Katie Holmes On Motherhood: "It's The Most Important Job In The World"


Katie told Glamour magazine that motherhood, “has been the most amazing experience – in an instant you become strong. You have to be a little bit wiser; it’s the most important job in the world.”

Katie, 30, does admit that it was challenging at first. “During the first couple of days [with Suri], we would just sleep right next to her to make sure she was breathing. And I was constantly learning on the job, but Tom was very helpful and supportive.”

Asked about the rumors that were once swirling around her marriage to Tom, 46, – including one story that Suri didn’t exist at all – Katie responded, “Some of the stuff [people said] was such absolutely horrible things to say about a child. It was so uncalled for and so disgusting. Enough is enough.”

In such instances, she shared that Tom, who was more accustomed to press coverage, was extremely helpful.

“We were changing diapers. He said, ‘I don’t want you to get upset.’ And I said, ‘Well, I am upset.’ So we approached it together.” To those who write or report such things, Katie said she’d like to tell them, “Why don’t you come over and have dinner? See what there is to see.”

According to Katie the following is what a typical day for their family is like:

“We’re all together. We like to be together, so we use the house for our [business] meetings. [We] play Yahtzee, board games, Scrabble. We grill; have pool parties. We play “The Three Little Pigs” and Suri is the Big Bad Wolf. [Tom] reads storybooks to Suri, and we all laugh. When a good song comes on, he’ll break out in a dance. We’ll watch movies in bed—recently Madagascar and Cinderella, for Suri. We really have a good time.”

All the challenges of raising Suri in the spotlight have helped Katie develop a sense of self-reliance. “I definitely felt like – as a woman, as the mother of Suri – I want to handle this! My mom is very strong, and if anyone ever said anything about any of us, she would be, ‘Excuse’ me? That’s my family!”

And when asked about a certain current rumor, Katie answered, “I’m not pregnant right now.”



  1. Analise says

    I didn’t bother to read the article because it would be a waste of too much time. But, I’m sure it said nothing as usual considering who it’s about.

  2. oriana says

    Thank you old Friends, Mia, glad to see you are back, Carleigh, I totally agree with you my Dear! She looks so tired to me all the time, I hope she is happy with her Broadway career, appears that is what is making her happy even if worn out.

  3. Miapucca says

    Happy birthday oriana,longtime no hear…got tired of the petty minded foggy bats and took a breather elsewhere ahahhaha.,.,

  4. Miapucca says

    Hey shadow…longtime no hear…
    great reading your comments are always…
    you know morons expect us to have the same opinions or else we are too judgemental and evill


    have a great weekend

  5. carleigh says

    Oriana, gay men are wonderful because most of them have a better fashion sense than a woman, no lies!!! I am glad to have several gay friends, lucky to know them. Who cares, gay is on it’s way out anyways..something else is going to become in “vogue” pretty soon..LOL…just making a funny!! Happy Birthday!!

    Oh and gosh another “amazing” interview with earth mother Katie Holmes…I am getting real sick of her lack of descriptive vocabulary. Somebody please send that girl a thesaurus and buy her an adjective or two.

    She does look very pretty on this magazine cover though. Lately she has just been looking very haggard and sloppy so it’s nice to see her made up and looking snazzy again.

  6. oriana says

    I have seen several women that had beautiful breasts that I have actually had the thought cross my mind, I wonder how they feel? And I have certainly seen some gorgeous women I would not have balked at kissing before, does that make me bisexual? Now, I have never considered or had any desire, to go South of the Border mind you, but I do think many women have experimented to some extent.

    That does not have anything to do with being a good mother, nothing at all! I am all for adopting of children and raising children that have Bisexuals for parents, or Gays for parents, a loving parent is a loving parent, and we need more of them in the world today. I am totally for traditional marriages but I am old fashioned and I just think that is how God meant for it to be. Have many Gay friends, have a Gay son, Love them!

