Gwen Stefani & Family Enjoy An Afternoon At Coldwater Canyon Park


Gwen, 39, and Gavin were snapped with Kingston, 2, and Zuma, 7-months-old, at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. What a gorgeous family!

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  1. Gbaby says

    kingston looks identical to dad but the mini version and it looks like zumas gonna be looking just like mini-mom!

  2. pookie-wookie says

    i absolutely adore this family.

    there’s one good thing about the paparzzi, they take great pictures. i would love to such great pics of my kids in the swing.

  3. Bella says

    howd she get them both in the same swing at the same time. lol? they must be skinny little things!

  4. MiracleMileMom says

    Coldwater Canyon Park is easily accessilbe – but it’s right in the middle of a big residential area in Beverly Hills – it’s a bit of a drive from where us “normal” people live, lol!

    I actually saw Gwen and Kingston a couple weekends ago at Grifith Park. We were right behind them on the train ride. I actually recognized Kingston before I did his mom!! It was pretty busy that day and NO ONE seemed to notice them, or if they did, they just left them alone.

  5. Lurker says

    I love this family too..and my first question was just like others have posted..can only celebs go to this park?
    I don’t know anything about Coldwater Canyon Park OR Los Angeles, but if it’s open to the public I’m surprised how easily they can play around there. I just think it would be some kind of hotbed for fans to “stalk” them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s GREAT that they can go out on their own and let themselves and their kids live a (somewhat) normal life.
    And Gwen and Gavin and those boys never really seem to let it show if they’re annoyed with all the paparazzi. I think that’s part of why I like them; they always seem to only let show a normal, happy family..which is all I can wish on these celebrities.

    And of course, they all look gorgeous! :o)

  6. ... says

    Aww,so cute.
    Is Coldwater Canyon Park the only Park in L.A.?Seems that all celebritys are regulars there 😉

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