Britney & Her Boys Frolick By The Pool


Britney was snapped enjoying a second day frolicking by the pool with sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

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  1. Cindy says

    one more thing, oriana-the-know-it-all…learn to spell. “Nicole my Dear, ignore her, I am going too.” One “o” on that “too” is enough…and you call me ignorant. At least I am educated!

  2. Cindy says

    oh yeah…and there you go, having to have the last word like I said…but I changed my mind, I want the last word. Freak.

  3. Cindy says

    F-you oriana. It’s the only way to deal with people like you, it’s fun to shock the prudes…f-ing idiot! hahaha biatch

  4. oriana says

    Cindy, I think you had the last word and showed your true colors with F-You comments. You are vulgar and ignorant.

    Nicole my Dear, ignore her, I am going too.

  5. Nicole says

    F-you? Wow real mature. Now I know what age group I was dealing with. I am rubber you are glue. Whatever you say to me bounces of me and sticks to you! Hey Cindy- I was just talking to your mommy ( because her and I are probably the same age) and she said that you need to go brush your teeth so she can tuck you in nighty night!

  6. Cindy says

    To think this all started because I disagreed with oriana! God forbid…are you and Nicole the only ones entitled to your opinion? FYI oriana, the majority of the comments you make are negative, it’s a fact, you are one of those.

    I think the only way to deal with people like you (and innocent little Nicole) is to just say F- you and be done with it. Don’t worry oriana I will let you have the last word because we all know you want it. hahaha idiot

  7. oriana says

    Please leave Nicole alone just because some of you don’t like me. She is innocent in all of this and has a right to her opinion, and Thank You Nicole!

    First of all, I don’t like Britney Spears but that has nothing to do with my opinion of her exposing herself so much. If it was my own sister I would say the same thing. Also, I have made many nice comments about celebs on here that I admire and if you have read very much on here, you would know that to be true. I am not always negative and as far as “messing with a Britney fan”, PLEASE, that doesn’t phase me in the least!

    I haven’t made anything up, the pictures of her and her comments speak for themselves. Madonna is one of her role models, and I can’t stand her either!

  8. Cindy says

    btw, Nicole …Do you know how ridiculous you sound saying “mind your own business”? Do you know where you are? I think oriana isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.

  9. Cindy says

    I visit this site often and have yet to see oriana be “an extremely nice person”. In fact she is the one always starting sh*t. Nicole, you are no better than oriana in your comments I have seen on photos, no surprise you would defend her. Rude people.

  10. Nicole says

    Kate- get a life and mind your own business… Cindy- if spreading ones legs out and making money is normal to you, then reevaluate your morals. Leave Oriana alone. She’s an extremely nice person and all you are doing is trying to start sh*t.

  11. kate says

    I have to agree with cindy, oriana you are one of the few sadly close minded, truly disgustingly negative people about britney. she is a very successful strong woman. She is famous for being sexy but also for being a normal southern girl. I heard her comment at her tampa show. she had a wardrobe malfunction and was probably saying it to her dancers and didn’t intend for the entire staduim to hear it. If you had a clue, you would know she changed her outfit since that show to something more comtorable and less revealing. Being sexy is not being trashy. just b/c you are a mother (a mother in your 20’s at that) doesn’t mean you cant show off your hot body and do what you’re successful at. dancing and putting on a great show. her children leave 45 minutes into the show so they don’t see anything she wouldnt want them to see. It has been over a year since anything “odd” or “crazy” has happened in her life. so I dont quite know where you’re getting at.. I must say you might wanna check your IQ if you think that b/c she’s a certain way on stage or in a music video, she’s like that all the time.Also recovery takes committment. no one can force you to give up your behavior. obviously BRITNEY made it a priority. have you seen “for the record” she said in that documentry “I look back and I think I’m a smart person … what the hell was I thinking?” sound like someone who still has issues to you? not. get a life and if you dislike her SO much as it is clear you do, then you might want to refrain from gossiping about her as you have on many of her posts. always saying something negative. You’re entitled to your opinion (since I know you’ll argue that) but to time after time insult someone obviously you don’t care for is pointless. If you had a life then you wouldn’t be wasting your time arguing with cindy over someone you dispise. just think about that before you mess with a britney fan =)

  12. Cindy says

    I just don’t like your attitude, oriana, even if I agreed with you…i see you arguing here all the time with people and I think you are not such a nice person. Someone disagrees with you and then wham, you are in attack mode. It’s people like you that make me not want to come here.

  13. oriana says

    Cindy, I am not going to argue with you back and forth. Look at her recent concert pictures of her exposing herself, I did, listen to the comment she made about it, I did, and if you think that is appropriate and fine for a mother of two children, if you think the way she presented herself, even to make money, is fine, then that is your choice, I think she still has issues and I still think she is very trashy.

    Niloofar, I love you, I know you are a huge fan of hers, but I do not see you acting like she does in a public forum. In her own backyard, yes, wear whatever, even go naked if she chooses, but to act like she does in public, sorry, no, I think it is extremely low class.

  14. oriana says

    Cindy, what do I know? I know what I see! And I saw the pictures at her most recent concert. So according to those pictures, she is still crazy. And cheap, and trashy! Legs spread wide apart, with practically everything hanging out and she was well aware of it even if you aren’t. Or maybe you sit around like that yourself?

