Jennifer Garner Scoops Up Violet From School


Jennifer Garner, 36, was snapped picking up Violet, 3, from her Santa Monica preschool today. Youngest daughter Seraphina is now two-months-old.

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  1. RubyJackson says

    Just want to explain my comment, and not putting anyone down or trying to start a firestorm of comments… I saw the stained glass in the picture, so made the connection to religious school first of all. But about Catholic school… I am very spiritual but anti-religion and I believe the teachings of the Catholic church have a LOT to do with perpetuating the problems of the world. The biggest problem I see is overpopulation, and the fact the church opposes birth control boggles my mind. I understand that as a practice, “It’s against my religion” is a valid reason to have unprotected sex, but that’s not a value system I would want to subscribe to. Also, just this past week, the Pope issued a statement that flew in the face of scientific research stating that use of condoms does not prevent the spread of AIDS. His reason for saying that? Probably because condoms prevent pregnancy. I can not understand encouraging unlimited pregnancies when there are too many people on the planet, more lives than it can sustain. I think that’s irresponsible. That’s all.

  2. smmom says

    As I mentioned before…Violet does go to a religious school…just not a Catholic one. It is one of the best schools in the area, though, and no one should be criticized or judged for trying to give your kid the best you can afford. The picture was taken near the church part of the area where it is harder for photographers to enter and there are less students around. That was the alternative exit place I wrote about before. I think they do this to actually help the other students there. All the kids and parents are coming out at the same time, so this way they lead the photographers in a different direction rather then making everyone have to deal with the photographers.

  3. Granny says

    I believe that if you look close that is a wall hanging and not a window. The hem appears to stick out from the wall and casts a shadow on the baseboard. And if it was a window lots of churches use stained glass.

  4. smmom says

    I actually live in Santa Monica and have seen Violet leaving school with her family many times (it is during a very busy time on that street). #6 is right. They have to pick her up because of the amount of photographers in front of them. They often have to use a different exit as well. I don’t think it is the same when they drop her off, but they definitely need to do it in the afternoon.
    Also, the school she goes to is not a Catholic school (not passing any judgment on that even if it was). It is a religious school, but not Catholic.

  5. says

    Huh, pretty interesting… I just saw something similar on youtube about this but it’s a bit clearer after reading your comments here. Now the only question is what the future holds…

  6. wtf says

    Yeah, I agree, these pictures are about as exciting as the ones of me getting my toe nails clipped. Why do these same pictures keep showing up?

  7. oriana says

    The older she gets the more she looks like Jennifer and she is already a carbon copy of her. I do think just picking her up from school are boring pictures over and over!

  8. Lilac says

    Looks like Violet is still in diapers… Stupid “child-led” potty training idea of the West…

  9. Disgusted says

    So Ruby…what’s your beef with Catholic School? My kids go to one, so do my nieces and nephew and my husband and his siblings are Catholic school alumni as well. My children are receiving a very good education from our school. I have to agree with everyone else though….these photos are getting SO tiresome…enough already!

  10. Wow! says

    Honestly it must be annoying to have all the paparazzies in front of the school… We have pictures of Violet being picked up from school very often and I think enough is enough. It’s funny we don’t see other celebrities picking up their kids from school, it seems like Violet is the only one going there… Let’s give them a break and let them enjoy a little bit of normal life…

  11. Em says

    She probably carries her so she won’t get trampled by all the paparazzi. If there were 20some people pushign and shoving to get close and take pictures I’d probably pick up my kid, too.

  12. cicada says

    why is violet regularly carried to and from school? my child, who is six months younger, is too heavy to be carried often and insists on walking, anyway.

  13. Jordyn says

    I am so unbelievably sick of seeing pictures of Violet getting picked up from school!! It has to be sooo old for them as well to have to endure the paparazzi every single day they just want to pick their child up. Maybe if we quit printing these pictures, they’d leave them alone!!

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