  7. Just Me says

    I agree with you #35 catsue. We’ve heard this interview time and again. I’m not sure why she is even on the cover? What has she done lately.
    I’m sure they do have a pretty great life, but to me it all sounds kind of cheesey and fake … laughing over the Three Pigs and breaking out into a dance. Sorry.
    I do think it’s a beautiful picture, though.

  8. Adri says

    Oh no! Not a bisexual! Heavens me!

    What does someone’s sexual preference have to do with their parenting skills? And how does it apply here? That was kind of out of nowhere.

  9. sunny says

    Her eyes are hazel, but in the top picture they made them blue. Magazines do this all the time. For some reason, they think the “ideal” woman has blue eyes. Go figure.

  10. pretty woman says

    you don’t have to have a movie to promote in order to be in front cover of magazines.
    besides,she will have one to promote soon after her next project:”extra man”.
    if you remember lately,jessica alba was in front cover of any kinds of magz as well,and yet she doesn’t have any to promote.
    it is actually the magazine itself that does the promoting,their own .
    she does looks pretty in all her shoots,tall and slim,just like the models,and yes,she was in a modeling school before and won lots of awards from the competations.

  11. anon#1 says

    to # 40:wash your face and clear up all those slubber hanging around you when you wake up in the morning,and don’t forget to brush your teeth.well,is it working?then in second thought,you look more freakeir than her.I do hope you don’t shop where the gothic materials have because staffs there are way not your fashion if you call someone looking like a freak with this kind of make up.I guess if you’ll see my daughter who dress like the hot topics staffs and costumers you’ll call her the same way.but you don’t realize,they are just normal and loved,happy and well mannered people,unlike you.

  12. kit says

    Granma of 15, sorry, but pictures don’t lie. Once in a while, they might, but not all the time. Obviously, she is good looking, but not stunning.

  13. granma of 15 says

    The real color of her eyes are hazels.It is mixed with bluesh and greenish,and they are not brown.
    Her beauty in this photo shoots have nothing to do with natural beauty.She is born beautiful and it runs in her genes.Just look at her daughter.Tom has a lot to contribute also but,the way her face features look now a days,is more relax,fit,content,yes mature but it comes with the package when you have a child.She is just plain gorgeous.
    If people pay attention more when she is out and about,with or without make-up,she is naturally,stunningly gorgeous.Sorry Elie Taylor,but it is true.She is stunningly beautiful,I know.

  14. Miapucca says

    her eyes look good. I beleive clothing color and camera angle etc make it pop…depends on what you wear and the light at time..I think she has more of a greenish brown tint to her eye color..

  15. quantanisia says

    I am a fan of the Brangelina more than anyone else of a celebrities,but I think Katie looks so beautiful in this picture.
    When Nicole Kidman was Tom’s wife she was also preetier when still young,but as she ages to 40,is not the best of her looks at all.For instance,if you compare Nicole’s picture when a bit younger to this days photos,there are big differences.Her lips formed a very ugly curve on upper part,just see.Katie is more prettier than any of Tom’s women from the past.Though,I am still with the jolie-pitt clan.So sorry guys.

  16. royanna says

    what is your point “me”?katie is gorgeous before and even after the photo shoots.her looks actually match the way she ages.looks much better when she is mature looking,if you happent have the time to compare how she looked during her younger years,she is better this way.motherhood brings the best on her.well,other than enough rest to a terrible two/three years old child around,i think she is handleing it very well than anyone thought.

  17. kit says

    They changed her eye color so although her eyes look good, they’re not really blue. Kate Hudson said magazines do this all the time though.

    The interview made Katie sound like a vapid person.

  18. oriana says

    I do agree that I have heard the word “amazing” too many times! Now ladies, today I turned 62! Now that is Amazing! Ha!

