Cat Cora's Wife Welcomes A Son


Jennifer Cora, the wife of Iron Chef America star Cat Cora, gave birth to a son named Thatcher Julius on April 4th, her rep has confirmed.

Thatcher weighed seven pounds and was 19 3/4″ long at birth.

Jennifer, who has been married to Cat for seven years, gave birth to their two other sons, Zoran, 5, and Caje, 23-months-old.

After delaying a pregnancy due to her career and seeing Jennifer, 38, pregnant a third time, Cat decided to give it a try too! The Food Network chef, 41, is pregnant with a son and is due in July.

“I knew I always wanted to have one of our kids,” she told Us magazine. “It’s now or never. I’m never going to be not busy.”

Before Jennifer gave birth, the couple shared maternity clothes, cupcake cravings and even hormonal spats. “Jen’s the more even-keeled one,” Cat shared. “She’s been through this three times, so she’s given me lots of tips. It’s made us stronger as a couple.”


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  1. SuzieP II says

    They do look like sisters and bless em! They are in for it with a house full of boys, lol! I know, I have 3 sons…

  2. Cindy says

    I still don’t know who is who….can someone please enlighten me? Who’s on the left and who’s on the right? That must have been neat for them to be pregnant at the same time…their babies will almost be like twins siblings, but not. Cool.

  3. Jules says

    Oh God Melissa, that is EXACTLY what I was about to post!
    I had to really stop and stare at the two of them to figure out which one was Cat.

  4. Melissa R. says

    Is it me….or do they look like they could be sisters??? They look so much alike, even their smile.


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