OK! Magazine Claims That One Of These Women Is Pregnant!


OK! magazine is reporting that while Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are all hoping for a baby onlyone of them is indeed execting!

Though Jennifer, 40, is currently single, it’s not stopping her from contemplating what she considers to be her ultimate achievment — becoming a mom! “She can’t wait to hold a baby in her arms,” a friend of Jennifer’s told OK! magazine, but don’t expect on-off boyfriend John Mayer to play daddy. “John’s number one priority is his music…which is all-consuming for him,” the source shared.

Eight months after the birth of their twins, Brad and Angelina are already ready to further expand their family! Plans for a seventh child are already under way! The couple intends to adopt another toddler and get pregnant simultaneously. Good gracious…they keep busy!

Angelina herself confirmed her wish to have another baby — either through adoption or biologically — recently saying, “We are going to have more kids — one way or another.”

Katie recently reached out to Angelina, inviting Shiloh and Zahara to a tea party with Suri with the hope that the girls could get to know each other. And now that Suri is nearing the age of 3, Katie desperately wants to give her a brother or sister.

After weeks of speculation, sources have told OK! magazine that Katie is indeed pregnant! “They are deliriously happy that Suri will be a big sister,” one friend told OK! magazine. “They’re over the moon.”




  1. Lindsay Freeman says

    I think people adopt from other countries and not from the us because kids in many other countries such as Ethiopia and India are normally living in much worse conditions than orphans in the US. Either way, if a person adopts ANY child from ANY country they are giving them a much better life in most cases, so it shouldn’t matter where they adopt from. Why should people from the US only help people from the US? And why is OK magazine using a picture of Katie with long hair? Is the picture several years old or did she have extensions that night or something? I don’t think any of them are pregnant either way though.

  2. teresa inman says

    Why is she wanting so many kids? Is this her way of keeping Brad? And if they are going to adopt? Why don’t they find one here! And with all of the money,give to our homeless children. Don’t get me wrong,Brad has gave alot!But the money she wastes! I just pray they give for God! They and other stars have been blessed! My daughter died,I gave back to God!Her heart,lungs,kidneys,so someone might live! sincerly teresa

  3. granof year says

    jolie-pitt kids look like blow fish on crack please do not add
    to this hidious brood and if you do whats wrong with american kids there is enough of them i guess they or not
    big publicity sellers like other country kids do what you must to try to look like caring people oops thats only to
    promote their horrible movies how stupid to forget that
    SURI!!! is just beautiful with great parents that the
    WHOREY_SKITTSO could only hope to be please retire
    from making all those horrible movies and concentrate on
    raising those braty brats you have try being real parents
    you might find you are better at that than you are at acting
    jennifer aniston is a beautiful woman inside and out
    something skankalina could never be no matter how
    many kids she has GO JEN AND KATIE!!!!

  4. Tanya says

    I really hope that Jenifer gets pregnant and have a baby with John Mayer someday soon! I think that he`s such a good looking and kind man whos gonna be an amazing father. Their baby will be just gorgeous, maybe even more so than if she had a baby by Brad. Jen needs to understand that her time is running out of having a biological child, if thats what she wants. So having a baby with her current on and of boyfriend John would be the best thing to do now.

  5. Catsue says

    On a weekly basis, for 7-8 years now, they claim Aniston is pregnant with Brad, Vince & John Mayer’s baby. Jen will never get pregnant because she’s 40 and keeps dating losers/players. Until she dates someone who is her age and not a player and Jen stops smoking, she might barely have a chance. Time is running out. Time to adopt Jen!

  6. Miapocca says

    Only stupid people stay together because of babies. Babies dont save marriages and whoever thinks that a BRAD AND jen baby would still have them married is just as stupid..FOR NUMEROUS REASONS , the marriage ended. I believe Jennifer is better off than later, because brad will move on again….its his lifestyle as is the woman he is with now…Jen is nor poor and she is glowing..looks fantastic these days!!!