  19. catsue says

    The quotes in this current Glamour magazine are taken right out of the quotes in the Vanity Fair mag. from more than 2 years ago (The cover that introduced Suri finally and had Tom and Katie snuggling around her in the black jackets). What a rip-off on Glamour’s part!
    Katie is a robot. She says the same things day after day, month after month:
    “Tom is amazing” “Suri is amazing” “Motherhood is amazing” “I’m so much wiser”
    If you were wiser Katie: you would first get Suri a haircut so she can see and second, you would get another vocab. word other than “AMAZING”

  20. Shadow Girl says

    Well well well, if it ain’t the morons trying to b with an itch us out for voicing our opinions.. keep in mind that opinions are not wrong, that’s why they’re opinions.

    The pic is obviously Photoshopped to “perfection” I think I can see her pores all clogged with Botox and collagen until the little $cieno germs come screaming out!

    How about you narrow minded gossipmongers refrain from all the commenting making it personal against people that you don’t even know, hmm? Real mature, the way you try to make everything sooo personal.

  21. me says

    I have noticed that in every comments,one will bring up religions.
    A very devoted catholic knows this facts:
    No matter what kind of religion you want to practice,if you are baptised catholic,you will remain catholic.
    Tom and Katie were baptised catholic,so therefore,no matter what beliefs they like to follow and practice,they are still CATHOLIC.Ask a devoted catholic person about this ok?
    sorry people,but posting a comments to these people we know nothing about,other than what we read,is more likely to create poor judgements to each one of us,and yet to bring someone’s beleif is beyond poor hatred.Do we know that people that don’t go to church are more likely to commit less sins than anyone of us that goes to church every Sunday.
    Yeah, you are going to church this Sunday alright,but you don’t actually go to church to preach and worshi[p the LORD,you are there to critisize:know what I’m saying?You are there looking at other people on what they atre wearing,what car they drive,and Oh my gosh…he/she has a new partner.Better yet too busy going to the bathroom,disciplining the kids,and let us not forget,we are asking for forgiveness that we have sinned.

  22. sayuseeme. says

    to #19 and #20;you must not be a fan of these two couple.I meant Tom and Katie,because,I know it’s a free country and free of speech,but the sound of your own music is more likely a very hateful.your mama should be very disappointed.what a shame,that you des them so much that you even have to bring up their beliefs

  23. next door neighbor says

    miapocalina,enough already with your criticism.I didn’t know you are so perfect.do you even know these people other than details from the publishers?sorry,but,as your neighbor,got to say this….
    by the way how is your zits doing?are they clearing up well this days?just looking at you the other day when we spoke and the zits by your lips and temple are not getting any smaller.are you been having this stress again?now,now,now,relax,and stop eating those fatty foods.you know,they contribute a lot with your zits.

  24. zenny says

    Not that fun of her style now a days,but, she is one gorgeous lady with or without the make up.
    #28- you’re right about this….though,her eyes say it all….she does looks great.

  25. Anna says

    Everyone’s complaining about how the cover is airbrushed….. Aren’t ALL magazine covers airbrushed? All celebrity pictures, even!? Wow. I think she looks great!!

  26. oriana says

    You are very welcome Elie, I think I need to do some Detoxing myself! Ha!

    I wish she would have another child, I know she is focusing some on her career right now but I would love to see them have a little boy!

  27. Miapucca says

    jealous ahahhaha….Nice to know there are still celeb worshipper out there ahahahahh

    No jealous., besides I have better legs and body than this elephant with a giraffy upper body


    no worship here at all..

  28. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Stunningly beautiful.. not quite maybe after the make up artist spends 2 hours doing her makeup. Other wise no.
    Don’t hate her at all!! Just want to say that if you don’t have
    anything to promote put other people that are promoting
    movies on the cover.. Thanks for coming back Tia and

  29. kathlyn says

    my 12 years old daugther had her picture taking done for school portrait/books and it was done in school,and she looks beautiful in everyway,not because she is my daugther but honestly,if the camera loves you you will lokk pretty as well.Katie Holmes is a beautiful mother o f Suri.Regardless of what beliefs she has or who she is married to,she is gorgeous to her own skin.

