Salma Hayek & Valentina At Fair


Recently married Salma Hayek, 42, was snapped visiting a fair in Los Angeles with her daughter Valentina, 1. 

Splash News Online


  1. oriana says

    Hi Niloofar sweetie, rainy and cold today but we need the rain so can’t complain. Just resting and reading a book by Sylvia Brown, I find her interesting. Hope all is well with you, you have a good evening!

  2. hebrideangirl says

    Just who did Salma marry ? and When ? Thought she had ended her relationship with Valentina’s father due to his wandering eye !! Or did I miss something ?

  3. Niloofar says

    Hi Josie & Oriana 🙂 hope you are keeping well 🙂

    Valentina is a soooo beautiful name 🙂 #10 , what a beautiful name you have 🙂

  4. oriana says

    I love the name and love her little chubby legs too. I see her as cute but not pretty, I do agree though, I think she will grow into her looks as she gets older.

  5. says

    Salma is to be so gorgeous and stay young looking! I love her hair and skin. Valentina is a beautiful name and I’m glad she chose a normal name and not something ridiculous. But that’s okay too if you’ve named your child something really unique and out there – more power to you!

  6. Josie says

    I think Valentina is adorable! She really reminds me of one of my nieces, but my niece has curly hair instead.

    Yes, Niloofar she will grow into her looks as she gets older 🙂

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