Kelly Rutherford Is A Green Mom!


I think Kelly Rutherford, 40, is impossibly gorgeous and classy! I tune into Gossip Girl because of her! Her son, Hermes, is 2 and she is expecting her second child, a daughter, in June. She was recently featured in a fabulous new magazine called Positively Green in which she discussed how she keeps herself and her family healthy while also helping the environment. Below is an excerpt:

Any mother will tell you that the arrival of her first child changed her life. And one of the main changes new moms make is to go green. While Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford was already somewhat green, the arrival of her son, Hermes, inspired her to kick things up a notch.

“I grew up in Newport Beach and New York and my mom always shopped at health food stores. We were allowed to have one box of cookies each week and we ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables,” says Kelly. This commitment to healthy eating is Kelly’s eco-foundation. “Lots of people will choose a more healthy diet in order to lose weight, but people should really be choosing to eat better for health reasons.”

Like so many women, Kelly’s preference for organic foods is twofold. First is her concern for the pesticides and insecticides that infiltrate and pollute our soil and water. Second is her wariness regarding the pesticides and preservatives that are in so much processed food. “As children, we’re born with healthy bodies and with so many diseases affecting people of all ages, we have to look at not just how to cure these diseases, but more importantly, we need to discover what is causing them.”

Kelly isn’t taking any chances with her 2 year old son, Hermes. “I was already eating well, recycling and doing my part to conserve, but when I became pregnant, my goal was to keep my body and my pregnancy as natural as possible. I stopped polishing my nails. I stopped wearing heels and I started just highlighting my hair. I also changed what I was eating to include more foods rich in iron, nutrients and minerals. We were already using products from Ecover and Seventh Generation so we weren’t introducing VOCs into our home when we cleaned.

When Hermes started eating solid food, Kelly and her husband Daniel would usually buy organic fruits and vegetables and puree everything for him. “When we couldn’t make his food, we also fed him Homemade Baby, Plum, and Tasty Baby,” says Kelly.


Around this time, Kelly and Daniel decided to remodel their Los Angeles home. They realized that this was the perfect opportunity to make their home more eco-friendly so they chose to use denim insulation, water filtration systems, no-VOC paints and high efficiency systems to reduce their home’s carbon footprint. In making decorating selections, Kelly has consistently chosen organic cotton mattresses, sheets and towels.

“We do what we can. We always take our own bags to stores and whenever we go to restaurants we either bring our own containers for leftovers, or we choose restaurants that have biodegradable to-go-boxes. We also have a Prius that we love.”

Kelly adds, “It’s all about awareness. If you don’t know why a product is bad and you don’t know what alternative is good, you can’t make the right choice. The more aware we become, the more we are able to make better choices. And even then, the reality is that it’s impossible to be perfect but without that first awareness, there’s no chance to progress.”

“Having moved so much lately, we’re taking a harder look at our “stuff” and asking, ‘Do we really need this?’ In addition to purchasing from responsible companies. we’ve worked on simply reducing our consumption,” says Kelly. But if companies aren’t making better products, consumers can’t buy them.

“I’d really love to see bio-degradable hair care products. We have a septic system so we’re cautious about the products that enter it and it’s hard to find some personal products. A lot of the time, I’ll just use organic baby products like California Baby Sunscreen and Dr. Hauschka’s bath and body lotions for babies for myself.” And when Kelly needs to be a style icon? “I love what eco-designers like Stella McCartney are doing. They’re proving that you can be green without sacrificing style.”

With every $14 subscription to Positively Green, $2 will be donated to the eco-charity of your choice!



  1. Kay says

    I’m all for looking and dressing nicely but the photo of her and her son cooking is over the top unrealistic! Who cooks with jewelry like that on?

  2. Accalia says

    I dont know much about her but her son is adorable and no matter if these shots are for a photo shot, he obviously loves his mommy!

  3. Just Me says

    Youre right, Catsue, I should have said her beauty is “classic” not classy. I can’t really say I am a fan of hers or anything after stuff that’s came out in the past year or so.
    Nicole in Paris, I don’t think its very classy the way she was mud-slinging with her husband when they first seperated. I’m glad they both changed their tunes and are at least getting along for the kids.

  4. nicole in paris says

    Regardless of her toes or her outfit, that kid is looking at his mommy with so much love – that can’t be bought or photoshopped.

    And as far as her relationship issues – well, she stayed with Carlos until he was better and then left… but for all we know (like it’s our business) they were having problems from the beginning.

    As for #2 – because she is a classy lady she isn’t exposing her ex’s negative attributes to make herself look better – usually when it’s just so bad, it is easier to say nothing. I doubt any one would want to leave a marriage without good reason.

    Just because she choses not to explain her reason for leaving, doesn’t mean it’s not a good one.

    Obviously, I adore her and think she is an amazing actress.

  5. Wow! says

    I love the second picture. The first one is too fake, why people would pose dressed up while baking cookies? You don’t usually find a nice dress and your jewelery and start baking, I don’t know…

  6. Catsue says

    Classy? Many of you might not know about her first husband Carlos. She married him and weeks later he collapsed in the shower. Doctors found he had a serious heart condition. As soon as she heard this, she left home and filed for divorce (while she was on the cover of Instyle Weddings magazine and on TV). Her husband was completely shocked and heart broken. Supposedly he died years later. So now she leaves her 2nd husband right after she gets pregnant. Again- this husband was in dis-belief as well. Definitely NOT classy!!!

  7. nikki says

    sorry but her toes are disgusting lol they’re spread out all weird and creepy, not that I love my toes, not that toes in general are attractive but…I saw the pic and immediately thought she had creepy toes

  8. says

    She’ll probably have the baby early. I don’t know why I am saying this. I love how she is a green mom. I just hope that she can manage being sepearted from her husband with two young kids.

  9. Just Me says

    She is beautiful and classy. I know these are posed photos, but they kind of remind me of the Trumps where they’re always over-dressed, especially the kid. Sorry.

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