Nadya Suleman Getting A Bigger House & Free Nurses


Nadya Suleman’s family is buying a house in Orange County, Calif., that’s nearly twice as large as the one where Nadya, 33, lives with her six older children in Whittier. And the octuplets will have a free fleet of skilled nurses.

“She’s excited,” Suleman’s mother, Angela, told People magazine. “This is an old house and this new one will have a lot more space.”

The 2,583-foot four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in La Habra is “a good house for kids,” with a huge yard, Mike Patel of Prudential Realty told People magazine. “It’s a good house for a big family and there is room to add on more rooms.”

The house, listed at $564,900, has a short escrow that should close later this week, Patel said. He adds he represents the owner, who didn’t know the Suleman family before the deal came together. “They just happened to like this house,” Patel said. The official buyer is Nadya’s father, Ed Doud.

Nadya also accepted the invitation of Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit that will provide around-the-clock nurses once the babies are brought home over the next few weeks, according to Dr. Phil McGraw, who helped arranged the deal along with attorney Gloria Allred.

“Nadya realized that she had to make every effort to care for the octuplets as well as the six children at home in a way that proved that she understood the enormity and complexity of the task ahead,” said Dr. Phil, whose show will address the matter Tuesday and Wednesday.

The neonatal intensive care nurses specialize in premature infant developmental care, shared Linda Conforti West, CEO and founder of Angels in Waiting. The agency would have 14 nurses a day, four to five at a time, working around the clock, representatives recently told People magazine. Normally, they say, that kind of care would cost about $135,000 a month. The nurses’ salaries are paid by the organization.

The arrangement comes amid troubles at home. At least some of Nadya’s other children are angry over the impending arrival of the octuplets, Nadya told The Insider.

“[They’re] externalizing their anger. Internalizing it. They become more withdrawn and get a little more sad,” Nadya told the show. “One of my kids for a while, I noticed, he didn’t want to deal with the reality of what’s going on. I noticed some tears coming down his face. I held him for ten minutes and he held me back and that’s all he needed.”  

As far as the babies’ father, Nadya claims that she paid him for the sperm donation. “A certain amount of money,” she said, “not too much but just enough so he knew that there were boundaries there. I wanted those boundaries to be really firm and know that this is a business arrangement.”

…business arrangement?

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  1. Gil says

    What is disgraceful is that the american public, with its fascination for tabloids and gossip, has enabled this publicity wh*** and her grand plans of gaining wealth by prostituting the well being of her children.

    If people will not listen, watch or read the gossip reporters, this sordid story will go away in a hurry.

    The tabloids (including the alphabet networks) loose money in my household, we immeidately switch stations if this individual’s name comes up.

  2. allie says

    #12 & #37 & 32 and all the other people who are saying they hate her, look i hate her 2 but guess what? hating her isnt gonna make this any better. its not gonna make those babies go away!!! i personally think people need 2 help her or those babies r gonna suffer. im glad she’s got a new house and some help. & for tax payers who say its not fair, ya its not but u no life’s not fair. there r bad people in the world who do bad things & good people have 2 pay for them. its how life is these days!!!

  3. Lola says

    With six children at home, she could at least have one or two of them with her while out and about. I’m certain babysitter Grandma could use the break and the child could use some one-on-one time.

  4. Georgia says

    This woman absoloutely sickens me!!! She is always out and about with her starbucks in hand acting like a celebrity, huge smile on her face for papparazzi. All she wants is t be famous, she doesnt care about those kids. I feel so sorry for them! They need to be taken away from her, she seems like she will be a really bad influence.

  5. Collette u.k says

    There no way in england u’d be able have that many embroyos put in its wrong and insult to al the poor women who cant ave kids and few my friends cant

  6. Disgusted_mom says

    Where are the donations for the Suleman Wing of the local Juvenile Detention Center? When her 14 kids grow into teens and have no other way to get attention from their mother, what do you think they will do? Dr. Phil, will you be around then? I know, maybe if she just takes them in her arms and rocks them for a few minutes, everything will be just fine. I’m so disappointed in Dr. Phil, but hey, ratings are ratings!

  7. Cindy says

    I can’t stand this woman. What an idiot. She sure does like the attention, there is no doubt about that.

