Clive Owen's Daughters Keep Him Grounded


Clive Owen, 46, shared that his two daughters keep him grounded.

“Whenever I’ve done a movie and been away from home, I tend to take considerable downtime, and then we lead as normal of a life as we can,” Clive, who has been married to wife Sarah-Jane Fenton since 1995, told OK! magazine at last night’s NYC premiere of his new film Duplicity, co-starring Julia Roberts. “I take the kids to school, Sarah-Jane and I hang out, go out in the evenings and do all the things you’d expect.”

His daughters, Hannah, 12, and Eve, 9, make sure that their father’s ego doesn’t get too big!

“They send me texts like ‘Don’t wear the velvet jacket because it’s weird and embarrassing.’ They make me too self-conscious now, like ‘Oh, I’ve gotta go and get changed in the dark.'”

When asked if his daughters thought he was rugged and cool, Clive responded, “They definitely don’t think that, no. They know me better than that.”

Clive also shared that he enjoys taking his daughters to the movies.

“I’ve literally seen every kids’ movie for the last eight years I think,” he said.

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  1. oriana says

    I like this actor very much but I think it would be nice to show pictures of his daughters instead of him on here.

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