Jessica Alba, Cash Warren & Honor Marie Out For Breakfast


Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and daughter Honor Marie were snapped out for an early breakfast at Nate’n Deli in Beverly Hills.

Splash News Online


  1. Anon says

    Lydia (#12) have you ever been to LA? It’s not humid here at all and 80’s in the sun is probably low 70’s in the shade – the true weather reading reported. When there is no humidity, it feels cool in the shade. Plus we So Calers feel “cold” when it’s in the 70’s – your body adjusts to the temp you are used to. Notice the pushed up sleeves. And btw – the scarf is purely a fashion statement, along with the boots. It’s how people out here dress. Look at the national weather forecast & factor in the endless sun here and don’t forget your sunglasses, lest you turn out looking as ornery as the baby these people are attacking.

  2. Lydia says

    If was in the 80’s where they were on the day of this photo…then why are they all in long sleeves, long pants, and why does jessica have a scarf and uggs on? the babys shirt even looks like a sweater…

  3. ice says

    I’ve never found the baby cute in every photo I’ve seen of her. Maybe still frowning over the dumb name stupid mother chose for her

  4. Anon says

    The baby is squinting. It is really sunny in Southern California – was in the 80’s today in the sun and she’s not wearing sunglasses. I’d squint, too. Look at the guy behind them in full sun – he looks ornery, as well!

  5. Niloofar says

    What a beautiful pic 🙂
    They look so happy, Cash is handsome and Jess is pretty as usual, she has a perfect body, she is a hot mother in my idea, but I don’t know why Honor doesn’t smile anymore, she looks like boys and got dad’s look!

  6. joueala says

    honor looks like a boy and jess isn’t the hot momma anymore.. she isn’t having that lady body anymore

  7. catsue says

    The baby looks like the mom.

    They don’t look too happy. I’m giving this marriage 1-2 more years

  8. Bethany says

    Honor always has the cutest, most intense look when she’s looking at the paps! It’s so funny to me….like a little evil eye! ha

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