Katie & Suri Leave The Children's Art Studio


After being snapped arriving at the Children’s Art Studio in Santa Monica, Katie, and Suri were snapped leaving after spending two hours there. Cruz and Romeo Beckham joined them, but Victoria did not. Instead, a nanny accompanied them.

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  1. Gbaby says

    Rainne you betta not start to talk about what you gone do cuz you talking to a computer not me honey…9 times outa 10 you hundreds of miles away which gives you the comfort of saying whatever sh*T is flowing out your mouth.

  2. gbaby says

    #11 yo mommas a dufus i wouldnt be asking why babyrazzi is blocking my comments if i were cussing in my comment. and by the way i wasnt asking 11 so take your a** TO SLEEP

  3. kitti says

    She’s probably Tom’s because he wouldn’t be so over the moon about this little girl otherwise. We’ll know if and when Katie decides to have another. Tom’s getting older by the day, Katie. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  4. Miapucca says

    ITS FUNNY HOW some have to comment that suri has timms face …who are they trying to convince..themselves or us..ahahhahaha….

    Newsflash–Cruise jsut went overhaul on his face ans body…therefore his natural genetic features have altered..so how can suri looklike somethign that has been mangled over by the surgeon…ahhaha

  5. Nicole Kidman says

    she is very pretty little girl.she has Tom’s face features in some angles.she also has Katie’s lips,but that’s about it.I prefer her having these long dresses put on her,atleast,she won’t be able to take them off that quick.

  6. lizzie says

    these family can’t even go anywhere without bad remarks on them?in everyway,they are being critisized no matter how they raised these children.maybe one of you who like to give them negative remarks must join them inside the household so you may observe what’s going on?we forgot already that they have to live as normal as anyone else.though,they happen to be celebrities.entering/leaving any places have to be posted?why?just let them be.OK.everyone seems to know all about them,yet very little details,only from the news.

  7. Gbaby says

    katie got suri looking like a grandma and shes only what? 2 or 3?and kate got her bedsheets wraped around her neck? maybe its the scientolists’ dresscode for females?

  8. Rainne says

    Katie looks horrible.Suri is adorable.But i see her as a very spoiled teenager.who has her own way and rules mommy and daddy.Uggh sick.

  9. boo says

    My thoughts exactly #2…the way she has that bag positioned and how she appears to be holding it in front of her tummy makes you wonder if those prenancy rumours may in fact have some truth to them??????
    Hmmmmm??? I guess we’ll know soon enough 🙂

  10. bethy says

    Suri is a cutie….I like her little outfit and sweater. But what is Katie trying to hide, with that scarf and huge purse hanging in front of her?!

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