Fired Nanny Claims That Nadya Suleman Only Showed Interest In Her Babies When The Cameras Were Rolling


On Wednesday’s The Dr. Phil Show one of the volunteer nannies from the group Angels in Waiting alleged that Nadya cared more about her own celebrity than the welfare of her children. Nadya dismissed the volunteer nannies on March 23rd.

“This woman does not care for these kids,” Linda West-Conforti said. “She is in [it] for the paparazzi, the media. That is my opinion. I’ve been there for a week. I’m the eyes, the ears and the mouth of these little children.”

The fired nanny said that Nadya was often unreachable – or out shopping – and showed no level of interest in learning how to care for her children.

“Nadya only fed her babies … when a film crew was in her house,” Linda said. “That’s the only time that woman ever volunteered to feed a child. And I tell you what happened: During one episode she was done feeding … she picked up the child [and] gave it to me on my chest. She didn’t burp it; she didn’t change the diaper; [she] walked out of that room and [didn’t see] her for another 12 hours.”

Nadya’s attorney Jeff Czech denied all the allegations.

“Nadya is a very good mother and a very caring mother. The bottom line is the shoe just never fit,” he said of the arrangement with Angels in Waiting.

Even worse, Linda said Nadya’s blasé attitude was only the start of the problems in the house. Nannies that Nadya hired were potential health risks to her children.

“I was supposed to be there to train nannies, to train Nadya,” Linda said. “What I get is Hispanic-speaking ladies that are showing up, showing positive for TB.”

Linda was referring to an incident in which she says she saw what appeared to be a “a huge, raised induration” on the arm of one of Nadya’s private nannies. Linda said that was an indication that the woman had taken a skin test for tuberculosis and received a positive result. (A reaction to the skin test does not necessarily indicate the presence of active tuberculosis; further testing is usually required.)

Nadya continues to claim that she is a fit and caring mother and that the Angels in Waiting nannies were acting as spies. The Angels in Waiting nannies reported her to state child welfare authorities on three occasions.

“I felt extremely uncomfortable in my own home,” Nadya told Dr. Phil by phone. “I felt like a stranger in my own home. I felt ostracized. In addition to that, there was such poor communication … [and] incessant negative energy.”

Later that day, attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Angels in Waiting, held a press conference to discuss the three complaints the group made to child welfare authorities. She said they addressed AIW’s concerns that too many people were inside Nadya’s house on the evening the first babies came home; its belief that Nadya needs more security at her home; and the fact that some of the nannies hired by Nadya might have tested positive for tuberculosis.

Said Gloria, “She needs to spend time with those babies and not just when there’s a camera present.”

Good gracious! When is this woman going to realize that it isn’t about her “comfort?!” It is about the babies…they should be her priority! Ugh!

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  1. Watcher says

    There are too many people on this earth. Ruining it at a faster rate than borer beetle eats a wooden house.
    How stupid do you have to be to have even ONE child under these environmentally stressed conditions?

    Well, multiply that by 14x. NS is therefore 14 times stupider than the average non-breeder and 14 times less considerate than the average non-breeder is – of this beautiful world we are exploiting at an enormous rate of knots…

    Humans are the worst, most destructive plague the earth has ever encountered – and they KEEP BREEDING. Duh!

    And they call themselves intelligent. It is too funny to even laugh.

  2. oriana says

    Oh, I cannot stand Gloria Allred! She is the worst, all she wants is cameras on her, she is terrible, and her daughter is just as bad!

  3. Dee says

    People are worried about they’re hard earned tax dollars??? LMFAO. Come to NY where I live and see who your tax dollars are supporting-a bunch of lazy slobs who just take take take because ‘it’s there’. Suleman is the least of tax payers worries.

    And the AIW seem like a bunch of media whores trying to get famous. I am a mandated reporter due to my job-and if the babies are being cared for it is absolutely ridiculous that CPS would be called because Nadia didn’t ‘burp’ a baby. People shirking off they’re responsibilities to nannies is not a reason to call CPS.

    And Gloria Allred? Biggest media whore of them all.

  4. Vicktoria says

    Amazingly, this woman finds the money and the time to get herself primed. Where does she get the money for this sort of lifestyle? Who allows this to happen? Why are people enabeling her to live the celebrity lifestyle with 10 children at home and 4 more on their way? Do any of her older children get quality Mommy time? She is a disgrace and someone needs to pull the plug on her. Those poor children…a matter of convenience to acheive her celeb goal. I need anger management at the thought of that douche bag!

  5. says

    My prayers and best wishes are with the children. It’s so sad that an adult will use her children for personal gain. I only wish those babies the very best

  6. N says

    #9 WELFARE is public assistance…. Get a clue.

