Introducing The Controversial New Dora The Explorer



Introducing the new “tween” Dora The Explorer!

The beloved explorer has traded in her sneakers for fashionable ballet slippers and added more ribbons, flowers and jewelry. She has also replaced her bowl-cut with long flowing hair. (That’s a big improvement if you ask me…regardless of her age!)

Mattel claims that while she looks older (she is supposed to be about 10), she’s not wearing any makeup.

The new Dora has caused parents to go into an uproar! The new Dora has being called a “streetwalker” and a poor example for kids. Some critics contested that Dora’s new super-slim body image fell into the stereotypical, Barbie-like dolls that are criticized for body-image issues.

Nickelodeon and Mattel have been busy doing some major damage control! They immediately explained that it was a big misconception and reassured parents that the old Dora was not being scrapped. Instead the new interactive tween doll was being created for kids between the ages of 5- to 8-year-olds.

The new Tween Dora hits shelves in the fall of 2009.

I don’t see what the big deal is! The new Dora is very cute! The dolls that parents should really be concerned about are those hideous Bratz dolls….I find those to be completely disgusting.


  1. krulez says

    This change in my kids favorite tv show is just so absurd! I know for a fact that the media is going to eat this up, it’s going to be all about how great it is that she is growing up. But it isn’t! I don’t want my little girls to be looking at this new ‘Whora’ as a role model! She looks like she is about to go out to a club! They are going to be given the impression that she left her family behind to go on by herself, where’s her friends such as Boots? I don’t want my girls to get the impression that at such a young age, they should be looking like this and abandoning their friends! It’s an unfair impact on how they develop as a woman! Might as well just give them a Bratz doll so they can be just like them too! Unbelievable!

  2. Vicki says

    The new Dora looks like any regular teenager these days. So if you want to call all of the teens these days streetwalkers go ahead but that is the style. I see nothing wrong with the new Dora.

  3. Parent K says

    i think that the new Dora is very common to what we see now a days on teen movies. I don’t think this will appeal to young kids learning but more towards their sexuality. i think that the young kids that watch the show watch it to learn and the old Dora makes all kids feel equal but the new one will make under kids feel that they have to live up to a certain body type. overall, i think this character should have just been created for a new show..or made to be an older cousin of Dora that would help to teach her. I don’t like what this portrays to young kids…

  4. Tricia says

    Dumb idea by Nickelodeon. People don’t like change-especially children. If they came up with a plan that continues to bring in a positive revenue I don’t understand why they would change it.

  5. bigblknsexe says

    My oldest daughter whose 9-years-old said that’s babyish, but my youngest daughter who is 6 years- old recognized her

  6. Ileana says

    I think we need to start getting away from this isn’t fair kind of thing, if we make a doll that’s to light, to dark, to skinny or to shapy, We need to start teaching our children that it’s okay to be different, that if your hair is frizzy because your black it’s okay, that if we have a doll that it’s to shapy it’s okay, we as parents I think are more worried about this than the children, I always played with barbies since I was 5 years old and never thought , I need to have blond hair or look like barbie, it’s about how you raise your kids, It’s like when you are poor and there is people out there that are wealthy we need to teach our kids that this is okay. Stop blaming everyone else for a doll that is to thin, or to hispanic, black or caucasian. Let’s teach our kids to love who they are and to be secure about themselves. That way when there’s a new toy out there we don’t run to the store and get it so are child doesn’t feel left out or he/she become insecure because of a doll that doesn’t look like them.

  7. Ileana says

    The new Dora is beautiful, instead of parents being worried about her being made very thin, they should be worried about what their kids eat, let’s face it. America is heading towards obesity. There is nothing wrong with this doll, girls are suppose to stretch out as they are approaching their teens and they want to be a little more girly. I think this is a perfect doll as a Dora that is approaching to be a teenager.

  8. Anna says

    I honestly don’t care about the new Dora…. She looks fine to me.

    But to all of you who think that this new Dora is a bad role model……. Don’t you think DOLLS should be the least of your concerns these days???? I’ve seen many billboards that are worse, not to mention celebrities & ads, TV shows, commercials, movies, etc.

    You should be worrying about what else kids are exposed to. Compared to all of that, dolls are harmless.

  9. Adele (UK) says

    #28 – I don’t know any 10 year old girls who wear the clothes you mentioned. It’s a parents decision on how to dress a child & there is no way my children would be baring their bodies at 10 year olds!!

    Some people are extremely over the top for no reason.

    If you don’tlike the new Dora, don’t let your kids play with the doll or watch the TV show.My girls will never have Bratz because I don’t want my girls ending up wanting to dress like them or act like them but I don’t go across message boards saying they look like prostitutes!!

  10. Analise says

    She’s prettier than the original and looks WAY better than the stupid new fairy Strawberry Shortcakes will. My daughter doesn’t watch Dora though so it’s a non-issue in our house.

  11. Joanne says

    The new Dora looks fine to me, but my 8- and 10-year-old daughters wouldn’t be caught dead playing with dolls anymore!

    Bratz dolls and anything connected with them have always been forbidden at our house, and we won’t give them as gifts either. As one of my mom friends said, “Why would I give a little girl a hooker doll?”

