Denise Richards & Lola Rose Enjoy A Day At The Park


Denise Richards, 38, was snapped frolicking with her daughter, Lola Rose, 3, at a park in LA. After Denise and Lola Rose shared ice cream treats, Denise taught Lola Rose the monkey bars and how to go head first down the slide.

What beautiful pics…Lola is adorable!

Denise was recently kicked off of Dancing with the Stars.

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  1. Jill says

    To Sue…you’re right…I COULD have broken my sentence down in to 20,000 steps to describe exactly what I was talking about….but you could have also just figured it out….I may not have spelled it out, pc by pc, but the message was basically implied. I didn’t think i had to be so literal, as i didnt really expect any one to get in such a tizzy over a pretty basic comment. It wasn’t meant to upset anyone, honestly. What I meant to say was that sliding down head first on a slide has the potential to be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean that it ALWAYS leads to an injury.

  2. Jules says

    To #2 —

    Ahh, but look at Denise. She loves it 😉
    Hence the reason she has the paps on speed dial.

  3. Cindy says

    Slides at parks are not designed to go down them head-first. Should we not guide our children to avoid injury, no matter how rare? And how rare is it really when in this short blog there are already two horror stories of injury using slides this way…?

    sue and Jill: So hostile…have you been hanging around with the mean people here? Not mentioning any names, of course…but you know who you are!

  4. Carol says

    I was 4 and went down the slide head first, broke my elbow which was very hard to fix. Came apart again when I was 20 and I am still having problems with it at 40. This is dangerous. Denise has no brains. Kid is cute hope she dosen’t break her elbow.

  5. sue says

    Quote Jill: “And that sliding down head first is kind of dangerous. I am a preschool teacher” Thus, alluding to how LOLA is sliding down the slide head first and thus YOU think that what LOLA is doing at that exact moment at this playground with SAND is dangerous. You are just trying to slide around your comment and act like it does not mean what you actually stated. Try differentiating in your posts next time. Example, “Sliding down head first can be dangerous, but not in the context of how Lola is doing it….” It is pretty easy to type out complete and logical statements that give voice to what you are trying to say. You are a teacher after all, you should know how to do that. And it is RARE for a child to be hurt that way. Parents, teachers, aunts (did I cover all the bases) freak out so much; children should go out in plastic bubble wrap.

  6. Jill says

    Sue…Note I said “I have seen children do it and then head dive onto the GROUND” not sand, moron. I was just saying in general. But believe me…watch a child’s forehead split open after this move on a slide as I watched happen to my nephew, and you’d understand what I mean. This happened to my nephew on an apparently “child proof” playground too where the ground has some sort of padding, but even that wan’t soft enough as his scar would suggest. Obviously sand isn’t a big deal.

  7. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Lola is such a cute little girl! It’s nice to see her spending some one-on-one time with mom and enjoying herself. Denise looks wonderful, as well.

  8. Jill says

    So adorable…Where was Sam I wonder? And that sliding down head first is kind of dangerous. I am a preschool teacher…I’ve seen children do it and then head dive onto the ground…My nephew got stitches doing that.

  9. oriana says

    I think she is very cute and looks just like Denise’s mom. She is very pretty little girl!

  10. sue says

    To add:

    You can even tell in the pic in the second row, the first pic, that once she spots the paps she is not happy anymore. Poor kid. All these people who act like these kids are miserable are wrong. They are just miserable being photographed!

  11. sue says

    So nice to see her children, or child in this case, happy and playing like a normal little girl! She really is very pretty! Her kids just hate the spotlight and these pics are just lovely!

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