Nadya Suleman Upset Over Her Babies Not Being Released From The Hospital


(In the above pic Nadya was snapped spending two hours having her nails done in Whittier, CA a few days ago)

Nadya Suleman is trying to cut short her newborn octuplets’ hospital stay.

She is frustrated over doctors and social workers’ refusal to release the first two of her babies from the hospital. According to the L.A. Times, Nadya told that she hoped two of her sons would be coming home on Monday but that officials at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center decided to keep them for now.

“I’m really upset about this. I really wanted to return to a normal life,” she said. “I know the hospital is doing its best for the kids, but I never asked them for all of this. It just makes me sad, and I’m going to do everything I can to get them back, but I also need to please the hospital.”

Nadya said she spent seven hours at the hospital on Monday, saying that hospital officials wanted to make sure that she can properly feed the babies.

The two babies scheduled to go home are each 5 1/2 pounds and very healthy. Eventually, she plans to have all 14 of her children at the La Habra home. “Even when the babies are home, it’s not going to sink in,” she said.

Wow! She should be grateful that her babies are safe and receiving such wonderful care!

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  1. sandy says

    I agree with 31, #16 if her children really mattered to her, she would 1) not have fired the nurses providing 24/7 care, 2) playing up the media attention to get more money for herself-obviously instead of being at home 24/7 with the first 6 or at the hospital with the other 8, and 3) it’s never “just nails” when there are thousands of hard working taxpaying citizens who are struggling to make ends meet and can only dream about having a full manicure while suleman leeches off welfare and uses the taxpayers to do so.

  2. N says…… the …… and other news sites. The gossip sites have info too….. BUT she does a daily interview on ……

  3. N says

    Answers to # 41….. She has 1 year left for a masters degree. Hilarious that the degree is in something like Psychology I think. She held a job as a medical assistant at a mental hospital until she was injured in a riot ath the hospital. A mental patient threw a desk at her and it hit her in the back. Hence the disability payments to get In-Vitro. She was married and the ex speaks well of her. Per him they divorced because they couldnt have kids…. Funny!! She said she bought the house not her father….she has a contract with and does video and interviews exclusively for them. She’s making money……. pictures, interviews…. plus she’s getting donations. Dont forget the SSI for the disabled kids. Supposedly they just cut her food stamps. All the kids are by the same father sounds like he may not be a citizen….

  4. ALI says

    I have one baby and barely have time to cut his nails, or mine!!! She seems nice but holy cow……….. wow is supporting this nut ball.

  5. oriana says

    I don’t know anything about her background. Does she have an education? Has she ever held a job? Has she ever been married? It seems like her father bought the new house and is going to be supporting the kids, what will happen when he is no longer around, he isn’t a young man. Are the older 6 kids all by the same father?

  6. MOMX3 says

    Well, the six she already had should remain together, but the 8 can be separated. Hate to say it.

    I’m sorry, but I have three kids myself and nobody is doing me any favors. I have about 2 hours a week for myself and usually that is spent grocery shopping because I don’t want to have my kids screaming while I’m buying groceries.

    If anyone wants to chalk that up to jealousy, so be it. It probably is that way, but people who have kids need to realize they give up certain freedoms once they have kids.

    But yeah…I also know someone who has 6 kids and has had cosmetic surgery and procedures because she knows people who barter around with her. Must be nice…guess I only need to have between 3 and 11 more kids to live the good life!

  7. nosoupforyou says

    Let’s not forget that she adores the paps. I saw her come out of her house, shield her eyes, do a little “dance” and run back inside the house.

    Maybe she was pretending she was Angelina Jolie.

