Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Welcome Twin Sons


Adult film star Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend of two years, Tito Ortiz, welcomed twin boys on Monday morning, her rep confirmed to Us magazine.

“They’re in very good health,” her rep said.

“She’s been taking it easy and even had to be in a wheelchair during one of Tito’s events in Las Vegas,” a source told Us magazineĀ when Jenna was about eight months pregnant. “She’s very excited to be a mom.”

Back in May, Jenna told Us magazine, “We’re trying for a baby, so hopefully in the next couple of months!” By the end of August, she confirmed her pregnancy, saying, “I’m so happy!” Upon finding out she was pregnant, Jenna, 34, admitted that she and Tito, a mixed martial arts fighter, were in a state of shock. “I’m just staying super healthy,” she said. “I’ve moved down to the beach with Tito — I love being by the beach.”

Being able to give birth to two healthy babies is joyful for Jenna, a self-proclaimed devout Catholic. She discovered she was two months pregnant in November 2004 after being diagnosed with malignant melanoma. A day later, she miscarried due to the stress of cancer. “It was all in God’s plan,” she told Us magazine two years ago.

Jenna said that she and Tito, 34, have no plans to be married. “I think I’m gonna stay unmarried and just go for the babies!” she said. “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps!”




  1. Those who cast the first stone... says

    Maybe all of you shouldn’t judge since you don’t know her personally. Maybe she is a devout Catholic. There is something call ‘reconciliation’ and ‘forgiveness’. Or have all of you forgotten that there is a FORGIVING God. Especially considering that what happens to Jenna Jameson in the after life is between herself and God. Not you people, who are no better than her. You’re all human. You should all mind your own business and if she is happy, good for her! Oh and PS, she no longer is in the adult industry. HATERS!!

  2. Petey says

    I can’t believe people can be so nasty.
    Who care’s what Jenna did for a living? She is now a loving mother and I wish her, Tito and her boys all the best. You should all take a look in the mirror and be ashamed…

  3. maribel says

    i think that its awesome that she is happy.. you guys shouldnt put anything negative against her. you dont know her life or anything.. IM HAPPY FOR BOTH JENNA AND TITO =]
    gongrats you guys cant wait to see the baby boys =]

  4. Nicole says

    Ronnie- and you probably jack off to her every night too. Of course you’d defend her! She’s a porn star.

  5. katty gal says

    A butcher/slaughterer has a much less moral job than her but no one says they can’t have kids

  6. Ronnie says

    How is it that when nicole richie, a drug-addict and all round bad egg, had a child, who she admitted was ‘a mistake/unplanned’, every one rallied round and said how much she ‘turned her life around’ yet for this woman who wanted children and planned a family with her boyfriend has children everybody is lining up to pass their judgement??
    well i guess this is babyrazzi, it has been and probably always WILL be a site for snide women on their pedestals to sneer at people whom they ‘donot approve’!!

    on another note, i do think that jenna is quite pretty, under ALL that makeup and i’m sure the boys will be adorable!

  7. N says

    What does her occupation have to do with anything? She’s not killing people for a living….Oh wait our army does that so we cant say that is a bad profession either. As long as she doesn’t abuse or neglect her children why all the hate and desparaging comments.
    I wonder what the kids look like…….

  8. Tia:) says

    #6- im pretty sure the church dropped the “eating no meat on friday’s” rule. I think that stopped when my mother was young! Good friday is another story…

    As for her choice of work, who cares? She wanted children so badly…so good for her! Congrats!

  9. Michelle says

    #8 you actually have to be Disease Free to be a Porn Star it is illegal if not.
    Lola whatever you think, cuz your your thoughts are all right.

    So anyone that has a job or make a living which some think is wrong, the are automatically disgusting and shouldnt have babies. Our world population would come to halt for a bit. Shes an adult im sure she will decide on how to let her boys know about her past in a much more mature way then you “ladies” are right now.

