Madonna's Nanny & David Out Sledding


On Monday’s snow day Madonna’s nanny took David out sledding in NYC’s Central Park. David also enjoyed playfully throwing snowballs at his nanny!

Splash News Online


  1. Niloofar says

    #1- how did u find out that Madonna isn’t going to raise her son actively, just with ONE pic???

  2. Emer says

    He will really regret leaving Africa… Yeah right!!

    Im sure he wont care when he is older and is spending her millions…

  3. says

    I Think He is Having A great Time With Nanny And Madonna,
    @Kay I Agree With you Most People in this Busy World Cant Spend much Time With Their Child,
    Its Good That Madonna Is Spending Some Good Time

  4. katty gal says

    In most photos I’ve seen of David I wouldn’t agree with Bliss, but in these photos he really does look like him!

  5. Kay says

    It’s interesting how with ONE photo and everybody thinks Madonna isn’t spending time with her kids. Besides does any parent spend ALL their time with their children? Not likely!

  6. nnm2 says

    ITA, how grand that the Nanny is having a blast making memories w/ the boy.

    Gee, shouldn’t the superstar millionare be able to knotch-out some playtime in her busy schedule???

  7. oriana says

    I think he is very cute. Glad to see him having a good time, fun in the snow, I remember those days!

  8. Just Me says

    Lynn Hall … I don’t like Madonna much but I think you’re being a little harsh on this one … We do see a lot of photos of Madonna with her kids, including David. When I think about it, my 2-year-old son probably sees the day care workers more than me, because I have to work!

  9. lynn hall says

    How nice that the nanny can spend time with the adopted son. Seems like mom should make the time instead – why adopt if you are not going to raise the boy actively. Angelina Jolie is always seen with her children – all of them. Shame Shame.

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