  8. Wow! says

    I know some women with several kids really need time off once in a while and spend a little time alone (having a quiet lunch, having a nice chat with a friend, going to the salon or shopping…) Usually Husbands or parents help with that. It is quite normal otherwise you can go totally gak gak with baby talk the whole day, tantrums and diapers. But that happens once in a while. This woman can be in that situation. Now I have the feeling that what she really loves is the attention. You can go out, get your nails done (you actually don’t need two hours but ok) and go back home. But she is like posing to the cameras and loving it. I would love to see her in the park playing with the kids or or enjoying a picnic with them or something like that. When I see her I only see pictures of herself but never pictures of her in her mom role. That is the strange thing wih her. I’ve seen her parents in pictures taking care of the kids, but never her… If the hospital fears to give her the kids that is also a big thing. I don’t think a hospital needs to keep 8 babies as a charity, if they do it must be a genuine reason. God bless all those children and god bless her parents (I think they are doing most of the job, honestly). And why not, god bless her and give her back a little of common sense…

  9. Analise says

    Everything about this woman makes me angry. She’s grossly irresponsible and her children will suffer. She has absolutely no idea what she is in for. 14 healthy children, including term babies is difficult enough for one person, but preemies?!

    I don’t believe the children should be seperated, any of them, but what do you do? She’s clearly not rational, but who will take in 14 kids? Sad all the way around. The only good thing is the octuplets seem to be doing very well. I wonder if she realizes how lucky she is for that?

  10. guzii says

    I really dont know what she is trying to achieve,,, im guessing she had all these babies to be famous,, but i really feel sorry for the kids. I was watching ET and it showed the two babies that were still in hospital and they looked like they were in pain,,strugguling to breathe and having spasims.. I was mortified and disliked that witch for having these innocent angels suffer.

  11. N says

    #31…. Sorry to say but she isn’t any different than the other millions of people that receive food stamps or welfare or child support. It sucks…it isn’t fair… but where does it say that life is fair.

    #29…… Violent aren’t we. That would be something to see. Then once she sues you with her high powered attorney.

  12. Dawn says

    She receives food stamps and then gets her nails done!
    I think a social worker needs to evaluate her case.

  13. sharlee says

    SAD….She seems to enjoy all the attention but doesn’t seem to clue in that it is not the good kind. I don’t know what her life is really like none of us do but she seems very immature for her age. I worry for the children and there future. I don’t have $$ for any extras and I only have three teenage girls. Who is paying for the house? Toys? ect? I am Canadian and the recession has hit us hard just like the states so are the U.S. tax payers footing the bill? If so she should be monitered so she doesn’t abuse the system.

  14. cheetah says

    I dont think that the money she recieves from donations, and childsupport, or even from the state is ment to spent on nails, hair and makeup.

    People gave her that money to take care of 14 innocent kids. To give them food, shelter, medical care and if some money is left, maybe even a toy or two!

    It sick that people give her money for the kids and she spents it on herself.. I would spit her in the face and rip those nails of if i ever would meet her. I hope she never ever gets those kids!

  15. Anonymous says

    Clearly reality “the REAL reality” hasn’t hit her yet. This woman is living in her own very scary world.

    Hopefully there will be a lot of watchful eyes on those babies for a VERY long time.

    No matter what she says, she LOVES this attention for sure. She’s a nutcase plain and simple.

  16. N says

    She at least took the kids to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. Should she stop living her life because you vultures are watching? #22 You havent had a pedi since June? WOW….thats terrible. Why wont your husband watch the kids so you can get a hour or 2 to yourself for a pedi/mani? 🙂
    What if she’s getting all done up to meet her future husband….she does need someone to help support the kids so you guys can stop complaining about taking care of her.

  17. Paty says

    People whos have been send her money now know how she will spend the money pedicure e manicure lol…
    And about the kids? they can wait…her nails its more important,next week we will see on magazines, she’s at mall buying new clothes LOL

  18. oriana says

    I agree with Carleigh 100%! I am sick of hearing about her. Social Services Dept. should step in and keep a close watch on the babies for a long time to come.

  19. Disgusted_mom says

    She lost “ME” time when she gave birth to 14 children who WE have to pay for. Nadya and Branjelina need to get together and share all the babies!

  20. Ronnie says

    nicole [10] it’s not just you!
    this also struck me as odd!
    how can she think the hospital is delibrately trying to split the children from their mum?? ‘i have to please the hospital’ as if theyre forcing her hand?
    of course you have to please the hospital [m]adya theyre trying to ensure your children dont suffer completly from having a nut job mother like you!!

