Melissa Joan Hart & Family Celebrate Son's First Birthday At Disneyland!


Melissa Joan Hart and family celebrated son Braydon’s first birthday party at Disneyland! The family sang “Happy Birthday” with some backup vocals from Tigger on March 12th. Fun!



  1. Cindy says

    #4, why would you make a comment about Gwen Stefani on a photo of Melissa Joan Hart’s family? There is a photo of the Gwen’s family here too, you know. No biggie, just thought it odd.

  2. Em says

    They are the cutest little family! What a fun first birthday to have at Disneyland! Mason and Braydon are adorable! This family seems so down to earth and cool, not like some other Hollywood families.

  3. pookie-wookie says

    i can’t believe he’s already one year old. time sure does fly, it seems like yesterday when mason was born.


    I love this family and always enjoy their pics.

  4. me says

    Her husband cheats on her. It was a blind item that he brought her to a party and Melissa didn’t say anything to her because Melissa wants to keep that image of a good family life.

  5. Kristeena Beena says

    These are very handsome boys. She seems to be a very good mother. She isn’t in the Hollywood lights a lot, but when she is, it is a wholesome family outing. I love that her family can do things together. I wish this was something that all families would consider, exactly that… time.

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