Brooke Burke & Family At The Kid's Choice Awards & Her Latest Blog Entry


(In the above pic Brooke, 37, was snapped with David Charvet and daughters Neriah, 9, Sierra, 6, and Heaven Rain, 2, at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards. Their son, Shaya, 1, did not join them.)

Below is Brooke’s latest blog entry:

“A Mother’s Work is Never Done!”
March 27th, 2009

I am in my office and Shaya is asleep in his stroller next to me.  I just finished my usual Pilates class, which I have been taking him to.  Lately I have been so busy being pulled in a million directions that I am trying to squeeze in my baby moments.  Isn’t that the ongoing challenge of motherhood?  Not to mention the guilt that goes along with the fact that there are not enough hours in the day for everyone’s needs.
I am always hesitant about how personal to get in my blogs. I know that they end up circulating all over the internet, but I feel obligated to share my truth and real life experiences.  Besides, today I need to vent!
Here is a typical morning in my house, and this is only the beginning of my usual hectic schedule:

No need for an alarm in the morning, baby is up fussing for milk. Our two year old needs to go potty and my eyes are fighting the sunlight. My back hurts form being sandwiched in between two babies that are not yet sleeping through the night (on my side of the bed btw).  I wake up my older kids for school and hurry downstairs to get breakfast ready and make it out the door in time to beat rush hour. Thank God I made lunches last night, and I have a 30 minute drive for the kids to finish eating breakfast. Quick glance at the school calendar to make sure I have not missed anything; I have 5 minutes for myself to throw hair in a ponytail, sweats and flip flops on and grab my shades to hide the restless nights bags under my eyes. I yell for everyone to get in the car, bus is leaving!!!  Oh yeah, my COFFEE!  On some days, it’s not that bad but on most before I’ve had my morning coffee, everything is tough.  Mornings are all about the kids.
Anyone relate to that?!  Its 10:44 am, I have dropped off Neriah and Sierra at school, worked out with Shaya, wrote an article for my new internet project while he slept, had my 2nd latte, and I’m only getting started.
A mother’s work is never done…

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  1. ssss says

    unplanned pregnancy…hahahah. don’t all four of these kids have different dads. Nothing unplanned about that.

    this article should not refer to these girls in the sense that they are both the boyfriend and the mom’s. i think his sperm just created the one not in the picture.

    she’s just as bad as a man whore.

  2. Accalia says

    This family is beautiful. I loved Brooke on dancing with the stars. Her daughters are very pretty, and her son is adorable.

  3. destiny says

    #11 – Those “heels” are called character shoes and they are worn by dancers. Perhaps the reason this girl is wearing them is that she takes dance classes and it is a requirement.

    So what you’re saying is that woman who acquire a child from an unplanned pregnancy have every reason to complain about their children? Ever heard of adoption?

  4. nadya suleman says

    naicole no ,I am not Nadya suleman …But I wish I were.
    By now I would have became famous and also rich :0

  5. M says

    Call me old fashion but i hate little girls wearing heels. And ‘Destiny’ have you ever heard of unplanned pregnancys, they do happen

  6. Wow! says

    At least a honest celeb! Usually looks like they have puppets and not real kids! But the nannies help a lot at the celebs homes. But this one seem pretty real with the kids… Hey it’s wonderful to have kids but of course hard! We all complain once in a while!

  7. destiny says

    I don’t understand why women have a lot of children and then complain about all the hardships associated with raising them. Stop complaining or don’t have children!

  8. says

    I am glad to see her at the KCAs. I am also glad that she manages to keep her blog updated a lot. And is #4 rea;;y Nadya Suleman?

  9. anonymous says

    I’ve read her Twitter page several times. She keeps it pretty real with all the of kid’s stuff she deals with (like all moms) – school, b-day parties, kids not sleeping through the night, etc.

    She seems pretty down to earth.

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