    “Why do you guys care anyways…instead of using free care she is paying for care…isn’t that what you wanted to begin with? Her not using YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS?
    She just hired nannies isn’t that free care”

    WHAT you make no sense! AIW is free care paid for by donations…. Hired nannies is not free care. She has to pay for them with her radar money which is hers. That is not public assistance. How old are you….

  7. oriana says

    traveler, I could not have said it better! I totally agree. This woman needs extensive therapy, and I resent the money from the state of Ca. going to her. I also think the doctor should be held accountable also. He had to know she was a quack and anyone with 6 kids already, no job, no husband, he had to know that info, did not need any more children for welfare to support. Soon, the hype will die down and the interviews and donations will dwindle, I feel for the kids then for sure, all of them!

  8. Robin says

    Is this really newsworthy? She’s an opportunist who is using her children as a means for money..She is simply the worst of trash!

  9. frd says

    i thought this site had some kind of censorship. why is it that if you click on wolfcocks name you see a photo of him stretching his ass open with his fingers? Disturbing!

  10. Kim says

    Why have we seen photos of her getting her nails done, shopping for clothes and cosmetics, etc, and not once in a grocery store? If i was to recieve ANY help with my kids, esp thousands at a time, i would be filling the pantry. I saw one photo of her eating with the older kids and they were eating mac n’ cheese and nothing else. Sad. And i certainly wouldnt be buying new video games and expensive toys, i would still be buying used off of C.L. and trying to save that money for the day it runs out. For already having 6 other kids, this mom knows NOTHING about finances when having children. I have 2 3-year olds and i am smarter about how i shop. I think mommy and daddy need to finally cut her off, and stop supporting her. And when everone else forgets about her, maybe she will have learned, and saved for that rainy day. Sadly she will recieve assistance until those kids turn 18. No matter what. The fact that she says she plans on going back to school and work is a joke… if you spend the amount of time with your children as you say you do, there is no way in he** you will have time for it lady. Sorry! Wake up and smell the roses. Its not fun and games anymore, you have responsibilities to those children. I cant wait until the 8 turn 3 years old. I am pulling my hair out with 2 of them, hopefully she can still afford nannies by then!!

  11. says

    So what if this time she only had one baby through artificial insemination? What would everyone have to say then?? Absolutely nothing. She just happened to get pregnant with eight of them at once. If she was married and had gotten pregnant with eight more kids under “acceptable standards,” it still would have made news, as does every story when a woman has mounds of kids at once. She JUST had her babies, and she just wants what every mother wants at this time…SPACE and FREE TIME!! If I had eight kids, damn right I would end up getting public assistance. Most of America is just one paycheck away from being on the streets in a cardboard box. My life is “normal” with just me, but if I popped out eight of them, I would need all the help I can get! And if people were going to pay me for my “story” I would milk it just like most of us would. The longer we talk about it, the longer she is the “buzz,” the more $$ she gets. Who is going to turn down easy legal millions?

  12. says

    What I get is Hispanic-speaking ladies that are showing up, showing positive for TB.”

    Racial stereotypes, anyone?

    First of all it’s SPANISH speaking ladies (“Hispanic” is an ethnic group, not a language!) and, second of all, TB does not discriminate – White people get it too, and Asians, and African Americans, and Iraqis and everybody else!

  13. Rainne says

    uggh Cindy you should have warned me sooner about his name
    * People watever you do DO NOT CLICK ON HIS NAME!!!*

  14. Cindy says

    I have to agree with you carleigh, what a hypocrite!!!

    *By the way, whatever any of you do, do not click on his name!!! My mind will never be the same again! Especially you, little Niloofar… 🙂

  15. carleigh says

    And in closing Mr. Wolfcock, if it’s you who are stick in the misery of YOUR world, maybe partaking of a hobby is in order…or is being a babyrazzi trolls forum your specialty?

  16. carleigh says

    Mr. Wolfcock, I notice you happen to be a “sheeple” as well, taking time from your busy “sheeple” activities to come here and scold us, who have opinions.

    Maybe people…er um..I mean, sheeple, who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones…ever hear of that one before??? Hypocrite, ding, ding, ding, I think we have a winner here.

    Why don’t you go date octo-mom…since you have nothing better to do.

  17. says

    If you sheeple weren’t so concerned about all this gossip, the world would be a better place to live in.

    Why don’t you just get a life you bunch of self righteous morons?

  18. traveler says

    Just Me:

    No, you can’t buy cigarettes with food stamps. There are a lot of things you can’t buy with food stamps (alcohol being just one). Thankfully, someone grew a brain and implemented some restrictions.