  8. pat says

    Tax payers such as myself will soon be forced to pay for this crazy ass woman and all those kids – I certainly do not want to be reminded of that EVERY SINGLE DAY! The media needs to stop glamorizing this woman already – why every part of the media cannot see this is beyond me! Being a crazy tramp is NOT news – lets focus on something important…

  9. Jubaloo says

    This woman is all that is wrong in the world today where you get famous for doing freaky things and generally for being a freak – I hope her older children have enough about them to get away from her as soon as they are old enough – the Woman is mad and deserves as little publicity as possible !!!

  10. K. says

    She’s the epitomy of a SKANK. She’s a Palestinian immigrant (along with her family) that came to America to live off of its welfare system. She should be deported! Her children, however, should be put into the system where even more taxpayer dollars can go to pay for their every need. They were born here, therefore, they should be wards of the state. But she … she and her parents should be deported! She’s a public health concern in and of herself, and the sooner we kick her nasty, immigrant behind to the curb, the safer we’ll all be. SKANK WHORE!

  11. Blondie says

    Thanks Nadya for showing me how to get famous and rich.
    I ‘ll be the next one 🙂
    I am going to tell my doc. to put 10 embryos in my tummy 😉
    Remember my name everyone.
    I ‘ll be rich in less than 9 months…..

  12. One Good Thing? says

    Well, if one good thing comes out of it I hope that her picture has permanately been branded in the minds of all fertility doctors and men……

    Perhaps with her being recognizable, this will lead to no further children for this broad.

  13. emer says

    hmmm i wrote a comment and mentioned some home truths about dr phils accountability… but its been removed… woops… mustnt be allowed voice an opinion on this site…

  14. Struggling mom of 4 says

    I have mixed feelings regarding this topic but I’m glad people are looking out for the children and donating to the children, but then again I am a mother of 4 who struggles with a Chronic Illness and never once have I asked for help from my mom or the government..We need to just think its all the best for the kids all14 of them.

  15. jmee says

    leave her alone ?????????? If she didn’t want all this attention she wouldn’t go on Dr. Phil, and do interviews. She should be ashamed of how draining this will be on an already stressed economy.

  16. N says

    per #12…”Oh and N…Nadya was LIVING her with mother…all the more reason that NADYA should be helping them out with the mortgage payments if she and HER children were living with them!”…….
    That has nothing to do with the FACT that nadya did not have a mortgage her mother did.

    My mom has a mortgage and if I needed help she would let me live with her without helping to pay her mortgage. Want to know why….. because she can PAY IT ON HER OWN. The only thing that would increase if I moved with her is her water, electric, and food bill. NOW …. I dont live with her and dont plan to BUT if i needed to I know she would only ask me to help her pay her those bills I mentioned.

  17. Ivana says

    leave her alone, including media, mind your own business and your families…she is not a celebrity

  18. Me, that's who says

    I think that it is ridiciolous that she is getting a bigger house and nurses! This happens everyday to women, and they don’t get any help! I hate to say this, but if she was black, It is would be a up roar! After all….People think that Black men just have kids after kids, with black women and live off of welfare, well THIS IS an example that it just doesn’t happen to black people!

  19. modern technologies says

    Those kids didnt do anybody any harm> I dont mind that they get help, they need it badly! But If i was incharge, mom would not profit out of it. I would take those babies away from her. All the money they get out of donations and from the state would be enough to hire some people 24/7 to take care of those kids and make sure they get the attention they deserverd. But mom, no not a dime for mom. She is wearing expensive clothes. Thats something i cant understand! She should be wearing handsdowns!.

  20. phnxgirl says

    Please excuse me while I go throw up. The babies should not be given a bigger house, they should be adopted out to families that will actually have time to love them and give them the attention they need. She makes me sick, sick, sick.

  21. Patricia says

    Hi Just me I like that show john and katie plus 8,They got a huge house,and I remember Katie saying my kids deserve a big house,hello???? all the kids deserve a nice house,food on the table,good parents etc…she was saying like her kids its better then other kids in the world,I just hate her.
    About Nadya people still give to much attention to her,ok she got a house and about food,who’s is gonna pay for the bills (water,eletricity etc)?I am so sick of her.
    Its easy for her she can just get no job and get all the money and enjoy that and who knows maybe have more kids I hope not,because people giver her money and pay everything for her kids its easy have a lot of kids.that woman makes me sick!
    Let’s help people,but people who really deserve help,like people and kids on africa etc.