  7. bambamswife7 says

    I really hope Katie is pregnant. I think she and Tom make great parents. She doesn’t need to get impregnated with anyone elses sperm. That was just a rumor, once again. Suri looks like Tom and Katie together. jolie on the other hand_ STOP, PLEASE STOP. I don’t ever bother to capitalize her name. Why don’t you just enjoy the children you have. And if she wants to adopt again, why not coose an American child with a disability. I may think something of her than.

  8. says

    Who ever believes that tabloids are right is an idiot. katie may be pregnant be Jen PLEASE and Angelina is probably going to adopt their seventh child. She even said so and why would they have another newborn baby when they have twins that are only 8-months-old. They probably are going to adopt another little girl from Africa for Zahara. How can you even believe tabloids? If you believe everything a tabloid says you really don’t have a life.

  9. Paty says

    Jolie stop collect kids.Give us a break.I hate that woman.
    Jen always saying “I want a baby” bla bla if she really wants one,get pregnant ,she have enough money to be a single mom and stop saying I want be a mom and do nothing about it.
    Katie looks batter with long hair,I love it 🙂

  10. Kati says

    I don´t think that any of these women is pregnant- yet. I wouldn´t be surprised at all if by the end of this year Angie and Brad would actually be announcing that she is pregnant with their fourth biological child. And also Katie´s pregnancy wouldn´t surprise me at all. But how on earth could Jen be pregnant? If the rags are to be believed she just dumped John Mayer once again. But my bet is that they´ll be back together in a few months when they realize that they can´t live with or without each other. So my bet is that Angie will be the first of these three women who announces her pregnancy first.

  11. oriana says

    All made up stories! I don’t think any of them are pregnant. I wish Katie was but I doubt it seriously. Jenn should adopt if she truely was ready for a child in her life and I don’t think she is, and Angie has enough right now. She needs to bond more with the babies and let all of them get a little older before a new child comes along.

  12. mslewis says

    I think it’s hysterical the way the webmistress quotes these ragmags as if they are real!!! These tabloids lie and make up stories. They have been saying Katie is pregnant for the last two years and, according to them, Angelina was pregnant two months after she gave birth, via c section, to twins!!! Anybody who believes these awful tabloids is too stupid to live.

    Also, there was no meeting at the Oscars between Angelina and Katie or Brad and Tom. The men have not spoken to each other since the “Vampire” movie (this is according to Brad, himself) and can you even imagine Angelina wanting her normal children to spend time with the spoiled, pampered Suri Cruise? I mean, really, people. Think about it.

  13. maya says

    Katie is the prettiest of them all. Angelina is not ugly exactly but she is repulsive. She is an awful human being who deserves to be despised. She should hook up with Nadya Suleman and exchange notes about their obsession with children.

  14. says

    I am glad it’s Katie. I think Suri needs a sibling so she can learn to work things out with other children and compromise since she’s an only child at the moment. I am excited to see if the baby is a boy or a girl and if he or she will look more like Tom, Katie or a combo of both! I absolutely adore Suri and I know I’ll adore the new TomKat offspring too!

  15. Just Me says

    Anyway, off the subject, I don’t like Katie’s hair long anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m used to it short, which I thought was classy. To me, her hair looks fake now. Sorry.

  16. Collette u.k says

    Angelina has said that nadya freaks her out and it prob be katie.like others have said wont believe anything until outa there mouths

  17. renne says

    I think Katie Holmes is pregnant. But I do agree with all of you, until they claim the pregnancy, then it’s only gossip.

  18. LOLA says

    poor jenn 🙁 i wish she would have had a baby with Brad when he wanted it, and maybe now they’d still be together, or at least she would have a beautiful baby to call her own 🙁

  19. Amy says

    Ughh this tabloids are so annoying. It seems that every week they are claiming someone is pregnant. I won’t believe it until they themselves confirm it.


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