Madonna Loses Adoption Bid


(According to The Sun, pictured above with Lourdes and Madonna is the little girl that Madonna had hoped to adopt)

In a surprising turn of events, Madonna will not be allowed to adopt a second child from Malawi, a 4-year-old girl named Mercy James, the African country’s High Court ruled on Friday.

The ruling will please campaigners who say authorities have given Madonna special treatment. Malawi’s government, which came under fire after Madonna adopted a 13-month-old Malawian boy, had said on Thursday it would support a second adoption.

Court registrar Ken Manda told reporters Madonna’s bid to adopt Mercy had been rejected because the star was not a resident of Malawi.

In her ruling, Judge Esimie Chombo warned against celebrity adoptions, saying they could lead to child trafficking.

“Anyone could come to Malawi and quickly arrange for an adoption that might have grave consequences on the very children that the law seeks to protect,” she said.

Madonna’s lawyer, Alan Chinula, said she would lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court on Friday. Her London spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.

Malawian rights groups, who accused the government of skirting residency laws when Madonna adopted David Banda in 2006, also opposed the latest adoption attempt.

Prominent rights activist Mavuto Bamusi defined said the decision was a “defining moment for child protection” but urged the pop star to continue her charity work.

“We finally appeal to Madonna to take this positively and continue to help the children of this country,” he told Reuters.

Malawian Information Minister Patricia Kaliati said on Thursday that Madonna had helped in the country and was a worthy mother who was supporting over 25,000 orphans here.

Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, plans to build a multi-million dollar school for girls in Chikhota village, about 12 km (7 miles) outside Lilongwe.

Wow…it really had looked like the adoption was going to take place.

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  1. oriana says

    I wonder to what age she will be allowed to stay in the orphanage? Then what will happen to her? Will she just be put out? Will there be a family to take her in?

  2. carleigh says

    Oriana and Rainne, ladies, “it” will never stop, “it” doesn’t want too be left out of the spotlight so “it” will do whatever “it” can to make “itself” known…LOL..which includes resorting to arguing, nasty names and whatnot. I would say ignore it, but then we get accused of giving it the satisfaction of mentioning “it”, so this constitutes some sort of attention. We need to realize how unfortuntate and sad ‘it” must feel to have to come here and act out in such an immature manner. I pity ‘it” and feel nothing but sorrow that “it” has no other form of entertainment and recreation to keep “it” occupied. Oh well, everyone needs to feel important and needs a hobby and apparently this is “its”…so indulge and whatever, “it” loves it, and we do want to give “it” what “it” wants now don’t we…hehehehe

    Have a nice night and Rainne, hope you stick around my dear, it’s always nice to see someone new on the blog. Welcome.

  3. Rainne says

    Oriana- dont waste your breath arguing with such a low life child.Who just doesnt know when to stop.She tries to look as if she is smart but she really isnt. Dont waste your knowledge on a fool, cause they wont understand the wisdom of your words.

  4. oriana says

    Cindy, you are ignorant and low class. I have been a fan of Carleighs and a friend for a long time, many on here know that. Call me what you want, as far as being a B@@@H, have to agree, that one you got right. I could care less if you agree or disagree with me, you do not set the standards for me and you like to keep trouble stirred up, you are not the first and sadly, you won’t be the last. And there have been by far, more intelligent than you on here that have not liked me.

  5. oriana says

    Carleigh, big Pink Hugs to you My Dear! Wish there were more like you on here, and so glad to see that Rainne is not a pushover and can stand her ground, hope she sticks around for a long, long time!

    Maybe Cindy will go down to Malawi and stand in line to adopt a needy child!!!!!!

  6. Rainne says

    Cindy u r so childish.I dont believe you are on this site arguing with yet another person.Why cant you grow up and act like the “smart” person you claim to be !!!!

  7. carleigh says

    My, my, someone certainly has a guilty conscience OR maybe a large ego OR an inferiority complex OR is just plain pyschotic (or a combo of all these traits), to assume certain comments are about them. *** really rolling eyes***
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  8. Cindy says

    Don’t worry, I picked up on the “it” thing already, *rolling eyes* Your comment #19 refers specifically to immaturity on behalf of anyone who gives me recognition…which you and oriana continue to do. Thanks.

    No surprise either that people in the past have said nasty things to oriana…way to back your dear friend by pointing that out.

  9. carleigh says

    I made no inference that anyone was immature….someone needs to learn to read, but then again, what can “it” truly be expected to understand when “it” has limited intelligence and does whatever “it” can to get attention.

    Petty people do not deserve the dignity of a response and they certainly won’t get one from me. No need…not worth the effort. Oriana, dear, you are a great person and I know you’ve had people on here in the past who say nasty things to you….forget about them, just continue to be you!! I like you just as you are. (hugs)

  10. Cindy says

    *she called you immature oriana because you most certainly give me recognition..,! You are both idiots.

  11. carleigh says

    Oriana…I so do not worry about people like her, just immature and senseless to give it recognition. It is what is referred to as a “forums troll,” and I refuse to feed into stupidity…but you were right, it doesn’t appear you are it’s favorite person..LOL..who cares.

    I have been keeping up with this story and apparently this little girl has NEVER lived at the home of her grandparents and her father has NEVER seen her one time.