  15. Cindyo says

    Oh that. The panties thing was when she was crazy, which I am saying she is getting over. What do you know? Everything it seems. *rolling eyes*

  16. oriana says

    Flaunting one’s self at concerts are totally different from exposing your private area to thousands of people. Her father is definitely still overseeing her and I hope he does for a long time. She needs therapy and she never got the proper professional treatment in my opinion.

    But what do I know? I am old fashioned in that area and I just don’t think young girls whether celebs or not, should be going around with no panties and exposing themselves constantly!

  17. Cindy says

    Yes, poor Britney. I don’t know, she may still be flaunting herself at her concerts, why shouldn’t she? I will agree with you on her singing though, not too good. She’s a pretty good dancer though. Her father has helped her a lot but last I heard she no longer lives with him and is getting back on her feet. Anyway, I wish her luck. She’s not a bad person, even kind of sweet.

  18. oriana says

    Poor Britney? Isn’t she still flaunting herself at her concerts? She is pretty, I have never thought she had a nice singing voice, certainly can’t compare with Christina or even Jessica Simpson for that matter. I am glad she has recovered from her nervous breakdown, but I do think if her father wasn’t in control of her, back again she would go to her old ways.

  19. Cindy says

    Totally disagree Oriana…people have hard times, I think she is over it. She had a lot on her plate and went crazy. People make mistakes and I think she is sorry and trying to make up. Why does she have to be punished forever??? Poor Britney.

  20. oriana says

    Trash, plain White Trash with money, and it shows! She has a pretty face, good body, can dance, no voice, but yet the young people still love her.

  21. Lauren says

    Britney looks amazing! Such a difference from a year ago! I’m glad she’s coming back. <33 Britney

  22. Collette u.k says

    Apparently she hasbeen miming again in her tour what a shame she did when she came to u.k was in x factor mimed womanzier i stil love her though

  23. Niloofar says

    She is the best singer and one of the most beautiful woman in the world, she has the most perfect SMILE, I’m also a slave 4 her ADORABLE sons 🙂 🙂

  24. Cindy says

    If I had her body I would be wearing that bathing suit too! I don’t think becoming a mommy should mean you have to turn all old and frumpy…especially when your still young and beautiful. People are such prudes! I think she looks great and the kids are adorable.

  25. says

    Her suit is totally not suitable “Mommy Wear”! Brit needs to ditch the stripper ensemble and start setting an example for her little boys. Also, she really needs to get her boys decent haircuts. They would probably be more comfortable with shorter hair when swimming, especially in the hot sun. Britney did, however, make an amazing comeback as an artist. Now the final step is to look the part on casual days out with the boys.

  26. kate says

    wow people britney looks beautiful and her children are adorable. shes just wearing a normal bikkni. its nothing unusual. all these hot hollywood moms wanna show off their gorgeous bodies and thats fine. “nicole” she wore a silk lace top. dark jeans and heels … the top is a tank top with lace at the bust and down the middle (but its not see threw lace its decorative like an embelishment) so really .. you’re crackin on her for NO reason. she gave $100,000 to that hospital and took the time to spend time with them … isnt that what matters most? anyways i just think she (and her dad) have pulled herself out of a dark time and has been able to comeback as a parent and a popstar and I truly admire her for her dedication to getting healthy (even if her father had to force her at first, she stuck with it and made it a priority)

  27. daze says

    english is not my maternal language! sorry for trying to see more than my own country and being interested in learning english.

  28. One Good Thing? says

    Daze: “you sound very uneducated”…..HAHAHAHAHA!

    Learn how to spell and type proper English sentences!

  29. daze says

    omg “me”! you sound very uneducated when you say those kids look like they have FAS. first, they seem perfectly normal and healthy. FAS kids are small for their age, have behaviour problem and less motivity. with all the video of them we have seen lately, i think it would be obvious. Moreover remember that both boys go to school just as any other kid and that their is so much people around that someone would have talk since a LONG time if it’s what the case. and i don’t even get me started of what the custody battle would have been….

  30. Collette u.k says

    Its good to see her looking healthy and happy and geting stronger by the day wish i had figure like that mine gone to pot since my 2 daughters wel done britney for showing all those doubters

  31. joueala says

    i like seeing the boys enjoying a day with mom… i want britney to take care of the boys..not kevin!

  32. joueala says

    i like seeing the boys enjoying a day with mom… i want her to take care of the boys.. not kevin!

  33. nicole says

    Britney is trashy… and just like Pamela Anderson, doesn’t understand the concept of ‘time and place’… what she wore at that children’s hospital recently was disgraceful. SOMEONE should have had the nerve (a responsible adult) to ask to put ON A SHIRT in front of those children.

    How could she think a lacy, low cut piece of lingerie is okay to wear at a place reserved for kids? Because she is trashy. I don’t care one bit what she wears in front of her own kids on her own property – but that was totally disrespectful to children.

  34. me says

    Her bottoms are small! Like she said in her concert “Her pussay is hanging out!” I thought she drank or did drugs while pregnant. Does it look like her kids have fetal alcohol syndrome? She’ll always be a cheeto eating, frap drinking, hillbilly.

  35. DMITZ says

    I gotta say I was one of the 1st ones to always criticize her when she was at her lowest. I said she’d never make a comeback! But she has really surprised me as a mother and an entertainer. I’m rootin for Brit! I actually like her new stuff (enough to buy it on itunes, LOL)

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