  12. Amy says

    Have any of you SEEN a prostatute? A Dora TV DRAWING is nothing compared to that. Children will only see wrong in her through the eyes of there parents so lay off!!! She doesnt have her bra straps showing or lay rise jeans with her thong hanging out! And all the hoopla about her being an explorer wearing ballet slippers so what?! Maybe in TV land they made them steel toe.

  13. Bajaica says

    I held back as long as I could before buying Bratz dolls for my daughter. She has all kinds of dolls, of many colors – rag dolls, baby dolls, Barbies, Dora etc.

    Unfortunately, when girls go to school, they experience a lot of peer pressure to look a certain way, or act a certain way, regardless of the dolls they have at home.

    My child is well adjusted and knows what is appropriate and what is not, especially when it comes to clothing. She also watches the Bratz doll movies on dvd. The themes are usually based on friendships. She has only just started watching HSM and Hannah Montana etc. Just because all the other kids get to watch certain things, does not mean that your child has to. It is about parental responsibility and what you will tolerate in your home.

    Frankly, the types of commercials on tv these days is enough to send a parent screaming what is going on with the world.

    Anyway, the new Dora is okay, but what about those girls who may want long flowing hair? This can be especially true for children of color who look at caucasian or asian people and wonder why they cannot have hair like theirs. Even the black dolls have long flowing hair, which is not always realistic when you are a young black girl whose mom prefers to braid your hair as opposed to spending money on relaxers.

    Just a thought.

  14. Cindy says

    Seriously, the Bratz Dolls are so much worse. I don’t think this Dora is too bad at all, except as someone already pointed out, it is not proper attire for exploring…

  15. aubrey lillian says

    The new Dora has being called a “streetwalker” and a poor example for kids. Some critics contested that Dora’s new super-slim body image fell into the stereotypical,

    ummm have they seen THE BRATZ DOLLS

  16. Get a Clue! says

    “To those who find this outrageous, do you know any 10 year olds that dress like 5 year olds?? Very much doubt it.”

    Yes, I’ve seen the fashions available to little 10 year old girls now…. mid drifts, short shorts and skirts – a pedafile’s dream come true!

  17. Beth says

    She looks very cute but it just seems like she would go more for exploring jewelry and outfits ..just my opinion.

  18. Adele (UK) says

    Lighten up people, it’s just a doll/TV show.

    The new Dora looks exactly how 10 year olds dress, what’s wrong with that?? She’ll mosty probably come with a change of clothes which would be more suitable for exploring. She’s also not skinny like most dolls/TV characters, which is a good thing.

    To those who find this outrageous, do you know any 10 year olds that dress like 5 year olds?? Very much doubt it.

  19. anon says

    You people who think that it’s all about the parents and that the media have no negative influences on children are crazy. The media is trying to create consumers. In order to do this, they need to make kids feel like they are inadequate the way they are. They need to encourage consumption. The new Dora looks ready to shop, not explore. Sure, the parents can “protect” their children from the media, but you can’t shelter them all the time or from everything. The onslaught is too much for any parent to fight alone. And yes, advertisers know they are doing this and consciously try to make the run around parents. The reason you think your girls are turning out just fine is because you yourselves are absorbed with your own appearance as well. Try reading a little gender theory and actually learning how the world works.

  20. Jenna says

    I like her. My 5 yr old twins are excited for her new show. And they love her longer hair and dress-shirt. I wondered if they were going to change her appearance when I heard there was a new girl doing her voice. There was an outcry when Blue’s Clues changed the host to Joe and when they changed the program to Blue’s Room. Like all things, this Dora controversy will die down. And everyone has their own opinion on Bratz dolls; I personally think they are tacky and hideous. I will never buy them for my kids, but if they want to get them with their own money…..well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it….lol!

  21. Angelica says

    Excuse me but this conversation about a doll is ridiculous! These are toys not pages from a magazine. I have two daughters who play with dolls and yes even sometimes Bratz dolls. My daughters are turning out to be fine young ladies not self image girls. I think what a parent teaches a child at a young age leads them to who they will become not a toy doll!

  22. Catsue says

    This site is supposed to be about CELEBRITY BABIES! This is an advertisement! Please don’t put any ads or unrelated things here!
    In these tough economic times- who cares about this stupid doll. I don’t! I also don’t allow my daughter to have any Bratz “aka- Chunti Ho-Bag” . Buy your kid a book or a sports toy to play outside with instead.

  23. Just Me says

    I don’t think its racy or any of that … But one poster commented that she doesn’t look like an explorer anymore … that part is true … an explorer wouldn’t wear ballet flats!
    But why would there be kid and tween versions? Dora is a kid! They should just make the updated version another person, like Dora’s older sister or something.

  24. Angel says

    not sure if anyone noticed but the old dora has no lips no eye brows no nose. everyone is so worried about wht she is wearning…as anyone lookd at the old dora she has her belly all hanging out yea lets let ur kids think thats kool… people worried about how she looks now.people should be worried about how she looked before her make over.

