Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise & Suri In Tokyo


Tom, Katie, and a somewhat sleepy Suri were snapped arriving at Narita International Airport in Chiba, Japan. The Cruise family touched down after an eighteen hour flight and were greeted by hundreds of screaming fans.

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  1. kit says

    Samantha, mind your own business. If I shouldn’t be judging others, neither should you. Who made you judge and jury? Hypocrite!!

  2. Samantha says

    Kit- I don’t think you are the one that should judge wether or not Katie can handle her own daughter. I think she is perfectly capable. It’s none of anyone’s business if they plan to have more kids and when, OR is it anyone’s business who they socialize Suri with. None of you lead their lives, so quit passing judgment.

  3. kit says

    Agree, Oriana. Kids need to socialize at this age. If they have more kids, it’s going to be a major adjustment for Suri. Hopefully, they’re already preparing her because looks like Katie can barely handle Suri now, as it is.

  4. oriana says

    A 3 year old deciding what she wants to wear on a long plane ride? Where are the parenting skills? I doubt she ever plays with any children her own age, at least Brad and Angie’s brood have one another to interact with.

  5. kit says

    Can you imagine Angie’s kids all decked out like Suri everywhere they go? That would be a riot! And, one hell of a dry cleaning bill. LOL.

  6. bambamswife7 says

    I love this family. Suri is a gorgeous child and dressed impeccably. Did you see jolie’s children how horribly they are dressed. They are hauled all over the world too.

  7. N says

    #12….You’re posting paragraphs too! A paragraph is described as one or more sentences…. So…you are commenting on opinions and she is too.

  8. N says

    #13…Its actually being reported that they traveled 1st class on a domestic flight not a private plane… Although they do have one. Supposedly it costs $250,000 to fly his plane and $35,000 for their 1st class tickets.

  9. cat says

    what a cutie!!!litttle Suri!…..If she is a typical three year old she is probably flexing her independence and picked the dress out herself. Katie is usually pretty well dressed but I don’t like this dress she’s wearing. Preg. or not? Maybe that’s the reason for the baggy dress…Those mag interview are usually done a couple of months before it hit newstands so maybe she wasn’t then but she is now….only time will tell,

  10. ice says

    So Suri has to wear a floor length party dress for a plane ride halfway round the globe? Love the Cruises. *dead*

  11. sue says

    Third time replying to my posts Kim and you act like it is I who is upset and cares to write opinions about what others write? LOL! Pot meet kettle. And it takes a mere minute to write a paragraph, but in your world it must take so much longer, now that is sad. And I am the one defending the child you are the one talking cr*p about a child, and then you want to act like you are the positive one? Second grade education the most.

  12. josh says

    No she is not pregnant as she stated in her glamour interview.It is just how she carries SURI.Plus her unknown material for clothing.Though he looks good and so as Suri.Katie is too but throw away the dress already.It is not a jet setting attire,and not too comfy,even to look at.

  13. concern individual says

    did Katie cut those japanese papers hanging as lanterns to out dreeses for her?Just wondering ok?
    And yes,long trip to Asia is far from having a marathon in New York.Sometimes,flight in Asia goes along 18-20 hours,not include the stop over.It is very tiring and exausting trip.But if they want to be together all the time so be it.Now is 6:50PM US time,it is 6:50AM there now in Japan.Actually,Tuesday AM already.

  14. Kelli says

    I think Suri is a beauty but I don’t like how Katie dresses her. The dresses themselves are fine, but she dresses like a child who doesn’t lead a child’s life. She looks like a lonely, pampered princess who is 3 going on 30.

  15. Kay says

    She should be in pre-school enjoying her childhood, not flown all over the world. Just my opinion.

  16. Kim says

    kit – good point about the private plane and luxurious travel. 😉 Now MY kid would look tired after being crammed into coach class! LOL.

  17. miapocalina says



  18. kit says

    Katie’s aging very quickly for a woman her age. As for Suri, she was on a private airplane with all the amenities, and a custom bed. Like any child who gets off a plane? Who are we kidding?

  19. Kim says

    sue – Seriously? You feel strongly enough about the opinions on this board to write a paragraph about them? That’s unfortunate you get so upset about comments on here. I come on, enjoy the pics, write a nice comment or two and get back to my life.

  20. scarlett says

    Katie as been dressing in the dark..Not just herself but her child. Boy time for a stylist.

  21. m says

    Alrighty then.. thank you sue! i now understand that plane ride+child=tired! thanks so much!! what a FANTASTIC explanation! wow!

  22. sue says

    #7 and her point was idiotic, dumb, and misinformed and worthy of a person of a very, very low IQ. And you too fall into that category. What child does not look like Suri does after getting off an 18 hour plane ride. Do I need to spell it out one more time for you?? Here it goes: Long plane ride equals a very long plane ride which equals a very long plane ride which equals a very long plane ride and then take that very long plane ride and throw in a young child and then what do you get??? A very long plane ride with a very young child and the end equation is??? A VERY tired child getting off a plane! Thus, how Suri looks! TAA DAA! Get it??

  23. Kim says

    #3 – settle down and try to post in a respectful way. I think poster #1’s point was that yes, she is tired because she is being carted all over the world. Nothing to get so upset over.

  24. sue says

    She looks so tired because she just got off an 18 hour plane ride you moron! I don’t know why mentally challenged people are allowed on the internet.

  25. emer says

    Does that child have a home or is she just carted about from place to place? Brazil, Disneyland, Japan… No wonder she looks so tired 🙁

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