Jamie Oliver & Wife Welcome Their Third Daughter, Petal Blossom Rainbow!


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools welcomed their third child early this morning in London, his rep has confirmed.

Petal Blossom Rainbow was born at 2:46 a.m. at the Portland Hospital and weighed in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces.

“She and Jools are doing well,” his rep shared.

Oliver posted updates and hospital photos on Twitter right after the birth.

“She’s so cute,” he wrote, adding that her name “goes well” with their two daughters, Poppy Honey, 6, and Daisy Boo, 5.

“The Olivers would like to thank midwives Linda Ordish and Elaine Porter and also obstetrician William Dennis for their wonderful help and support,” his rep said. “Jamie and Jools are both completely smitten with Petal already and Jamie is looking forward to two weeks paternity leave to spend time with his four beautiful girls.”

The couple — who have been married for eight years — didn’t know the baby’s sex beforehand.

“Jamie would prefer a boy if pushed but whatever appears in April, they will be delighted,” a pal told the Daily Mail last fall.

What an awesome name!


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  1. kara says

    i think everyone here realises that we all have the right to name our children whatever we want..that doesnt mean we have to like the names that other people choose for their kids?

  2. R says

    So pleased they have yet another daughter!

    I am one of those people who believes people can name their kids what they want to, it is nobody elses business. Sure, she can change her name when she is older. But I doubt she’d want to. It is after all, her name!

    Rainbow isn’t so bad. If anyone is familiar with the Phoenix family (River, Joaquin, etc). There sister was named Rainbow for her FIRST name!! I think earthy names are sweet.

  3. Lorna says

    Oh dear. I am sure in a radio interview, Jamie stated that he HAD to have a boy and did certain positions and wore a cold nappy to make sure it was a boy. I wonder if they will keep going until she has a boy?

  4. Adele (UK) says

    My daughter’s have boys names but spelled differently to look feminine, That is all I am saying as I do not want my daughter’s names branded as disgusting if no one likes them.

  5. Accalia says

    Who cares what you guys think? Its not your child. Congrats on their baby! Wow, another girl, and I love the name Petal. Goes lovely with Daisy and Poppy.

  6. Vix, UK says

    Most of these responses are just typical of what I’ve come to expect from the people who post on this site, small minded and nasty! I think Petal is a lovely name, it is often used as a term of endearement here in the UK. Poppy, Daisy & Petal sound fine together! How often are middle names used anyway?! & I’m quite sure her name won’t affect her future careers! Get a life people!

  7. SbK says

    Aren’t they a bit late for April fools day?? First names of the kids are nice but the middle names are taking the pee. Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver. That’s a whole lot of magnetic letters on the fridge!!

  8. carleigh says

    I am glad they have a healthy baby, but the names of their children remind me of feminine hygiene products…just so douchy, sorry.

  9. Cindy says

    Adele, what are your childrens names? I am sure they aren’t too bad, can’t possibly be worse than ones you see here. Tell us 🙂

  10. ali says

    #21 – why would i care what others thought of my kids names? im not calling petal herself disgusting, im just saying i really dislike her name..theres nothing wrong with that. i have a fairly common name – alison – yet to some that could be disgusting which is fine and doesnt bother me whatsoever.

  11. Adele (UK) says

    Congratulations to them both 🙂 🙂

    I’m not fussed of the name but she is their baby & they can name her whatever they want. Their children’s names go well together.

    Those who say the name is disgusting, what if someone said that about your child’s name?? My daughters have unusual names, not many people like them, but they are my daughters & I name them how I please.

  12. Annie says

    Nicole, I believe Jools’ real name is Juliette, that’s not that bad, is it?
    I really think their names are cute. I really like Poppy, Daisy, and Petal (their middle names are not for me but whatsoever).
    Plus, I don’t think your name should influence your job options.

  13. Cindy says

    It’s true, the middle names are what ruins it all. The first names are actually kind of cute and unique…

  14. L.Lodhi says

    Congratulations to them .
    All the kids first names are ok but they’ve made them sound stupid but putting rediculous second names with them. Its all good when the girls are little as they can carry of cutey names but what happens if any of these kids get high authority jobs? people arent going to take them seriously. I mean who would want a lawyer representing them called Petal rainbow ….. watever it was!

  15. nicole in paris says

    well what do you expect from someone named ‘Jools’… that is the most hideous name of all. All I can think is
    ‘Drools’ or ‘Fools’ or ‘jowl’ anyway it is a gross name.

    Any name is better than Jools

  16. Gbaby says

    whats this, the care bear movie? my little pony? are we playing polly pocket? or is it cabbage patch kids?

  17. ali says

    the names poppy and daisy arnt bad they just sound stupid with the middle names and also the whole flower theme is pretty lame..petal blossom rainbow is disgusting! no one will ever be able to take her seriously in the workforce, “hi im petal and i swear im not like every other celebrity kid”..petal doesnt even sound nice people just think it does because of the whole nice flower connotation..plus its a pet name ie; my family used to call my sister petal when she was younger but its not her real name!

  18. Bella says

    I actually think “Petal” is a cute first name but with Blossom Rainbow attatched its too much

  19. Paty says

    Why people can’t give normal names to the babies anymore?
    We need a law about that urgent , people will not be allow to give weird names to the kids,they need think about the future when the kids go to school etc…
    I think Hollywood have a contest who give the most horrible name to their kids.

  20. Faith, Hope, and Love says

    Congrats to the Oliver Family on the birth of another healthy baby girl! Her name is different, that’s for sure. But, like they said, it definitely “goes well” with the other girls. To each their own…

  21. aubrey lillian says

    Petal blossom rainbow sound like the name for my little pony. Whatever happens to names like Madison or Kayla petal blossom rainbow is the worst of celebrity names and I thought zuma netsa rock was awful

  22. aubrey lillian says

    Wow….three girls! Congratulations to them…..still not really too fond of any of their daughters names!

  23. Darcey says

    I love the names that Jools and Jamie come up with! I will have to admit I would love the name more without the Rainbow, if the babies name was just Petal Blossom. I couldnt wait to see what they were going to name their new baby. They didn’t dissapoint.

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