1. oriana says

    I do agree that these pictures of these kids, coming and going, everyday, same with Suri, is just plain silly! And boring! I think the paps should leave school children alone anyway!

  2. Vicktoria says

    Let’s hope that Serafina grows to be a little cuter than her big sister Violet. Is there only one clear picture of her floating around?

  3. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Where is Serafina anyways..?? She is not important enough to be out there with her sister…We all know
    that Violet is the prize possession of Jen.. So Maybe
    one day we might see a pix of Sera strapped to Ben.!

  4. hadley brooke says

    Andrew and Ivana Firestone welcomed a son this morning. Adam Brooks Firestone weighed in at 8 lbs and was about 3 weeks early!

  5. Bliss says

    This pic is of Violet being picked up from school; the last photo we saw was of her being SCOOPED up from school. Therein must be the difference.

  6. Wow! says

    I agree, enough is enough and there are too many pictures in babyrazzy of Violet being picked up from school. Please leave the girl alone for a while!

  7. Catsue says

    Stop posting these DAILY school pick-up photos of Violet! Leave Jen and her poor daughter alone at school! The photos of them are OK if taken out in public. LEAVE KIDS ALONE AT SCHOOL! Stop posting these! It should be against the law to take photos of kids at their school. I consider this harassment!!

  8. C says

    Either Jennifer has hired Babyrazzi to photograph her riveting life of picking up (literally) the child daily or this site has completely lost it’s desire for people to revisit it …

  9. sunny says

    I can’t imagine how annoying it must be having my photo taken everyday picking my kids up from school. No wonder celebrities go postal on the razzi!

  10. emma says


  11. emma says

    really. oh wow yes violet anne affleck got picked up from school. haven’t seen violet in a long time. it will probaly be another 3 months until we see her again. BORING BORING BORING. PICTURES OF VIOLET WOULD BE SPECIAL IF WE ONLY SAW THEM ONCE EVERY MONTH OR SO.

  12. Jools says

    Put her down. Her legs are not broken. It really annoys me to see that Violet is ALWAYS being carried

  13. Maggie says

    I agree. It’s boring. And unnecessary. She is not special enough to be hounded daily while whe picks up her daughter from school.

  14. Nullah says

    Well, I’m relieved seing that I’m not the only one getting tired of these pics … What are paparazzi waiting for? I do this everyday, look as good as Jennifer, my kids are bloody cute and nobody is taking pictures of me . Why? ’cause I’m as boring as these pictures! Something new pleaaaase!

  15. Collette u.k says

    God im getting BOARD yes she will get picked up from school same as any other child diffrent pics please please please.

  16. Pink says

    Why is this news every day? We officially don’t care. And don’t try and make us feel like it is something new by throwing in a pic of the NANNY picking her up. IT’S THE SAME CRAP!

  17. aubrey lillian says

    wow another picture of violet getting pick up from school how beyond boring sure violet is a cute little girl but come on ………… i think we need some others celebrity babies.

  18. Gbaby says

    i believe the makers of babyrazzi love to see people complain about violet’s school pickup photos cuz the more people complain about it the more violet school pickup photos appear.

  19. Cindy says

    I’m with you #7, I love them and don’t mind seeing them everyday. However it would be nice to see some other celebrities and their babies. But yes, Violet is just beautiful, looks so much like her mother.

  20. YES MAAM! says

    I love Jennifer and Violet Anne. I don’t mind seeing them everyday, it makes my day a little better to see Violet’s beautiful face!

  21. suki says

    Boring………. l’m so not going to look into this site again unless they do something different……..

  22. Bliss says

    Looks like both Jen and Violet would also be very happy not to be photographed while picking up from school. Must start to feel just like part of Vi’s day. Go to school, arts & crafts, storytime, snacks, and a flood of flashbulbs when you go outside.

  23. anonymous says

    Ummm, another picture of the this kid getting picked up from school??

    Another slow news day I guess.

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