Jennifer Garner All Smiles As She Picks Up Violet From School


Jennifer was all smiles as she picked up Violet from her preschool in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon.

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  1. Dnice says

    1. I agree with the general consensus that we are over these same old tired pics.
    2. Plenty of people let their kids pick their own clothes, hell I have a 4 year old nephew who insists on it. It teaches them independence and is a tool in letting them create their own identity. The kid is 3 who really gives a damn if she doesn’t match. Half the clothes are going to be stained at the end of the day anyway.
    3. Not all kids are going to be cute. It’s life people. It’s not a crime to call a kid ugly – Although I think Violet is a cutie.
    4. Where is Seraphina already?

  2. Cindy says

    I also wanted to point out that what matters most is she is a happy child. There is no denying that this is one happy, well-adjusted little girl. Her parents have done a good job. I feel sorry for poor little Suri, always hiding her face and unhappy…

    …and Sue, you did go a little crazy…my goodness, the way people attack eachother here.

  3. ? says

    Sue – I didn’t tell people to get their heads out of their asses, I said it to YOU. If you look around, other posters agree with me. This is a website for posting comments. One of my comments was that she wasn’t cute b/c of her ears and teeth. That’s my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opionions; it’s not like little Violet is going to read what I wrote about her. How is that insulting her? She can’t read! I don’t know what crawled up your stink hole, but you better take a chill pill.

  4. Cindy says

    Geez, I don’t see wha’t the big deal is. If you don’t like looking at these photos, it’s a simple matter to just keep scrolling past them. Certainly don’t take the time to click and comment, as Niloofar pointed out. People are acting like it actually hurts to look at these photo. I don’t get it.

    As far as matching her clothes, again I don’t see the big deal. There could be so many reasons for it and who cares. However, when teaching my child to dress I did include the concept of matching colours…

  5. Niloofar says

    If you guys are sick of seeing their pics, please don’t leave a comment and if some of you love their daily pics can leave a comment and tell this point!
    I myself hate to hear this old and boring news everyday and I didn’t post comments about them in previous news of them, but this time I had to do to just tell this point!

  6. Bella says

    I hate to be stuck up, but honestly…her clothes mis-match alot of the time, not just after preschool. At the park, walking down the street with her parents….most of the time she’s a little bit messy and the outfits don’t seem well thought out. Not that it matters….but i’m just saying….it’s NOT just because she had to change at school. we see it with this child all the time, in various settings.

  7. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Yes like painting and on the preschool handbook they tell
    the parents to bring extra clothing my nephew brings a extra set …

  8. Jill says

    And #36…I see that you’re just trying to stick up for Violet, but don’t you think you’ve gone a little extreme to make your case?

  9. Jill says

    #7……I really, really, really am not trying to be rude. But just so you know…

    @ means “at”


    & means “and” .

    in the beginning of your post number 7, i believe you meant to use & instead of @ .

    Please, please, please don’t think I’m trying to be rude or snobby because I’m not. I am just kind of a stickler for stuff like that, I don’t know why. You probably know the difference and i’m sure it was just a typo anyways, i’m just weird, lol.

  10. sue says

    You are trashing how a child looks and you dare insult others?? Only a extremely pathetic, worthless and self-hating person can rag on how a child dresses and trash how their ears and teeth look. You say, “She just turned 3” but in the same post you SLAM a 3 year old and you want others to “get their heads out of their *sses?? The only person who is sick and twisted and out of touch with reality is you. You are a sick person. And again you demonstrate how much you do not know anything about parenting or children. If you are this clueless and cruel and you are not 12 years old, then you have SERIOUS mental issues. Yes, parents let, imagine this concept, their 4, 3, 2 year olds dress themselves!! Yes, they do! It fosters a concept called independence. Only parents and ilk like yourself do not understand the importance of this concept. It is not about “oh, she is not matching” or “I am not letting her wear that” but about “She is gaining a sense of self and she feels good that she is dressing herself like a big girl and mommy likes what I picked out”. You, and I pray that you do not, should never have kids. I can only imagine how you would smash their joy when they dress themselves for the first time and you tear them down and trash them.

  11. ? says

    Sue, you’re a moron. She’s not 4 so take your head out of your ass. She just turned 3 and most parents don’t let their 3 year olds pick and choose their own clothes. And Allie Catherine, yeah there are braces that can fix teeth but I’m talking about what she looks like right now. And with a huge gap in her teeth and large protruding ears, she is NOT cute. People think because they’re offspring of stars that they have to be cute and that’s certainly not the case.

  12. cheetah says

    For those complaining at the clothes. Jen is holing a pair of jeans in her hands. So its not to weird to think that violet may have spilled her drink, or wet her pants.

    You guys are absolute morons to talk about a 3 year old like that. Obviously you dont have kids, or you are never arround your own kids to know whats it is like to have a 3 year old.

    Go on making yourself feel good by trashing a little kid. Good job! I hope you sleep good at night.

