Katie Holmes & Suri Visit The American Girl Place


Katie and Suri were snapped slipping out the back door of the American Girl Place store at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles.

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  1. says

    Qualcuno mi sa spiegare come mai la mamma ha il cappello e il maglione di lana mentre la piccola ha un vestitino in maniche corte?!!

  2. josh says

    Slippers are better than a milk bottle.To carry her own slippers are better than carrying her blanket,but much better if Suri is walking than being carried.She is getting bigger every minute of the day.Though,it is also understandable due to the fact that they are being followed all the time.

  3. ajinomotto says

    wow,she is eating /chewing her slippers.It is about time she gets something dirty.
    people her are so clean,that if they get closer to dirt,they are not immune,that they get sick right away.
    if a person is immune to a little of nature,they will not get sick that often,believe me.
    everyone knows that cleanliness is next to godliness,but then if this person is also too,too sick,how can he/she be next to godliness.just think about it.i know some are already typing their contrary remarks but so be it.

  4. concern individual says

    why do people have to blame eveything on Tom?she said it herself that she makes her own whatever.If people don’t blame it on someone,they seem to blame it on something,mmmm like their belief for instance.If these people seem to live unpredictably,why others have to be bothered by?For my own observation,pictures,tv appearances or not,I think,she is doing remarkably wonderful to raising her own child;she does not leave the baby to babysitter,nor her inlaws,unless it is very important occations.the way how they dress,well that’s their business.My point is,if people hate them so much,or rather say,dislike them so,why then that they know so much about their living?

  5. Stephanie says

    Well they are here in Southern CA..

    Suri is dressed perfect for the weather.. where as Katie is not.

    The weather here has been mid-high 70s. And I believe when this picture was taken it was about 75. So Suri is dressed fine.

  6. Anne says

    Katie needs time to herself and some hobbies and Suri should be in daycare. She seemed to have lost her youth once she married Tom and had Suri.

  7. ? says

    I’m sick of this kid and her coatless self. Her mother is bundled up and she never wears a coat, just that blanket.

  8. carleigh says

    I noticed that Suri appears to be snacking on a shoe…which is totally disgusting, WTH!!!!!!!!!! She should be old enough to know not to stick filthy things in her mouth. I have nothing positive to say about Katie because these days she hardly looks like she bathes, puts on clean clothes or picks up a hairbrush, her style or lack thereof, is beginning to remind me of one of the Oleson twins.

  9. babyrazzi junkie says

    i can’t believe no one’s commented on it so far…. notice katie’s wearing a hat and sweater and suri is wearing a short sleeved outfit with a blanket wrapped around her.

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