The Peekaru!


What a funny invention! It is sort of cute I guess! It is called a Peekaru and it is a baby carrier cover. It retails for 79.95 plus shipping and tax.

Would you wear this over your Baby Bjorn?


  1. says

    NOOOOOOOOO it’s just wrong looking on every level. Not even funny. Yes you would get a lot of attention but who wants people giving you and baby those type of stares? You would have to pay out serious money in later life for your child to have therapy.

  2. joe says

    check out the website before you make too quick of a judgment. this is one view, there are plenty of other ways to wear it.

  3. Veronica says

    I think it is hysterical!!! If it wasn’t so expensive I would get one, just because it is so funny!! If only I saw this before Halloween last year!

  4. Kim says

    Haha that is the dumbest thing i have ever seen. I had twins, does it come in twin??? Haha, i think if you wore that you would get laughed at. Who invents these things????

  5. Kat says

    That is very cute and I’m sure baby would get a lot of attention lol but I think people would laugh and stare! I don’t think I’d wear that, unless perhaps I was going on a really remote walk where baby would get cold!

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