  21. Cindy says

    Wow!! It must be nice to have that kind of time and money. I only have two kids and I haven’t been able to get a pedi since last June (I don’t like manicures).

  22. Sarah says

    I don’t care what she does, but i’m so sick of constantly hearing/reading about her. Yes, she’s a total trainwreck, but when there are children involved, it shouldn’t be exploited. Why can’t we just ignore her and leave her to the mess she made?

  23. Amy says

    You know, I think personally instead of constantly bashing her and the wrong she has done, we need to focus on these brand new babies that were born into this world. It is not there fault. Also the other 7 children. Imagine hearing all of this nasty stuff about there mommy all day long.

  24. N says

    I agree # 16….. Having 14 kids does not mean she has to not have her “ME” time…. She is going to need that also. But she has the angels in waiting or care helping her. She also has 2 nannies. She is getting money from all this publicity ….Did you really think that she wouldn’t? People and companies are also donating…… SO she can do whatever she likes with her money.

  25. Just Me says

    I’ve read in People and other mags that 2 babies WERE released so I think this may be an old story.
    But, yeah, getting your nails done is a bit much, and the smirk? Oh please.

  26. Breezy says

    Getting her nails done, buy a new house and she has NO job. This woman is loving all the attention and everything that comes with it. There is no way she can handle and raise all those kids on her own. Those kids will suffer.

  27. Kayleigh says

    Calm down! She’s only having her nails done, it isn’t a crime! She could be out doing alot worse! Get a grip!

  28. stockkitty says

    WOW! 2 hours to get your nails done! Okay, I have “only” 4 kids and I’m lucky if I get a shower every 3rd day. When you give birth, YOU are the one that needs to be taking care of those kids, I don’t see how she’d have enough time to even clip her nails let alone go get a 2 hour manicure. I feel so sorry for each and every one of her children, they are the innocent ones here. I don’t feel sorry for her, she chose this.

  29. onatear says

    This is a tragedy in the making. To separate the babies from each other would be tragic. To send them home without the proper care in place will be tragic (what happened to the nurses around the clock plan/offer?) The other little kids won’t get their needs met….the woman is a fruitcake. TRAGIC.

  30. MOMX3 says

    Why should her parents shoulder the burden of her irresponsible behavior? There are plenty of infertile couples that would take one or more of the babies. Her parents should be DONE with raising children.

  31. maya says

    The children should be given to her parents to raise. She should be in a mental asylum. Seeing her on TV, she seems so deluded. But on the other hand, I feel a bit sorry for her. Just a bit and am not proud of myself for that.

  32. nicole says

    She didn’t ask ‘them for all of this’ but is aware that she ‘needs to please the hospital’?

    Am I the only one who thinks it weird that she thinks like this?

    Maybe I am just too cynical, but it seems the hospital is holding up her reality show and that is why she is ‘sad’!

    boo hoo

  33. pookie-wookie says

    this story is so sad, i think she’s a total lunatic and i really feel for her children.

  34. Kel says

    She shouldn’t be getting her nails done until her kids turn 18 years old her ass needs to stay at home with the 6 kids she has at home. Who’s at home watching the 6 kids and when she is not home she should be at the hospital.

  35. what? says

    Had to get her nails did huh? Nice.

    Yeah, if it hasn’t “sunk in” after 14 kids, it ain’t gonna. Idiot.

  36. carleigh says

    She has the time to get her nails and hair done constantly and blow thousands of dollars on MAC makeup…there is something very wrong with this whole situation.

    I felt sorry for this woman at first, a pity even, but not so much anymore since she seems to be lapping up all the freebies and publicity.

    She knew what she was doing and now she’s living on food stamps and disability payments from her older, disabled children…and spending oodles and boodles of money that she should be socking aside for the future.

    Her priorities are all wrong and the hospital and social workers can see just how loony tunes she truly is and that in my opinion is why she is not getting the octo-babies released yet.

  37. babyrazzi junkie says

    Imagine having 14 kids AND having the time to spend 2 hours getting your nails done!! What’s wrong with that picture?

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