  25. Lurker says

    Well, she’s not as bad as I was expecting. She’s actually kind of cute, IMO.
    BUT..I don’t understand the point to doing it in the first place.
    My daughter, who is now 12, loved Dora when she was little (My six year old son also watched Dora and Diego both) but she outgrew Dora the Explorer and moved on to other things. She played with Barbies some (and still does on occasion) and we never allowed the Bratz dolls in our house anyway–but I don’t know why Mattel or Nick or whoever feels the NEED to hang on to the “tween” girls. Sesame Street has let them go, as does any other “preschool” program that kids grow out of.
    There will always be more little girls that can enjoy Dora..’reaching up’ like this strikes me, personally ,as desperate and unnecessary.

    Just let go of the big girls that are “beyond” Dora! I think it’s be much better than creating the uproar that they have with some parents!

  26. LOLA says

    i think the new dora is cute and adorable, she’s not super thin, she’s just right! Go Dora, Go Dora!!!!!!LOL

  27. Aimee says

    Do any of you have anything else better to do than complain over a doll? The doll is upgrading just like all of our kids do. I have an 11 year old daughter, she is the oldest of 3. My daughter has changed so much from the age of 4-6 till now. Especially since now she is a tween. The “new” Dora doll is changing just like our children do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I wish all you stupid, narrow minded individuals on here that are complaining, would find something more useful to say than the ridiculous remarks that you are. Ya’ll need to vent over more constructive issues than that over a meesly doll. What has this world come too?

  28. Mercy says

    It is amazing how someone growing up can cause such a rampage. The “older” Dora looks just like a 10 year old. To a “T”. I have a 10 year old girl. She dresses just like that, her hair has lighted in the sun some over the years. She is an “explorer” herself. She loves finding the answers to things and is always asking questions. And she wears crocs and a variety of other shoes while out and about. If you notice the younger Dora has NO lips. Yet you don’t see anyone complaining about that.

    Kids don’t notice things like that. People are so concerned how much impact TV figures have on their children. It is SO not true. YOU the parent have the responsibility to raise your child. If you don’t like the images bombarding your children…then stop them! You can still control what a 5-8 year old sees…for that matter you can still control what a 9-12 year old sees as well.

    There are so many worse thing that your child could be exposed to you. If you want to be concerned about something…be concerned about all the bad commercials your children are exposed to while watching Nick or even worse…the shows they make for kids over the age of 8….now that is concerning….as for Dora…she looks harmless…still!

  29. anon says

    The new Dora looks like she spends lots of time on her appearance. The old Dora looks like she has better things to do. The problem is that a focus on appearance is constantly being marketed to younger and younger girls. I feel really bad for young girls nowadays. They never even get a chance to spend time as kids before the superficiality of “womanhood” enters their lives.

  30. DMITZ says

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation???

    As a mom of an almost 3 yr old and a 6 yr old I was very dissapointed when I first found out about Dora’s transition. Then I found out yesterday that that are making an EXTENDED version of Dora, and not replacing the one toddlers have all grown to know and love. My daughter watches Dora faithfully! She has learned so much from her including colors, shapes, SPANISH, and to learn and share. If this Dora is aimed for the tweens group then that’s fine with me. I have to admit I’d be dissapointed if my daugther dtiched Dora the Explorer for this new, more stylish version. I’m just one of those that say if it works, then why fix it?? She’s fine the way she is, extended version or not. There are enough “tween” stuff out there – Camp Rock, High School, Musical, Hannah Montana, iCarly, etc… I guess I can understand Nick/Mattel wanting to taking a hugh sensation like Dora and expanding but in my opinion it was fine the way it is. People don’t like change like this, and that’s why most parents were in an uproar about it. Dora’s supposed to be an explorer, not a 10yr ditching her beloved Boots, Isa, and all her other friends. My daughter loves each of those characters and when she sees that tween Dora hit the shelves, she’s going to want to know where Boots and Benny are!!

  31. yes says

    The new dora IS wearing makeup. Those are not natural colored lips. I think you could have a played down version if indeed she is still an explorer. There are not enough innocent tween role models. I just hope she will be, but I see a flop coming.

    As far as Bratz Dolls…bad, bad, bad! Perhaps if you want your daughter to role after a $3 hooker, then fine. But, otherwise, get a clue!

  32. hannahmumma says

    I love how she looks…… almost 6 year old daughter will certain like her and can’t wait to show her the photo you have posted!!

  33. Collette u.k says

    What wrong with bratz?my nearly 7 year old has been into them since she 3!just started geting into hsm now few month ago .And a much improved dora

  34. jinni says

    The problem I have with this Dora is:
    1. Why did they have to lighten her hair?
    2. Dora is supposed to be an explorer, so why did they give her party clothes instead of clothes that are more appropriate for adventuring. The should have kept her wearing sneakers instead of ballet flats, since it makes more sense for a person travelling through unpaved/ rocky terrain to have on shoes with some traction.

  35. Lydia says

    I see no problem with the tween version of Dora. She is fully dressed, weaing no make-up and just looks like an older, but still appropriate version of the original Dora. Pretty average looking 5-8 year old in cartoon form, if you ask me.

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