Trista Sutter's Baby Shower


Trista Sutter and husband Ryan were joined by family and friends at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail in Colorado to celebrate their impending arrival. Trista and Ryan are expecting a daughter in April. The new addition will join their 19-month-old son, Max.  

Trista’s mom, Roseanne Rehn, was on hand to help with the shower, which Trista called “the perfect day.” Roseanne’s fabulous apron is available here!

“My friends are so kind,” shared Trista. “The gifts are really cute. She’s going to be the best-dressed little girl.”

Guests loved the decorations, all perfect to celebrate a little girl.

OK!: Have you thought of any baby names?

Yes, we have one in mind, but we’re keeping it private until she arrives!

OK!: How has the pregnancy been?

I feel good. Now I’m just tired. I’m due in mid-April so I’m trying to take it easy. I want her to go as close to term as possible because Max was four weeks early.

OK!: Have you had any scares?

I was in the hospital last week for dehydration. I got a cold and wasn’t keeping up with my fluids. I was having Braxton Hicks contractions, which are like fake contractions. I’ve had them throughout the pregnancy, once an hour or twice a day, but this was every 5 minutes. They rehydrated me and sent me home the next day. 

OK!: Do you want more kids after this one?

No, I just feel lucky that I’ll have one of each. As long as she’s healthy, I’m going to have a permanent sterilization procedure done [a few months after the birth]. God forbid if she is unhealthy or we lose her, then I would try for another one. 

OK!: Does Max know that he’s going to be an older brother?

He knows that my big belly is called “baby” and he knows what babies are. But, then again, last night he lifted up Ryan’s shirt and goes “baby” so I don’t think he quite gets it yet!

OK!: Do you think your new daughter will be a daddy’s girl?

Oh, absolutely. That was a big reason why I wanted a girl actually. Typically, it’s daddy’s girls and momma’s boys. I think it’s going to be so special to have a girl who will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger.



  1. Catsue says

    #11-do you live in a cave?
    I liked Trista’s hair MUCH better when it was blonde!
    They seem like a cute couple

  2. Kaney says

    And how soon after the birth are we gonna hear about how fat she is in her size 8 jeans and how she is such a whale? Remember that after her last baby? How she was so grossed out over her size 8 maternity pants?

    She looks like a pig in that picture. I hope she hates it as much as I think she does.

  3. Jules says

    What amazes me is that there are media outlets out there who think that these 2 douchebags are still newsworthy.

    How much money did OK! magazine shell out for this supposed “baby shower?”

    They need to go back to 2001 when they were relevant for 15 minutes and STAY THERE

  4. Cindy says

    Pretty cold remark about if she lost the baby or not. That doesn’t seem normal to me, I always liked her until now. Hopefully it just came out wrong and better yet hopefully she didn’t mean to say it at all.

  5. Anonymous says

    I absolutely can’t STAND HER! Never have. She is so fake always using that baby voice. You know she has got to be the biggest bitch on the planet.

    The comment about the dying baby was horrible. I agree with all of the above who said her 15 minutes are over. Good lord, why are people reporting on them??!!

  6. Anne says

    Why is Ryan so emaciated looking considering he is a fireman? No doubt he is subservient to Trista. I hope they are a happy couple but I wish Ryan was more a part of the equation and not just Trista. Beautiful little boy.

  7. me says

    Her husband looks like he is a robot controlled by his wife. He looks like he has no say in his own life. She was a psycho that wanted the whole package. She wanted to get married, have kids, buy a house, and be on a reality show. Her husband is a puppet. He just stands there, and says what can I do honey, and she says shut up and let the cameras take pictures of me opening this expensive crap. It’s all about her. She is the center of attention, just how she likes it to be.

  8. Just Me says

    Dmitz and ice … EXACTLY. I just don’t get why this is news. I also don’t understand why she needs a shower, sponsored by some company. Why does Trista’s baby need 3,000 pink onesies she will outgrow before she can even wear them? She had a shower for her first kid (doesn’t matter if it was a boy), so the donated shower should go to someone who needs it.

  9. DMITZ says

    OK, am I the only one who thinks her comment about having another baby is a bit selfish? If the baby is unhealthy they will try for another? I understand the “if we lose it part” but really, who answers that way? We want another baby in a couple of years but when people ask me if the ones I have now are it, I say “No, we will have one more.” Who adds, “We will have one more and that will be it unless it’s unhealthy or doesn’t survive?? I can’t stand her and why is she even on here, she’s no celebrity! Her 15 min of fame are over.

  10. ice says

    It’s amazing how people like her and Nicole “useless is my middle name” Richie, whose reality shows ended about two million years ago, are still relevant. Oh, the weirdness of Hollywood

  11. Momof2inPA. says

    I Remember from their wedding how Trista loves Pink! Well I’m sure they’ll be a lot of Pink in their little girls room!! lol It looks like she had a lot of PINK At the Shower too!Its nice to have one of each. I’m happy for them both!


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