Alex Curran & Daughters Enjoy A Spot Of Shopping


The stunning Alex Curran, 26, was snapped taking her little girls, Lilly-Ella, 5, and Lexie, 2, to the popular fashion boutique ‘Cricket’ after school to pick up a few things ahead of Ladies day at Aintree racecourse.  

Alex is often referred to as an “über-WAG.” She is married to soccer star Steven Gerrard.

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  1. RachieUK says

    If you have the money, you may as well spend it, and she’s deifnately doing that! I just feel that the whole ‘WAG’ ideal is not a great role model for anyone, and the fact that her perfume sold so well at xmas is the perfect demonstration of how people are becoming so materialistic now, and I don’t think it’s healthy.

  2. says

    Alot Of People On Here Are So Negative!
    People Just Accuse This Alex Girl of Doing Nothing All Day.Well I think You Are Silly For Saying That. Alex Is A Full Time Mum, She looks After her 2 Daughters, She is Just A Normal Mum really, Drives them To School and Picks them up etc… (There Are Pics For Evidence of this) They dont have some Nanny that does that for them unlike most celebs out there. Also considering Her Husband Travels All Over England & Europe Every Other Week With the Football Team shes looking after the 2 girls on her own alot. So Why Should She Work When She Doesnt Need To At The Moment, Before She Had Lilly & Lexie She Worked Full-Time as a Nail Technician But quit work when she fell pregnant.
    So Maybe Some People Should give her a break, always saying she spends her husbands money.
    Yes, im sure she spends some of Steven’s Money like Every other couple but dont forget the money She earns herself that help bring money in, Obvioulsy being maried to stevie got her these jobs but its not stevie writing the Magazine Fashion Columns, Designing New Perfume (which was one of the Best Sellers at Christmas) and its not him Modelling In The Magazine Shoots she does every other month or so.
    So Come on, That has earnt her quite a bit so when Alex buys a £10 from Primark Or £1000 from Cricket Maybe, Just Maybe that Money ahs come from her own work.
    Also if she took up them TV offers for her own MTV fashion show & countless other offers she would have alot more money but as she already explained she is shy and Couldnt be away from her kids all the time as filming was in London.

  3. PPawlow says

    Let me get this straight… She should get a job she doesn’t need, thereby taking a job from someone who does, just to make you all happy? Big L and Teeny-Tiny violin.

    And if her hubby doesn’t mind her spending, why should you?

  4. RachieUK says

    hahahaha dont be so moany bella! the whole point of this website is for people to comment on photos, and i am allowed my opinion just as you are. so how do i know she does nothing but shop?…probably because she is a WAG who is featured in every magazine holding shopping bags, who lives of her husbands money and doesnt have a job, and just to continue the celebrity tradition brings out a ‘perfume’. and yes, where im from people who persistenly use fake tan and wear oversized glasses are mostly considered superficial. so there you go, ill remember to explain myself just for you next time i wish to make a comment on this website bella!

  5. Cindy says

    Bella, you are right. I should not have made fun of her feet…hahaha Yes, most certainly I have been tan (feet and all), at a mall, wearing sunglasses. We are just nasty here…

  6. Bella says

    and just because someone is tan doesnt mean they’re superficial. you are all rude…and i bet most of you have been tan at a mall wearing sunglasses before.

  7. Bella says

    How exactly do u know that she does nothing besides shop? I really can’t stand when people pass judgements on people they have never even met. Don’t sit there making comments about people u dont even know && then think you’re actually any better than her.

  8. RachieUK says

    spray tans dont cause cancer, sunbeds do! but i agree she isnt really setting a good example for her kids considering she doesnt do anything apart from spend her days shopping.

  9. says

    It’s good to see one celebrity that isn’t naming their kid something totally crazy and random like Apple, Suri, Sunday or Hermes. The names Lilly Ella and Lexie are fantastic!

  10. says

    The little kids are cute! Mum is not setting a good example for the girls by getting a cancer-causing spray tan. And if she does get tanned, she might want to make sure her feet are as tan as her face. The kids are adorable, but I don’t believe in making kids match. I think they should just color coordinate so you can find them better.

  11. Adele (UK) says

    I support her husbands football team (Liverpool Football Club) but all she is is the wife of Steven Gerrard. She is only famous for spending alot of money shopping.

    WAG is not a cool title to be known as!!

  12. ice says

    Please Web Mistress. You act like being labelled uber WAG is a good thing. It just means you have no job, leech off your husband’s fame and fortune, do nothing but dress up and pretend to be a socialite all day.

    Look at her: bleach blonde, spray tan, big sunglasses designer handbag. she fits all the prototype!

  13. SbK says

    She is from the UK, she is married to a football player. She has done the usual WAG stuff like bringing out a perfume etc. Not sure what else she has done. Not much probably!


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