Melora Hardin & Daughters At The World Premiere Of "Hannah Montana The Movie"


Melora Hardin, 41, was snapped with her two daughters, Rory, 7, and Piper, 3, at the world premiere of “Hannah Montana The Movie” at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on April 2nd.

Melora’s acting career spans appearances in Little House on the Prairie back in 1981 to appearances in The Office and now in the new Hannah Montana movie!

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  1. Cindy says

    Look how the little girls have one foot in front of the other like little models. Very cute. They are such pretty girls, like their mother.

  2. Jello says

    I went to High School with her and she was into acting back then. I am happy for her that she has made it! Beautiful daughters.

  3. Analise says

    I thought she was so pretty on Little House and she still is beautiful as are her girls. Lovely names, too.

  4. almalm says

    OK- she played Belinda in the 2-part Little House episode when Mrs. Olson adopts Nancy. Nancy is jealous of a pretty school mate named Belinda who Albert is interested in. So Nany lures her into the Olson’s ice house and locks her in there. In the end, the school gets revenge on Nancy, making her sit in the dunk tank. Then Belinda of course throws the first ball to dunk Nancy. Wow- I’m a big fan of Little House and the Office and never would have guess that was her 28 years ago.

  5. Catsue says

    what did she do on Little House in 81? Was she the girl at the blind school? Was she Wiilie Olson’s wife? Does anyone know?

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