  22. jmee says

    I’m sick of all the hand outs she is getting. We all have things happen to us. The fact that she had so many children already, and i’m assuming she was on welfare……..Why go and have even more for all OF US to pay for ? I do pray for her and her children.

  23. candykane says

    I don’t think she is going to live there for too long. Try to fit 14 kids into that dining room or into 4 Bedrooms. Actually just 3 since she will be in one of them. But her kids will make enough money to buy a new one soon

  24. nicole says

    While I whole-heartedly agree with everyone’s comments (except Z)… at the end of the day, as a society we ALWAYS pay eventually for children that do not receive adequate early childhood care.

    As a society we have always and will always pay for our neighbor’s foolishness – either at the front end (like in this case) or later (just look at our overcrowded and expensive prisons)…

    Yeah, she is getting ‘helped’ but in truth it is the innocent children who need this to get a real chance at life …

    and anyway, I predict they will be taken away within a year because she is crazy!

  25. Kay says

    How do you think she’s paying for the house? She’s been making money from Entertainment Tonight and all the other shows she’s been on. The woman’s not nuts at all, she’s going to be ok. Tired but ok.

  26. Disgusted says

    Z…NO ONE should be helping her…rich or poor for that matter. The handouts she’s received for being completely irresponsible and ignorant is just absolutely beyond me. I will continue to not agree with this situation and I feel very badly for the children involved. Oh and N…Nadya was LIVING her with mother…all the more reason that NADYA should be helping them out with the mortgage payments if she and HER children were living with them! Oh, that’s right…she can’t work cause she apparently has all these children to take care of so all the more reason she should be receiving HANDOUTS…WHATEVER! The woman is a complete and utter idiot and people donating to her are simply enabling her!

  27. Ok, I'm confused?!?!?!? says

    Huh, and to think I had to bust my butt in college and work tirelessly to afford my $500,000 home……..

    Who would have thought if I would have to just produced a dozen plus children it would all come for free?!?!?!?

  28. Just Me says

    Patricia, Sad and Unfair doesn’t even cut it for me! Disgusted and infuriated, are a few that come to mind.
    A half-million dollar home?

    In a way, this reminds me of Jon & Kate Plus 8, which I used to watch and enjoy. Neither of them work, yet they just moved into a huge home and every episode shows them in nice clothes, getting ready to fly off to Hawaii or Colorado. I know J&Kate aren’t the same, yet maybe the companies handing out this unnecessary stuff to them could instead donate money to needy families. That would be great advertising for them.

  29. anonymous says

    The title of her book should be: “How to be irresponsible and still get rewarded for it”. This gal has some real issues.I agree with all of you as well.

  30. Renne says

    I do agree with all of you. The honest people who work their butts off, never get a break in life… but greedy/selfish people always get an easy way out.

  31. babyrazzi junkie says

    I love how she acts like holding her child for 10 minutes solved all his problems. Those kids are not going to get anywhere near the attention they need. She has no clue how damaging her selfish actions are for all of her poor kids!

  32. RW says

    Here we are in the midst of a recession…honest people losing jobs left and right and an irresponisble mother of FOURTEEN gets free handouts. It’s not right; it’s unfair and it shows that irresponsible and selfish American fare better than hardworking, honest ones do. It’s sad.

  33. emer says

    those kids should be taken into care… its disgraceful….no surpise if doctor phil is backing in…he is two faced… wrote books on good marriage while cheating on his wife!! ha ha no wonder oprah wants nothing more to do with him… jerry springer part 2, do anything to get his ugly mush on tv!

  34. N says

    Her MOTHER was behind in mortgage payments…. The Family has been receiving payments for all this press their doing and all the photo albums that you see online. People are donating money too……

  35. Disgusted says

    How in the world are they BUYING/PAYING for this home???? Dr. Phil buying it for her?? Last I heard was that her family was behind on the payments for the other house. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she received handouts with all the publicity she’s gotten…whatever…the woman makes me sick!

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