  30. lizzie says

    to miapocalina,go to your front mirror as soon as you wake up early in the morning,before doing anything first.what do you see? honestly?are you pretty without make up or it’s your natural look you see before the makeover?hmmm,that’s what I thought so.
    besides,anyone here have young children,do you get enough sleep without interruption at all?yeah right again.I think some of you are jealous that she is stunningly beautiful.MOST OF ALL:SHE IS ON THE COVER FRONT OF MAGAZINE and you who hate her so much enough to criticize her,well, you are no way near the front cover of this published magazine.Shame on you.

  31. anon says

    #19; how is she stupid as ever,again?Do you actually know what is the meaning of this word STUPID?Well,don’t bother answering,you have nerves to despised someone and you can’t even spell you words.Yeah,jerk and pathetic,that would be you.What a pity you are in life.

  32. miapocalina says

    ahhaha..solid family ahahhahahha….
    happy happy ahhahahah.,..oneo shot out of a million ones of her looking like s-h-it in NY city..ahahhahahha

    What is she famous for…sleeping with a ho-mo–? /and having a child of unknown parentage????

    go buy a loaf of bread for a non scientologist or something, even that she cant do…

  33. miapocalina says

    You dont need to know anything about them. They usually try really hard to sell you an image that you want you to BUY and then comes the gossip rags and paps to bring us the actual not so nice parts of thier lives ans they go ballistic…

    If they make zillion off of people, then those people have the right to any kind of information they can find about them..afterall they depend on the popularity to sell news, its not a one wya deal its free flowing and dynamic and fame can be good but bite you in the behind

    She is stupid as ever, she never has anything to say , all her article are about her life with a pyscho. Does Meryl strip ever focus on her family in professional interviews..this is the same person who will lash back and proclaim privacy, when in actual fact they live within the full glare of the limelight, …even without paps they creat e their own celeb zoo!!!

    Pathetic fame monger!!

  34. pookie-wookie says

    i really like katie, and i think she is very beautiful. suri is an adorable little girl, but tom really irks me.
    i truly hope that she is living the happy life that she says she is.

  35. Nina says

    That is such a beautiful shot. She seems happy and loves her life. She comes from a solid family too. I do love that she is raising Suri into such a beautiful little thing.

  36. oriana says

    Who is a bisexual that wants to keep having children? Sorry, I am nosey, just am curious, I want to know!

  37. addison says

    I’d like to know how any of you peolple know anything about these people? It never fails to astound me how some can say rotten things about people they don’t even know. You must be children. At least Katie seems like a normal mother, and not a bisexual who wants to keep having children and being artificially inseminated.

    bambamwife you should not be speaking you the one who always saying rotten things about angelina jolie do you know angelina jolie do you really know if angelina was really artificially inseminated do you have any proof

  38. suki says

    Why would she need to detox anyway, she’s a healthy 20’ish girl, Nicole was well out of it as far as l’m concerned. Control Tom…………..

  39. oriana says

    Hi Tia, how are things in Canada? I am sure very cold! Hope the kiddies are doing good, prob growing fast.

    I think Katie is pretty but I don’t see sexy at all, I think she has endured a lot, especially from the press. I do think she is happy with Tom and I really hope she is, I have worries about her detoxing but hopefully it turns out okay for her.

  40. bambamswife7 says

    I’d like to know how any of you peolple know anything about these people? It never fails to astound me how some can say rotten things about people they don’t even know. You must be children. At least Katie seems like a normal mother, and not a bisexual who wants to keep having children and being artificially inseminated.

  41. Niloofar says

    Katie is so beautiful here. they are a perfect family, good for katie she has a great husband who loves her and a nice kid 🙂 I wish the best for them 🙂

  42. Nicole says

    Wow- I can see the air brush from across the room! The person on the cover, whoever she is looks pretty in a robotic sense. Oh! It’s Katie Holmes.

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