and so she could see with BOTH EYES! What happened to Katie’s couture clothes? I cannot stand her dirty man jeans!! Get that kid a haircut or buy clips!!! What a neglectful mother !!!

  15. Nullah says

    Mary, you have more pictures of Violet being picked up from school than you have of Suri and why are you so mad about her hair? I agree it doesn’t look nice but I’m pretty sure Katie doesn’t give a damn! And Katie doesn’t look 60 either just because she dares wearing clothes her taste and not Hollywood like! She’s a pretty woman enjoying her pretty little daughter.

  16. Mary says

    Even if they’re trying to grow her hair out, you can still put it up in something, to pull it away from her eyes. She’s 3, the only 3 year olds that don’t like to wear things in their hair at that age are boys. Brooke Shields daughter was born on the same day, and at the same hospital as Suri, and that kid looks more normal, more alive than Suri. At least Brooke dresses her kids in actual play clothes. That’s total b.s. that Suri only wants to wear dresses. It’s the mom who wants to show off her child in the middle of winter in nothing but short sleeved dresses and no coat. Katie cares more about herself, than her own child’s welfare. And Katie could use some psychological help too. Why else does Suri look like she’s sick? She’s pale, and very tired looking. Stop showing the kid off to the world, and take care of her, and get the kid the things she needs. She needs a mom and a dad, not the paparazzi.
    Put the darn kid in some real play clothes, and let her find some friends instead of hanging out with her mom all the time. Other stars kids Suri’s age are seen in pictures playing with other kids the same age, and actually look happy, so you can’t tell me that there aren’t any kids Suri’s age in CA or NY.

    And whoever is saying that people keep repeating the same things about Suri’s hair and the fact that Katie looks 60, yes that is true, but if they’d give us something better to look at then the tired pictures of the two of them, then I’m sure you’d see more positive comments about them. Katie & Suri pictures are boring, the two are has beens, but whoever created babyrazzi obviously has a fascination with these two because they’re on here more than any other parents and children. So take it up with the creator of babyrazzi that you’re bored with the pictures of Katie & Suri.

  17. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    More with the hair debate! While I agree that something different needs to be done with dear Suri’s hair, I do not think the same discussion has to take place on every picture of the child. There, I said it!

  18. Cindy says

    People are picking on the parent, not the child. I think that is obvious…and Jill, exactly!

  19. Jill says

    mslewis…I agree, we should not pick on Suri. But I also agree with those who state that her bangs need to be kept off of her eyes. Not because of how it looks, but because the bangs in her eyes is obstructing her vision. They should put a barette or clip in her hair, other wise, pull the bags to the side with a ponytail holder, or put a headband or hat on her to keep the hair out of her face

  20. mslewis says

    What awful comments!!

    Maybe they are trying to grow out Suri’s hair and the baby doesn’t like clips in her hair!!! No matter the reason, none of you have the right to criticize a baby!! Pick on people your own size.

  21. Cindy says

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Mary. Why, oh why doesn’t Katie do something about poor Suri’s hair? I just don’t get it… I see the dead-look in Suri’s eyes too, hopefully it’s just the photo…

  22. Mary says

    Look, Katie is putting her head down so now mom and daugher both look like the shaggy dog. Ever considered hair clips, head bands, barrets, or heck, a hair cut for the two of you?? The shaggy look for toddlers is not in Katie. Get off your rich butt and get that kid a haircut and some hair clips so she doesn’t look like she just woke up and you refuse to do anything with her hair. You spend tons of money on your hair only to put it back to being short, why don’t you spend money on that kid of yours and get her a haircut or hair clips of some sort, and MAKE HER WEAR THEM!! YOU’RE THE ADULT, YOU MAKE THE DECISIONS, NOT A 3 YEAR OLD.

    Tom is such a high profile star, why don’t you make your kid dress and look like a normal kid?? And as for yourself, when are you going to start dressing like you’re 30 instead of 60?? What happened to you?? You used to look so nice, dressed nice. Being a parent is an awesome thing, but it doesn’t mean to stop taking care of yourself.

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