Katie Holmes Takes Suri To A Dance Studio


Katie was snapped taking Suri to a dance studio in Pacific Palisades.

Splash News Online


  1. Marie says

    I wish Kate would dress that child in better outfits!! She always looks like a hobo. There are so many cute clothes for little girls yet she’s always with the most unattractive dresses.

  2. ???? says

    maybe she’s hiding any kissmarks around her neck,that is why she wears this scarf,ever think of that,anyone?

  3. Miapocca says

    there are summer scarfs and winter scarfs…Kathy is wearing a thick one that someone would wear in winter.
    Also this is a trend, she dresses warm for cold weather and suri dresses for warm weather even in NY….

    Each parent can dress their children as they like, but most NORMAL parents I know would rather double up on clothing in cold weather than no shoes or no coat on a chilly day in NY….she is surely a different mother..

  4. oriana says

    Seems like all the celebs are wearing scarves these days, whether the weather is Hot or Cold.

  5. Lola says

    If she was photograped with a nanny then all we would hear is how bad that was and what terrible parents they were. Some celebrities just will never be able to win.

  6. scarlet says

    Poor Suri always dragged around like a puppet. It is sad. You would think it would be a wiser decision to have the child taken places with a nanny. Suri most likely is a shy child due to her parents stringing her along like a rag doll…

  7. Renee says

    They are in California, Suri is probably appropriately dressed and Katy is probably sweating in that scarf.

  8. says

    why does eveyone have to pick on suri shes only 2 geez maybe suri loves dresses shes a girly girl and why is everyone upsessed with shiloh when suris is beyond cuter shiloh always has a dumb look on her face

  9. Trisha says

    My daughter, who is five, takes ballet and never once has she gone to class without tights and her leotard on. Very odd with the whole short dress thing going on.

  10. kim says

    Yes that ring is the engagement ring. I often wonder why it’s on her right hand and never her left.

  11. joueala says

    yeah..haha..very observant eyes you have, aimee..is that ring on katie’s finger her engagement ring from tom??

  12. Aimee says

    I think Suri is so cute! Why is mom dressed for cold weather and Suri is wearing something that indicates summer? How awful…don’t Katie know how to dress her daughter?

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