Matthew McConaughey & Family Out For A Stroll


Matthew McConaughey, 39, and Camila Alves were snapped out for a stroll in Malibu with their 8-month-old son Levi and their dog B.J. Camila looked like she may have been wearing an engagement ring!

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  1. Just Me says

    I don’t really see them marrying either. Matthew is good looking. (I just noticed he doesn’t look as scruffy, which is better.) There is just something about her hippie personality that bugs me for some reason. And it’s not the skateboard thing. He likes to be outside and active … so what … maybe it’s him playing bongos naked or doing yoga on a picnic table with his VW van. And put a shirt on, you’re not all that!

  2. S says

    OMG you people are so judgmental. What is so wrong with him having his skateboard with him on a walk OUTSIDE? Maybe Levi likes to watch his daddy skateboard, or maybe Matthew just enjoys it. If the picture was just of Camilla and Levi without Matthew, everyone would be blabbing about why he’s not with them. At least he’s there.

    I don’t see them getting married though. I personally don’t think that just because two people have a child together, that they should marry. He obviously cares for them, why fix what isn’t broken?

  3. N says

    SO….is it odd to see older men in skates? How about surfing? Are those only YOUNG people activities too? There are plenty of OLDER male skaters…. Rob Dyrdek, Tony Hawk….. some others cant remember them all….. but they are all GROWN men with millions…… skating on skateboards. It also happens to be a means of exercise….

  4. Trisha says

    Come to think of it….I have never seen a grown man on a skateboard….quite odd if you ask me. I have to agree with ya’ll.

  5. RubyJackson says

    I agree with Pookie-Wookie. Is he going to be fighting over the toys with his son when he’s older? Time to grow up.

  6. Paty says

    I don’t think matthew is a handsome guy and I don’t see marriage either.
    They look like more friends,who’s have baby together and that’s it.I think they will have more kids for sure,but not marriage.
    Levi is so cute 🙂
    Do you guys know when I can find camila’s purse?I was checking other website other day and I was reading about she is make some bags.

  7. pookie-wookie says

    i used to think matthew was yummy, but now i just seems like he has too much of a peter pan complex. taking your skateboard along on a walk with your ‘wife’ and baby is just odd.
    i don’t see them getting married either. didn’t he proposed after she gave birth?
    camila is beautiful and i’d love to see a pic of levi,

  8. Rainne says

    I dont think they will last if Matthew marries her. He doesnt seem like the type to settle down!!

  9. Tia:) says

    Sue you’re a sick person

    Thanks for catching on Trisha 😉 haha I was indeed talking about Matthew.

    I agree Amanda..i dont see him as the marrying type.

  10. Amanda says

    Matthew is VERY yummy!! I don’t see these two getting married though, they seem more like friends than a couple. JMO

  11. Cindy says

    Too bad we can’t see the baby. I’ve seen him before and he is adorable! Yes, Matthew is very yummy!!! 🙂

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