    I’m sorry, but she can not handle all of those kids. The woman has serious issues. Perhaps the children should be taken away and put into foster homes until she gets herself some help and gets better. It’s obvious that the woman puts her own needs above those of her children. I think that’s what has everyone in an uproar. Those children didn’t ask to be born into this situation. All 14 of them deserve better.

  19. carleigh says

    The situation about her NOT being on public assistance is not true, not true, not true. The new nurses are coming from KP hospital and will be billed out as part of the ongoing medical expenses that the state of California is expected to pick up since KP requested Medicade to pay for the expenses of the babies. Doesn’t take a genius or rocket scientist to see that the money this grubbing woman is getting from interviews is NOT going to the kids.

    She has purchased a half million dollar home ,gets her nails done more than I do, spends tons of money at MAC cosmetics and buys expensive clothing. She is clearly not concerned with the long term effects of having 14 kids or she would be taking all that money and socking it into investments for the future.

    This money train won’t last forever and eventually people are going to get sick of her a** and quit paying for interviews and hot tubs, expensive dishwashers adn everything else she is getting now.

    Simply disgusting and she clearly can’t afford to take care of her kids and they should serious think about the long term potential for harm and explotation if they were to remain with her unstable a**. JMHO..the sooner someone intervenes the better.

  20. Just Me says

    No. 7, I heard she’s not on public assistance but she won’t use her own money to take care of her kids. Her mom will do it for free. Honestly, no woman, including Nadya, can sufficently take care of 14 kids, including 8 babies for cyring out loud!
    I also agree that the public welfare system is misused. Didn’t it used to be that you could buy cigarettes with food stamps (maybe you still can)?

  21. Rainne says

    I am so sick and tired of this woman.She needs help.How hard is it for her to realize that this is not about her but about 14 children all under the age of 7. I feel so sorry for those children the way that they are going to be neglected.From the get go she knew what she was doing when she made that doctor impant 6 embryos. She knew the amount of attention and free stuff she would get. She makes me wanna puke!! 🙁

  22. Cindy says

    This woman needs serious help. From what the Angels in Waiting people say she is totally unfit. Perhaps if she got intense councelling she would see the light and do what’s right for her kids. Right now though, she is not making herself look good at all…today on Dr. Phil is part two of the controversy between Nadya and the Angels in Waiting people. I missed Part one, which sucked, but it should be interesting today…

  23. layla says

    Also, #6 … She is no longer on public assistance…. SO that would mean your money paid for some other mom’s nails…. or drugs or clothes or hair style or brand new shoes that you cant afford to pay for yourself.

    Fyi yes she is she get money from interview e.t rader online magazine gig dr phil and the list goes on. She fired a.i.w people and she hired nannies she going to pay the nannies with the money she get from her interview

    Why do you guys care anyways…instead of using free care she is paying for care…isn’t that what you wanted to begin with? Her not using YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS?
    She just hired nannies isn’t that free care

  24. anonymous says

    It’s sad that nothing will be done to help those children get proper care until something disastrous happens (usually the case in the united states). It appears that she is an unfit mother – though it’s a he said, she said situation right now – from many accounts and the welfare of those children are neglected.

  25. N says

    I agree #5……

    Also, #6 … She is no longer on public assistance….SO that would mean your money paid for some other mom’s nails….or drugs or clothes or hair style or brand new shoes that you cant afford to pay for yourself.

    Now that I think of it maybe some of you ladies should be on welfare since you complain about not having money.

    Why do you guys care anyways……instead of using free care she is paying for care…Isn’t that what you wanted to begin with? Her not using YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS?

  26. Nicole says

    Gee- I wish I could go get my nails done. Oh that’s right…my money pays for hers. You’re welcome Octo-mom!!

  27. Annie says

    Give them up for adoption? wow. I like how it’s always a quick fix that people are looking for. it’s easy for anyone to say that since it’s not your babies that are being taken away. she messed up. so why not everyone say, i hope they can arrange something quickly to keep the family together instead of let’s keep tearing this woman apart AND while we’re at it, let’s take the kids and split them up. they did after all just start this whole thing and everyone’s been saying it’s going to be hard and might take some time. so be a little more human people.

  28. anonymous says

    I’m not surprised by this outcome. This was never going to work. The woman is disgusting!

    I just hope those babies are in good hands now with Kaiser.

  29. Trisha says

    As I’ve said before…this woman disgusts me, always has and always will. Those children should be taken away from her and given to a husband and wife who are unable to have children of their own yet desire a family. Those children would be SO much better off than in Nadya’s home….she’s selfish, ignorant and a piece of trash!

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