    I think Madonna is very right to appeal and try to adopt this child or see may end up spending the next 4 years in an orphanage. Apparently the grandparents and father have to wait until she develops anitbodies to all the RAMPANT diseases in Malawi, before she can go ‘home” to her village.

    It sickens me to think about the quality or should I say, lack of quality this little girl will have in that country. Children die by the hundreds daily, but lets NOT let one go to have a chance. The courts over there are a complete joke and they chose to make a statement because of who Madonna is…if it were anyone else, theh adoption would have never gotten this much attention, probably NO attention whatsoever.

    Just sad, very, very sad….poor Mercy.

  12. sandy says

    I agree with 8. 3 and 4 get your heads out of your rear ends and realize that this woman is purchasing children like someone who travels on vacation and returns with souvenirs. She’s like the French that went into Chad under the guise of “helping” the people, when in fact they were busted for smuggling children who ALREADY had a family. Simply put there are things that money will never be able to provide and for this woman morality and decency isn’t among them. She should try being a proper mum to her current three instead of “buying” other peoples’ children like trinkets on a street market.

  13. oriana says

    Thank You Carleigh for your very informative comments. I enjoyed it and it helped educate me a little more about the country.

    As usual, Cindy is making a fool of herself! I think she is an uneducated teenager!

  14. nicole in paris says

    Female Genital Mutilation

    Who would want to deprive young mercy of her country’s heritage?

  15. Cindy says

    My need to explain myself in grave detail? Look at the length of your comment…plus, everyone like to be understood.

  16. carleigh says

    Cindy, that is the wonderful thing about blogging and leaving comments, they are open to interpretation by whomever reads them. You either need to be more specific or don’t be so worried about how people “respond,” to things you type. I’m not talking about personal barbs either, I’m referring to your insatiable need to explain yourself in grave detail.

    That being said, now it’s time to leave my comment about this situation:

    I don’t think Madonna is necessarily a bad person, she has her star image and then there is her private persona that is who she “really” is.

    After reading the story about her ex Guy talking about what a good mother she is, I have to truly believe that her being denied and adoption is a sad thing.

    Is it better to leave the little girl in the perils and dangers of abject poverty? I don’t think so. This was no win for the child protection services, because if they wanted the best for little Mercy they would have sanctioned the adoption.

    Has anyone checked out the country of Malawi and how poor the nation truly is?Some 90% of the people live in rural areas which means they are farmers and this is NOT a good prospect when living in a land locked nation.

    Additionally, the country is one of the LEAST developed in south Africa, so that being said, what kind of life does this child really have? It cannot be good at all.

    There is no question in my mind whatsoever, this child was cheated out of the chance to have a better life. I hope Madonna does not give up, because it is possible to still save this child.

    We can’t save every single child in the world unfortunately, but one more is one more, and a life is a life, and especially in light of this being a child….makes it all the more important.

    I would like to see more wealthy people trying to build schools, clinics, educational facilities and enriching the lives of the less fortunate…who can argue with logic like that? You can’t.

    The only one that won in this situation were the courts who may have effectively signed the death warrant of this little girl by keeping her in one of the poorest countries in the world, how sad.

  17. fee says

    I’m just going to say this: I am REALLY glad I am nowhere around Madonna right now. She is most likely having fits and convulsions.

  18. Bella says

    maybe she was denied bc the child she was trying to adopt isnt really an orphan fro goodness sakes!

  19. Cindy says

    I should really stop expecting people to see the obvious here and be more clear in my comments. Of course money needs to play a big factor and it be required that there is a sufficient amount to provide well for the child.. I was refering to a person with amounts way beyond that, as Madonna would have, and it being able to cancel out their emotional short-comings; which in my opinion are as important as food on the table. If they really want to adopt this child out, I am sure there are a lot of middle class couples with a lot more scruples than Madonna who would absolutely love to adopt little Mercy James.

  20. Kelli says

    Of course money plays a huge factor. So much of raising a child has to do with available resources. And the opportunities available to this person after being adopted by a multimillionaire is astounding. So we’d rather she starve until she is r*ped at the age of 12 and married at the age of 14 than be another of Madonna’s brood? Are you kidding? So what if Madonna is 50, how old do you figure the grandmother is?

  21. Cindy says

    It is just so wrong that they will bend the rules of adoption just because someone has money. As Cheetah pointed out, anyone in the same situation as Madonna (minus the money) would not be considered. I am not saying this little girl would not be better off, I really don’t know with all the contradicting stories out there, but money should not play such a huge factor in the decision process.

  22. cheetah says

    You dont get it right!? Its not about this one girl. Its about stars thinking they can buy kids as if they are fashion toys. Madonna is already pas 50, she has no stable home, she is divorced more then once, and travels a lot.

    Any other person would be denied to!

    They did it right. Yes, they had to sacrifice this girls future to make a statement.

  23. oriana says

    The courts over there are stupid! This little girl will be deprived, let’s see if the grandmother takes her to raise.

  24. sue says

    Yes, what a “win” for child protection! Yes, now this little girl’s life will be so much better. The big, bad Madonna who would have provided her with a wonderful life is now not going to be able to “get her”. They should be so proud.

  25. Just Me says

    I guess I don’t understand why she was able to adopt David so quickly but not the little girl … unless something fishy was going on?
    Not a fan of Madonna but her kids do always look happy.

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