Suri & Shiloh's Tea Party!


Film commitments brought Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie to NYC — but the moms’ most important project in Manhattan is coordinating a playdate between their toddlers!

“Katie loves entertaining and spoke to Angelina about having an at-home tea party with cupcakes for the girls,” a friend of Katie’s told OK! magazine. “It’s something she has wanted to do for ages,” added another source close to the Katie. “Because of security reasons, Katie can’t have just any child over to her home. But with celebrity tots like Shiloh and Zahara, there’s no problem.”

Plans for their playdate began on January 11th in L.A., when Katie and Tom chatted with Angelina and Bradvat a private Golden Globes afterparty at the Sunset Tower Hotel. Though Tom, 46, and Brad, 45, are hardly strangers. The two co-starred in the 1994 vampire flick, Interview With a Vampire, they lost touch over the years.

“Since the film, their careers and social circles have become so different, they rarely see each other,” explained the source. But the two men acted like old friends that night. “Both talked at length about their children,” added the source, “and they agreed to get their little girls together.”

There may be another reason for the playdate too. Katie desperately wants to introduce Suri to other children her age. Suri’s siblings Connor, 14, and Isabella, 16, are much older. “Suri’s a very shy young lady,” an insider told OK! magazine. “Even when Tom or Katie have taken her to a park or beach and tried to introduce her to other kids for a little playtime, it hasn’t worked. She’s very clingy.”

“Katie told Angelina she just knew Suri and Shiloh are going to get along fantastically well,” said the insider, “and Suri is already getting into the idea.”

They would be very cute together! I can totally picture them becoming fast friends!



  1. L says

    First of all, I’m sure there is no truth to this story. To Maya, tons of little kids have imaginary friends, etc. It is not a sign of mental instability. About Suri, for all we know she does have friends over. Just because it isn’t photographed by the paparazzi doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Also, the little girl I babysit full time wears dresses more often than not, but she is still very active, and plays on playgrounds, etc. all the time. Her dresses just stay clean because they are WASHED. Shiloh seems like a tomboy and is probably very active. Just because she looks a little dirty sometimes doesn’t mean she is “trailer trashy”.

  2. Lovie says

    I can’t believe that you people are on this site talking about Shiloh looks like a dike and Suri should have friends her age what do a 2 yr old know about a friend give me a break.

  3. Deeds says

    I know that OK rag mag misses the target more often than not. If Shiloh had a plaid shirt on under her coat she would look like “mommies lil’ dyke” Don’t bash me. I am not homophobic.

  4. oriana says

    It’s fun to imagine, Thank You, John Lennon! I imagine that I am 17 again and Robert Pattinson is my boyfriend! Ha! I don’t see anything wrong with a child having a healthy imagination! They will grow out of it and all kids practically do it.

  5. scarlet says

    #21 Hello have you every seen Suri away from her parents? Suri is Katies designer purse. If she had friends and did things with other people she would not be in every pic with her parents….Suri is in dresses and never in playwear. It is clear she never interacts with other children. Look at Jennifer Garners child Violet always going to play school…Suri is clearly a child that only does thing with her parents..It is so sad.

  6. traveler says


    My niece likes to pretend to be a cat. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think children with an active imagination do better in life than those without one. Imagination and creativity are traits shared by most entrepreneurs. And a lot of children have imaginary friends. I’m not quite sure why you think that’s a sign of mental instability. You’ve obviously never spent time around children.

    The problem with Suri is that her clothes are to clean. No child should be forced to spend their childhood dressed to the nines in clothes to expensive to have fun in. Children should play on playgrounds, roll around in the dirt, get grass stains on their pants sliding down hills on their knees, and make messes doing arts and crafts. That is what childhood is about. It’s not about looking good.

  7. fallon says

    How do you know that Suri does not have friends her own age? Just because she is not photographed as being with other children, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have friends who aren’t celebrities. I can’t believe the crazy assumptions people are making here. Do you see every aspect of Suri’s life?

  8. lilah says

    Can no-one else see that it is not Suri and Shiloh in the picture? But two very bad lookalikes?wow that was the lamest thing ever. those lookalikes must be twins

  9. Granny says

    Maya. My eldest had numerous imaginary friends and often called herself Barbie. And now at 37 she is just as sane and stable as anyone. Those are not unusual traits in young children.

  10. pixiedust says

    Can no-one else see that it is not Suri and Shiloh in the picture? But two very bad lookalikes?

  11. scarlet says

    Katie..The bottom line is Suri is clingy because she is never around children here own age.. It is important for kids to have interactions of others there age. My daughter goes to pre-school at age 2 and she at first had a hard time but now she has grown and is just a chatter box. At first I didnt want her to go but my husband made me break away for my childs sake..Katie time to let Suri be around other children and create a well adjusted little girl. Instead of a clingy scared child.

  12. ELIE TAYLOR says

    I never knew that Suri was in Washington D.C with Shiloh.
    When did that happen since it should be Shiloh and
    Zahara and Brad should be in that pix too.. Since there is
    a video of them coming out of the store together.!! And it
    was on the sidewalk.. so why can’t Suri be friends with
    Shiloh and Zarah.. Brad and Katie would be great together
    and have chats about kids..

  13. josh says

    I think we need to give a lot of chances.They are in the same age,so therefore,they are compatible to one another as a playmate.
    For a corrections,Shiloh does looks like dirty and trashy al the time cuz,her clothes were shared by the rests of her clan.besides,her parents are more worried about the others’ needs,they don’t have time to go to clothes stores.Suri’s parents,well,they just woory.
    they will be good friends.Just let these kids be.We critisized,why Suri does not interact with others?Now that she wil be,we still have lots of negative comments from people.

  14. maya says

    With numerous invisible friends and a desire to be called John, Shiloh is showing similar mental instability like her mother. I don’t think she would be good company for any child let alone Suri. Besides, Brangelina always seems dirty and trailer trashy, whereas Suri is always dressed to tehe nines. I don’t see anything in common with these two families. These are tabloid conctions.

  15. oriana says

    I think that Suri does need some friends her own age, I just think that OK magazine made up a pack of lies to sell to the public!

  16. Niloofar says

    What are you guys talking about??? I don’t care what does O.K! magazine say, but the point is this Suri should have some friends , so what’s wrong with Shiloh? she is the best for being Suri’s buddy!
    in my book they would be very nice friends.

  17. oriana says

    What a Crock! Just plain stupid to try and sell magazines. I hope everyone boycotts this magazine!

  18. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Oh my god just splice the photos together.. Since Shiloh
    was at a art store with her daddy.. In the cover shot..and
    changing the background just proves a point that O.K
    will do anything for a fake story..!

  19. Umm&Ahh says

    Why cant Suri play with non celeb kids her age? Brangelina kids seem to be encouraged to play and open their circle I’m sure that Suri can only benefit. What about Zahara? this story smells phony to me!

  20. Collette u.k says

    Oh my god why do mags always compare there SO DIFFERENT +suri aint clingy just spoilt little girl imho

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