  10. carleigh says

    Nicole… REREAD my statement please, I asked how you would like it if she were YOUR mother! Answer that one..the words pure and virtuous were by choice mine to use. So, read my statement and then follow up with a valid and well thought response please. And You’re Welcome.

  11. Nicole says

    I never said that she was pure did I? Re read my statement and then follow it up with a response that actually makes sense. Thank you and goodnight…

  12. carleigh says

    Nicole, we are here to give our opinions which are much akin to passing judgement. However, it is our right to speak our minds and if you find this woman so virtuous and pure, how would you like it if she were YOUR mother???

    I would find it completely embarrassing and hide my face in shame my whole life. This is not a lady and she is a disgusting person, a porno pig of a woman who is just nasty to her very core.

    I am sure her children are going to be mortified when they go to high school and college and their friends are watching their Mom’s special, “movies”…good grief.

  13. Nicole says

    Wow- for people who preach about not judging others, all of you guys sure are good at it! But it’s OK for you to judge right?

  14. oriana says

    Devout Catholic! Oh My! I do like Tito, he seems like a decent enough guy, at least that is the impression I got from watching him on The Apprentice, I liked him very much. She is just too sleazy for me, sorry, I know people can change, but I am afraid her past will always catch up with her. I do agree, I am glad she had boys and not girls.

  15. Get a Clue! says

    Hey #3, maybe you’ll get your wish soon now that this washed-up porn star won’t be able to get a real job and have to resort to flipping burgers t BK!

    BTW, do you think she gave birth to the twins one at a time, or do you think they both came out at the same time? I’m guessing the later.

  16. carleigh says

    This “woman” is disgusting….she doesn’t deserve to have kids because of the embarrassing things she has done in the past. She is nasty and what is she going to teach her children, being a promiscuous, prostitute, tramp, religious hypocrite who lays on her back for money.

    I have to say at least I am glad she didn’t have girls. If she had girls they would probably be learning to pole dance and walk on their backs before they were a year old!

  17. LOLA says

    michelle, please!!! flipping burgers for a living is very different than what she did for a living! Come on!!! She’s good at what she does? of course! you don’t have to go to college or use your brain to do what she does! it’s an instinct and she had lots of practice. I don’t care if you think i’m immature, i think porn is gross! sorry!!! s*e*x should be private between two people. Just my opinion!! and i feel sorry for her babies too, when they grow up, they will be somehow messed up, you’ll see…..

  18. Ivana says

    The `HOLLYWOOD` is having twins…and plastic surgeries…it is sooo fashionable n`est pas?
    ps. this woman could have 10, why not…lots of space

  19. yes says

    Bet these two babies just slid out!!!! Gross!!!!

    BTW, working at Burger King doesn’t expose you to all of the diseases that the porn industry does….DUH!

  20. me says

    She’s a devout Catholic and she was a porn star and she “has no plans of getting married.” That is not being a devout Catholic. I bet she eats meat on Fridays too.

  21. me says

    He looks like Baby Huey. Her lips make her look like a duck. She was more natural looking when she was younger.

  22. Amber says

    I ain’t mad at her. She made her money and she is a smart businesswoman that knows how to market herself. It is kind of funny though.. devout Catholic. It just goes to show how people pick and choose what they want to follow from their religion. I had a born again Christian friend get married b/c she thinks it is a sin to live with someone….but she was sleeping with him before they married…. funny

  23. Michelle says

    Lola grow up, its her job!!! Its like saying to someone who works at Burger King ” Eww he made burgers for money gross”
    The adult industry is the fastest and most popular industry and she is the best of the best. She works hard everyday and has became amazing at what she does!!!
    Congrats Jenna šŸ™‚ I bet they are beautiful.

  24. LOLA says

    gross!!!! please don’t insult christianity saying that this “adult star” is catholic. of course they won’t marry, she’s only slept with how many men for money??? makes me sick!

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