Katie Holmes & Suri Visit The Children's Art Studio


Katie and Suri were snapped arriving at The Children’s Art Studio in Santa Monica, CA. They were joined by Romeo and Cruz Beckham and their nanny.

Katie needs to get Suri’s bangs trimmed….ASAP!

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  1. concern individual says

    it has nothing to do with their beliefs.people around them happen to be all bald.bodyguards for examples.

  2. Vicktoria says

    Aside from her appearance, which always looks overly formal for leisure activities Suri looks tremendously unhappy. In every photo ever published I think there was 1 photo that a she may have had a glimpse of a smile. What a shame.

  3. ELIE TAYLOR says

    That is the same Art Studio that Jen Garner takes Violet..!!

    It is nice that Victoria is not with them.. That it is family day
    with the kids… The boys nanny certainly seems nice…

    THANKS Babyrazzi blog

  4. Rainne says

    That little girl looks like the lonliest child on earth.I dnt Think Katie has any idea what to do.Even if she is growng out her bangs Pin them out of her face.
    I feel so sorry for her and the way she is grown Constantly in the spotlight they need to go away and grow her somwhere away from preying eyes.so she can have normal childhood.

  5. says

    Katie really needs to either get Suri a decent haircut or pin up those bangs/fringe whatever you want to call those vision blockages! Also, the fact that Suri is always wearing something formal makes me wonder if the kid ever plays.

  6. kitti says

    Why would someone NOT comment on the bangs? I don’t know anyone who lets their kids run around like that. Growing the hair out isn’t going to help any, if the little girl won’t wear ties in her hair. It’ll be the same problem, but with longer hair hanging in her face.

  7. Cindy says

    I agree with Anne. If they are growing her bangs (as we also call them here in Canada) then they should be pinned back so the little things can see. I think Suri is adorable!

    PS. Kat – of course someone will comment on her bangs, look at them!

  8. Anne says

    Kate looks so much older and Suri should have had a barrette or hair clip to keep her hair off her eyes. L love Suri’s outfit.

  9. Lydia says

    RachieUK….maybe in the UK it is called “fringe”, which is totally fine….but in the US it is referred to as “bangs”….also totally fine…lets be respectful of differences.

  10. harlow winter kate is my fave! says

    poor suri can’t see because her bangs are in the way and is going to trip over the long dress that she’s wearing! poor thing.. she has horrible parents


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