  13. samsmom says

    Did anyone ever consider that maybe Violet does not match because she has some sort of “accident” at preschool? It does happen at this age! Anyway, it does not matter, she is not going to a fashion show. She is four for crying out loud. And who cares if she is not the most beautiful child in the world, that does not make her less valuable. I think she is a cutie, but she is a child and it is just plain wrong to pick on a child’s looks. Some people need to grow up already, this isn’t high school anymore!

  14. Catsue says

    STOP POSTING THESE DAILY VIOLET PICK-UP FROM SCHOOL PHOTOS! Dear God- these is unbelivable how lame these daily postings are. Stop harrassing Violet and Jen at school!!!!

    Stop stop stop stop stop stop!!!!!

  15. mslewis says

    I think this photographer is one lazy human being!!! All he has to do is show up in the morning, take a pic; show up in the afternoon, take a pic; sell them to baby blogs and earn enough for his monthly rent!!! Easy job!! These pics probably don’t sell for more than a couple hundred each, I’m sure, but every little bit helps!! Especially if you’re a lazy photographer.

  16. says

    Stop calling Violet bad names! She’s not a “homely little girl”, she is gorgeous! There are also these things called, um, BRACES that will fix her teeth someday. When her baby teeth fall out she will have beautiful grown-up teeth. Maybe Violet doesn’t match because her mother actually lets her pick her own clothes. Preschoolers are just starting to make their own choices and I think it’s good that Jen is letting Violet have a say in her wardrobe unlike Suri Cruise. The big picture is that Violet is happy and that’s what counts. I don’t care if y’all don’t like pictures of Violet getting picked up from school. I love them, and I love Violet’s smiling face so keep them coming!

  17. Kat says

    Hellosandie, the paps don’t photograph for their obsession lol they get money for these snaps! Who wouldn’t do something so simple for money.

  18. says

    I have a suggestion for the paps —– why don’t they get celebrity baby pics that one SELDOM SEES and perhaps are a little more challenging to come by; for example: lets see some recent pics of JLO and Marc Anthony’s twins (hell…i’ll settle for pics of just 1 twin at this point !!!)

  19. hellosandie says

    I agree…it’s an unhealthy obsession papping this mother collecting her chikd from school on an almost daily basis…plain wierd! It’s nice to see them once in a while but this constabt barrage is causing a backlash making people dislike them!

  20. SbK says

    Well said sue, just what I was thinking! I let my daughter choose her own clothes at the weekends and sometimes she comes out of her room wearing all sorts of mis matching stuff but I love that because she has chosen it herself! I love this family, and Violet is a gorgeous girl. And as for #19 saying about her ‘gap toothed smile’ I think you will find that as children grow (and their gums I might add) their baby teeth do spread out, it is normal. At least violet is smiling and happy

  21. sue says

    Speaking of annoying, how about losers who actually complain about the stylings of a 4 year old child! “Oh, she does not match!” She is a 4 year old child you moron! Maybe she picks her own clothes to wear because she is asserting her independence! Have you even been around a child before! I am sorry that she did not pick out an outfit that matches your adult standards and sensibilities. Hopefully, at school, in-between learning how to color and tie her shoes, she learns how to dress like she should be on Vogue!

  22. Kristeena Maria says

    I completely agree with 19–?. I have absolutely no idea what she wears. This is not the first picture of her not matching. It bugs me to no end. And, sorry to say, but I also agree with you about her not being cute. She is a very homely little girl…I guess when you have celebrities for parents no one cares. And… this the only “quality” time they have with her because it seems that the paps are only taking pictures of this. Crazy… many moms do it all over the world, but who cares, they are just average parents……. LAME : /

  23. ? says

    This kid is not that cute. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about her. She’s got protruding ears and a gap toothed smile plus her clothes don’t match – green pants, pink shirt, red socks and blue shoes. Are you serious?

  24. suki says

    Changing lanes now, not at all interested in this yet again. Here in the UK paps spend all day trying to get a photo, come on guys, earn your money!!

  25. aubrey lillian says

    How many pictures do we have to see of violet getting picked up from school? She either getting picked up by jennnifer ben or her nanny. It’s getting lame now.

  26. nnm2 says

    Does that photog not have anything else to shoot? Poor kid, she can’t even be picked up from school w/ out being stalked. Stop posting these shots!!!!!

  27. bj's mom says

    I agree…enough. We see a pic of Violet getting picked up every other day at least. And like #10 said…we all do it. I think Jen and Ben seem like great parents and Violet is very cute, but it’s seriously getting old.

  28. anonymous says

    This is the same thing millions of moms do everyday – pick their babies up from school.

    OK, we get it. God, do these paps just sleep outside the school everyday or what??!

  29. says

    Okay…Violet comes home from school every day and Jen or Ben or nanny picks her up. WE DON’T NEED TO SEE PICTURES OF IT EVERY DAY ! BO-RING !!!

  30. emma says

    if you don’t comment we want see the pictures put up on here. so next time just dont comment ok unless it is seraphina then you can.

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