Jessica Alba & Honor Marie At Coldwater Canyon Park


Jessica Alba, 27, was snapped with nine-month-old daughter Honor Marie Warren at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. Adorable…and Jessica looks so cute and stylish for their outing!

Jessica and husband Cash were seen looking at properties in New York over the weekend, with sources claiming they are keen to leave Los Angeles.

An insider said: “Jessica and Cash met with lots of different realtors to view several apartments. They like the idea of living in Manhattan and are interested in particular in properties under construction so they can have some involvement in what the place looks like.”

The couple may be house hunting to find a bigger property as Jessica is reportedly “desperate” to have another baby.

A source close to the actress said: “Jessica and Cash are working overtime to get pregnant. She and Cash are boasting that they love being parents and are determined to expand their family as soon as possible.”

In other Jessica news, Jessica recently banned her entire family from eating white food!

Reportedly, Jessica decided that the only way to stay in shape is to stop eating processed foods including white flour and sugar.

A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: “In order for her to stay thin, she needs everyone to be eating how she is. Even at restaurants, Jessica will tell her mom to stay away from something.”

Jessica – who quickly snapped back into shape after giving birth, shedding around 40lbs within a matter of weeks – is making her entire family follow the strict regime because she doesn’t want to be surrounded by any temptation.

Jessica is not the only star to embark on a strange diet recently.

Angelina Jolie is reportedly so desperate to shed weight for her role in new spy movie ‘Salt’ she only eats one small pretzel for lunch.

A source explained: “Angelina’s assistant went to get her lunch from the movie’s craft service. She took a small salted pretzel from a plastic jar and put it on a tray to give to Angelina.

“When I asked if there was anything else I could get for her, maybe a sandwich or a hot meal, Angelina’s assistant said, ‘Nope. This is all she wants.’ ”

Hmmm….I highly doubt that Angelina is only eating one pretzel for lunch! How would she have the energy to film a movie and care for her SIX children!? Yikes!

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  1. thea elizabeth says

    there is nothing about jessica or honor that are cute adorable or even worth looking at !….personally if i never see either of them again it would be much too soon for me i think her baby is homily at best!

  2. anonymous says

    honor is not cute at all she never smiles and the one or two times a pic has been snapped of her slightly smiling it does not help her looks in fact I think it makes things worse she seems like she is a whiny brat and often cries when jessica doesnt cater to her every whim i wish we could see more of celebs babies that are happy cute and have parents that are not at the same park every single day seeking attention through desperation like alba does

  3. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Honor is really adorable! Also, I love Jessica’s dress! It’s so cute! I wonder where she got it?

  4. Lurker says

    Honor is cute, but I think I’ve only seen one picture of her where she’s actually smiling.
    Isn’t she a little young to start hating the paparazzi??

    Poor kid is so serious all the time!

  5. mslewis says

    That Angelina and the pretzel story is from over a month ago!! A little late webmistress!! If you’re going to post lies from rag mags, at least make it timely!!

    Honor is a cute, fat little baby. She will grow up to be as beautiful as her Mama and Daddy!!

  6. Just Me says

    On a different topic. I really like the scarf trend, but not with sun dresses for summer outfits. It looks kind of mismatched.

  7. Jill says

    Honor is SOOOO cute! That second picture where she looks like shes clapping or something, is precious!

  8. Accalia says

    I hardly believe that Angelina Jolie pretzel story webmistress. If u dont believe it as well , why are you posting it on your website? Thats one of the things I really dislike about this website. Celebrity Baby Blog would never post something unless they are 100 % certain that it is true. And yes, I know that if I dont like it here, I can leave, but i like seeing the baby photos and that is the only reason I still bother to come.

  9. Rainne says

    Honor is so cute. I dont blame Jessica for wanting to leave LA. I would run too. I wish her all thr best!!!

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